This is ridiculous

Mmm… almost thought you were articulating an actual thought instead of attempting to insult me. This line ruined your whole argument for me.

Actually bots do chase even when they have no weapons maybe your playing to low of a powerscore to even know so boost up to almost 20,000 power score then come back with a clip showing they dont chase

I am seeing this on xbox.

the bots ARE broken/dumb af…not even gonna start pointing out ALL the shit i witnessed, simply because i’d be here writting for a month…
their “AI”, if you can call it that (ADVANCED IDIOCY more like it) needs a deffinite rework…

pfffffft that got a chuckle out of me :rofl:

Maybe Gaijin has decided to use simpler AI scripts in order to cut server costs, and that resulted in dumber AI.

Crater Steppenwolf raid: A tank drives downhill toward the base, but turns left between the crater edge and the cliff ring below it, and keeps driving almost to the opposite side, and finally shoots me in the back after I ignored it and focused my Mandrakes on the next wave.

Ship Graveyard Space Children raid: Raiders and bosses ignoring the players, even when shot at from afar, and maybe up close too.

These wandering raiders distract and divide the team, because they have to be chased down - by those that don’t have artillery. There doesn’t seem to be any advantage to this new behavior, either to us or to Gaijin, so my best guess is they’ve reduced the processing power that goes into AI, and that would be achieved by using simpler calculations, hence simplified scripts.

And why are there bots in the Crossout Day brawl this year? Is it because there aren’t enough players, or to serve as easier targets for less skilled players?

I believe it may very well be to give the less-skilled players a chance. I find the brawl easy and enjoyable, but I often see players who are barely breaking the 200 mark while half of the rest of us already hit 1,000 points. I feel bad for them, knowing they’re just kids or new players, so I go out of my way to avoid shooting them, and will often set myself up as an easy kill for the low-scoring players. I don’t care about being in first place; if I helped a low-scorer get a few more points, well, then I won at what mattered to me.


yeah,bots r clueless/ie the programmer is…
add boundaries and aim at the closest target because this happens…

and not shooting the last target…‘just walks right by them’…

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Some weapon/vehicles suck. I hate playing drones or crossbows.