This is bs I’m not the only one on the team

3 an 12 all of these matches I was either at a 30% ps disadvantage or against a 4 man clan, or both, with just random people on my team.
And I’ve even gone 0 and 15 more then a few times, and I’ve never ever gone 15 an 0, in 6 years of playing
Now statistically the only way that can happen is if it’s done intentionally.
Pay to win is one thing forcing me to lose until I pay is another

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Brother, I posted something similar a couple of weeks ago… same thing happened. It was brutal & NOT fun.

Strangely, it stopped the next day & went back to normal.

They weren’t matches where I barely lost, either. They were nasty. Several in a row where I was the lightest PS on either team. Weird… very weird.

Never won 15 in a row in 6 years? Sheesh. Imma just shut my mouth. Good luck to you sir

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It’s like a weather. Happens. As it is often 4 * 4 game with bots, or even 8 * 8 your personal input matters a lot. 15 - 0 Any good player gets those rather often, or can keep 80% winrate most times.

That is a real evil. Should be removed or make them go to their own other mode(which was announced) but still nothing holds them from going pvp. 4 strong player meta party maintains ~100% winrate easily. Unless they meet another such party which they rarely do.

Remember that for everyone like us who can go 10-20-30+ games without losing, there must be those who go 10-20-30+ without winning…

They could spare themselves that fate. If they can’t make proper builds they could at least find ones from exhibition or copy some they seen prevail in battles. Follow common sense in battle, like staying with your team rather than flying blindly expecting them to follow etc.
But no, there is plenty of people doing whatever they feel like without much wit and then blame everything but themselves for failing with that approach.

Hang on, guys… I don’t know OP’s playstyle or build, but if he experienced what I did a couple of weeks ago, we’re not talking about a dude who doesn’t know how to play. What he’s referring to is obviously an anomaly, or he wouldn’t post anything about it.

If I’m in PVP and actually trying, I’ll often have a 80 to 90% winrate. That’s not bragging, it’s just the truth. What will break that cycle is if I come across another good player, and we’re pitted against each other repeatedly. Then, it gets good. THAT is fun. It’s like you have pit bulls on two different teams with 14 chihuahuas running around trying to help.

The other way the wins stop is if there are teams running around. A solo player has no chance…

What I experienced a couple of weekends ago (the weekend of the update), and apparently what this dude experienced is quite different than a single GOOD opponent or teams. Here are the screeshots from the thread I posted:


Here’s the link if you want to re-read…
Did I piss off the MM today? - Discussion - Crossout

I moved up & down powerscores, played every META build I could, and scored repeated “First Loser” or top 3 in every match. I was top loser - literally - almost every match.

I did run across a couple of names I recognized - good players - but they were never on my team.

The only 4-man I ran across was a team of Russian dudes who -to be frank - suck. They were on my team. :rofl:

I logged on the next day and boom… it was over. The game was “easy” again… and I ditched the META crap & started winning with my artsy builds again. It was super weird & hasn’t happened since.

When a match is 50% bots it really skews things, honestly. 50% of the match beign determined by rng of what bots each team has or has to deal with… fucking stupid.

thats why probably they are adding new skirmich mode.

Its not like teams like demolish noob or solo players.

Its just that CW cant be played every time, just in specific hours, so they can only do missions.

What can i do with my clan-members or friend when we want play together, but the only option we have is Mission, just because no CW active that time.

I hope new skirmich mode will solve it to make group vs group kind of. Tho i see PS difference will probably be very high.

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But, don’t you find those matches easier to win? I mean, bots are easy to manipulate or kill. A fave tactic of mine is to hold back the lance-bot at the beginning of the match if I can. It can sometimes get double the kills if I do that. :rofl:

Depends who has the bots that suicide first, or who has the slower bots with legs and cannons compared to the useless harvester bot or ones with boosters/shotguns… close range bots and fast bots are useless and slow long range bots are strong… dealing with players while being aimbot across the map or out of cloak etc is simply shit gameplay.

It’s so much rng and honestly matches with 50% bots might as well not be labelled as pvp

Depend on player build. Porc BOT is anti-hvy, long range bot is anti hover/light.

Dont just make single-sided sentence, just because you probably play light build. But yes, i agree light builds have most problem with Bots, especially long range ones, but when i play light build i just cover for seconds behind building or something and bots loose Agro, or i just keep invis until bots focus our bots.

Regardless of build fighting literal aimbots isn’t something that should be in pvp and let alone something that should get buffs. Really backwards, I can go play pve if I want to.

They will not lose agro behind cover, they will track you seconds into cloak and de-cloak you and they will change targets to you also.

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cover != cloak.

Cover i mean building/etc. If you wait seconds, it will loose Aggro if it have another target in view or shooting it.

Cloak is not working(for some seconds on start invis) when they start their aggro on you, but it work before they Aggro on you.

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The bots level of consistency is offset by their level of total inconsistency… matched with being literal aimbots make matches with 50% bots the lamest and worst experience to me that’s all.

Even when dealing with a bot it will drive in odd paths, even into walls… it will stop for no reason or turn or brake making it annoying to hit with projectile weapons all while the bot itself has a perfect aimbot to shoot whatever it wants to, it just ruins the experience for me. I build for pvp not aimbots.

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well, as light, or as hvy, i never had problem with BOTS. What is difference between you or me, idk. Players are most thread. I play high PS only.

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9k or 12k+ so up to those dumb 18k lobbies, I don’t like playing like a coward that’s all, seems like those types of players get away with not dealing with the bots

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14k,15k,17k here, no issue with bots for all this PS

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So all the huge spaced armour blocks of trash, lame. Most don’t even leave spawn for the first couple mins so no surprise they don’t think aimbots are a problem

bots are frontline always.