This is ridiculous

so its not just pve where the enemies are behaving strangely and have wonky mechanics. this is happening in raids as well and i was in a raid in terminal-45 where the enemies would not come off one of the platforms and stayed far in the back. this is a huge issue if your build is not tall, my team had retchers but even we had a hard time hitting the damn enemy. on top of that when we went back to the start to fight the boss there were enemies all over the place just driving around like they drank a 200 proof bottle of scotch. EVEN THE BOSS WAS DOING THIS!!! it wouldnt shoot with its cannon, it was instead taking a stroll around and only firing its machine guns at us while running from us like a scared puppy.

no joke we were there for a bit trying to hit this enemy who kept hiding in one of the closed off enemy spawning areas. when we had another spawn there they just stayed there and didnt bother coming down to fight us like they usually do. we went for the boss and the enemies spawned in and… just drove up eachothers bumpers in the corner… what is going on with this game?

edit: this was at the area where you collect the cargo so yeah…


Raids are probably considered PVE too, but I get your point.

I did some PVP yesterday on the Clean Island map, and bots kept racing into the toxic sea and just hauling ass back and forth in it, not seeming to care that it was cooking their ride.

They definitely have a screw loose.

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It is. PvE is any combat that isn’t against live players.

I haven’t noticed anything absurd about the bots, but I’ve only gotten maps that make it a bit harder for them to do something stupid,

I like their new behavior, other than the bugs. It’s more kinetic. They seem more energetic…and a little crazy. Maybe I like the bugs too, just because I’m a little bored with the maps and the clown-bots make it more amusing.

When the cannon-bots get that wild hair and just take off running away, or some bot decides to just go for a swim in the toxic pond, I think they should be spamming the laughing “Why So Serious” horn, blinking their lights, and throwing money out the window with the “Cash Dispenser.”

IDK what they are up to. Clearly they are fiddling with the bot’s, and I recall no mention in any announcement, or a warning that there was a new bot-flu going around.

It’s probably the result of some madness they’ve contracted from the Ravagers. Soon they’ll all be whispering cult mantras, oozing tubes, and have pink-eye. It’s coming.

Better mask up.

You know whats funny? If you damage them a certain amount, they snap back to trying to kill shit.

Exactly like i was saying in another topic when literally no one believed me.

Point, set, match mf’ers.

I just had an interesting thought. This isn’t to be taken seriously, but…

What if the bots are programmed to imitate player behavior?

They run around, not shooting some weapons, damaging them enough pisses them off, and they intentionally drive into map hazards.
Players tend to run around aimlessly like these bots are, sometimes players don’t think to hit some fire keys, and those last two I have seen a lot in bedlam.

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I haven’t been playing enough to notice patterns, just the obvious awkwardness, and enhanced vigor, but I think that could be a factor (damage taken), but IDK.

The one time I did get to sit and watch a fleeing cannon bot (from the looser box), it did turn to fight eventually, but it was a bit too late. I thought it was simply running for the base, and when it got there then it turned to fight…or die, rather. It was already lit by the time it got there, and didn’t even try to fire a shot until after it hit the base.

I’m basically just doing the Crossout Day brawl for freebies, then I log off. I’m so damned bored with these maps that without some extra inspiration to play, like a cool new build idea, or whatever, I don’t. So, I’m not playing enough to see the patterns yet.

dude i use retchers all the time nd i have no problem hitting the bots lol its called knowing your angles but that probably doesnt mean anything to you cause your probably use to hearing people say drop off point, in reality its angles, cause angles is what you need to know to get the estimate on the drop point in the first place

bots have always been programmed like that but now its alot more, used to be lose weapons run to cap now lose weapons nd waste people time running around with no weapons

A.I. is slowly taking over, next generation you will be obsolete and expendable.

good for you?
i dont use retchers all the time and i dont like using them alot. they are a weapon i have but dont use alot. in raids i typically like using things like arbiters, fortunes, cyclones/joules and, if i feel like it, incinerators/jotuns. rarely do i use retchers.
on top of this the area that i was in i have a low riding vehicle. yes i use bigfoots for my wheels but the camera i have th angle downwards to look up and that messes with my aim especially when im literally aiming over a section thats off the ground and that i can barely see without my camera tilted up. not to mention the enemy is constantly moving up there to.

or they just run up to your vehicle and when they bump into you they place a “shoot me” sticker on your vehicle. :rofl:

so… your saying people want to purposfully drive into acid? :rofl:

whats odd is they never do that for me. i can keep shooting and shooting and shooting and their like “hey whats over here?” especially the cannon guys, they pay you no mind and they act like they are on a leisurely stroll in the wasteland.

guess you could say their doing acid in the acid pond huh? huh? ok ill show myself out! :rofl:

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Happens all the damn time on Bedlam (“Factory” map)

Bots have always been bad, but they have gotten worse recently.
I have seen bots that refused to fire, even when being fired upon, bots drive into acid or into pits, bots drive around while the base is being capped, bot that drive around the entire match and then the bots that will hit you with every shot from the other side of the map.

It seems to me that the bots that have weapons that can only be aimed with the vehicle are the ones that refuse to participate.

The bots with really slow turning weapons will still try to attack, but their driving often makes it so they do not have a shot to take.

Bots really need a rework anyhow as most of them do stupid things during matches, like charge B. They should all prioritize capping A or C over B, prioritize capping any points already capped by oppenents over kills or capping slower cap points. As their driving skills are only a fantasy, it might be best to have them steer well clear of acid lakes and drop offs.


Oh and stop chasing the first opponent they see until it dies.
They should prioritize winning, not killing.


This is mostly from them chasing after heli’s and not having good hazard detection.

I have watched them do it for no reason at all. They were already just wandering.
I have also seen them do it while being attacked from the other direction.

The bots were not chasing anyone in the instances that I saw.

They don’t have to be shooting to be chasing this is particularly true with cannons and and a few other weapons that have more limited elevation angles. i.e. they start trying to prioritize finding an elevation and position to be able to take the shot.

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Dude, just stop.
The bots were not chasing anyone. Stop making shit up about a situation you did not witness.
The bots are broken and no matter how hard you try to defend the changes made, they are still broken.

I’ve seen them do exactly what he described.

I don’t doubt that there are probably other issues causing their erratic behavior, but this does appear to me to be what’s sending them off the deep end, at least periodically.

I’m not making crap up and it’s easy to replicate.

You’re the other thing that broken here. There’s was nothing I’m defending in there about the behavior. I said mostly from while pointing at acid and pit falls. It’s like you suddenly didn’t feel special and had to lash out. Deal with it dude.