This update is not gonna save the game!

I’m just gonna state the obvious here, the sky raiders update is not gonna save the game and in fact it seems to be driving players away more than anything. I’m gonna say 1 thing before I continue on so that there is no debates on this matter is that the player base is in fact decreasing and I’ve already presented mountains of evidence proving that on different threads so please no debates here about that for the love of god, I’d much rather listen to flat earthers.
The steam charts have in fact hit an all time low very soon after this update released. There was a decent size uptick for a short period as which usually happens when an event/balance change or what not gets released but soon after that there was a huge crash and I do think this trend is gonna continue.
I think crossout is doomed regardless of what the dev’s does. I really like this mode, my favorite of all time in fact but the fact of the matter is that there is simply not enough players in this game to have any new modes regardless of how good it is and if it ain’t driving players away at the very least it will segregate them to the point where your just playing patrol at that point.

I think the dev’s were taking a huge gamble that this new mode would gain new players but all it is doing is segregating an already thin player base and the genie is out of the bottle so what can you do?


Seems to me I can also see the dwindling player numbers based on the likes in the leviathan section of the exhibition. There used to be noticeably more interest in viewing that section. And I’m not complaining about my art pieces not getting likes - the community really seems somewhat ‘dead’ in that regard, as well as its overall involvement in the game.

Or the Faction Wars event. I logged in a few hours after it started, and the Kaganate was already at 46%, to then only keep dropping. I’m suspecting the Brotherhood is going to win all five stages, and the developers will change the reward assigning system to players receiving ones from the side they contributed more XP towards at each stage. Otherwise, it’d be a bummer with the Kaganate rewards going to waste.

One reason would be that some may prefer to collect event rewards from one theme. So they won’t want to switch later on, and the percentages will stay similar throughout the entire event.

And new players grinding Scavenger levels, to then grind Steppenwolf levels, will add to that inertia. Unlocking level 15 in a faction takes 70 days, and then it’s 15.8 days per prestige level (at 70K PX a day). So there’d be a large percentage of players whose levelling up of the two factions would encompass these 5 weeks.

Exhibition vehicles used to look ‘wilder,’ somewhat more Lunatic-themed, by some percentage, to sum up this aspect. Perhaps we now get deadbeats that aren’t as engaged, aren’t trying to be as creative as the playerbase years ago. So they go with this ‘basic bro’ approach and beeline for the tanky faction. Because it makes them feel safe.

Reportedly, the Kaganate is winning on the Playstation. I’m curious as to the demograpihics over there. Is player retention higher? Is the Kagante winning over there because of a more dedicated playerbase?

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I don´t see problem in game like that yes there could be more improvements for relax PVE players like filter PS match, and make PVE mission normal and helicopter like at PVP. But real problem new game comes like Starfield, Dead island 2, Everspace 2, Cyberpunk 2077 update, Baldure´s Gate 3 etc. Now players play these games and come back when have taste play online good game :slight_smile:

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That’s quite the crash from the 12K it was at just a short time ago.

I like the copters too, as an arcade style game, but I’d trade it for pre-Supercharged 2.0 any day. I didn’t come here for ugly helicopters. I came here for ugly cars.

I think I like flying better in War Thunder anyway. The maps are much better here, but the game-play is better there.

I wish they’d stop painting over this game’s features with new schit every couple months, and had simply improved the perfectly fine premise they had when they started.

I miss Crossout, but this is still the closest thing to it out there, so here I am.

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Id be playing starfield right now if my pc could run it. I was talking to Sethioz on his channel who had a video on how to increase perfomance of starfield but it required basically dropping the settings thru a note editor down to basically nothing so I decided to pass up on it until further down the road when I get’s a better pc or enough money to buy the game and play it on geforce now. Tis a good game tho but my pc just ain’t up to the task.

It doesnt really need saving in the first place, the numbers are quite decent right now.

Having said that, if we want to talk about player pop droping, ofcourse its going to…We asked for bipedal legs 2 years ago and we got helicopters.

Its not like the game is going to die though. Its competitive aspect is in a bad spot pop wise but the game is fine.

I think crossout is doomed regardless of what the dev’s does.

Nah, its not. According to doombringers the dame has been dead for at least 5 years now, yet, here it is.

I think the dev’s were taking a huge gamble that this new mode would gain new players but all it is doing is segregating an already thin player base and the genie is out of the bottle so what can you do?

Yep it kinda does. I dont know why they decided to bring helicopters in the main game instead of keeping a permanent mode, like the event we got introduced into a few months ago.

Maybe its an efford to break the pattern of continuous battlepasses over the same thing, and spliting the playerbase with another new playstyle/mode would open more possibilities to add equipment and weapons to satisfy that niche.

Honestly, i am not sure. From what i see here there are people that enjoy helis and im glad, it means there is indeed a market for what they did.

But i am still waiting for my bipedal legs.

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The game just reached it’s lowest player count in crossout history and actually I think that might be why the devs released air raiders because they seen the writing on the wall. I think that is exactly why we got this event because the game is really in rough shape player count wise. Also Come to think of it the most players crossout ever seen was during the off we go event so it would make sense for them to make this helicopter mode permanent but so far it is seeming to backfire

I’m just stating the obvious, the numbers don’t lie the steam charts are really at a record low. I talked about all that before and don’t really wanna go there again for the non believer’s.

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This game has been mismanaged for years, and it only got way, way worse with Supercharged 2.0. Is anyone really surprised that it’s finally eating dirt? I’m more surprised it lasted that long with the amount of (lack of?) respect towards its consumer base.

I logged in to see what’s the new update is about, it’s about poorly balanced fights with 4 players and 12 bots. No thanks. Splitting the playerbase a second time after Confrontation was the dumbest move Targem could have made, and once again they delivered.

The truth is, ain’t touching a Gaijin game ever again in my life. Crooks, for sure.

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Maybe so, at least they can’t save it, I don’t think the developers are suited to develop a game like this, a game based on creativity and freedom needs open minded and logical developers, and they’re just a bunch of conservative minds who only care about immediate profits

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looking at steam charts this update has saved the game, the average player count has gone up, and we are at twice the players of normal.

not only that but

looking at the steam charts
the last few updates have saved the game.

Because even at the lowest player count we have been in the last 6 months, it is still twice what it was last year.

If you start reading that chart from the Chinese migration at the beginning of the year, it shows that every month there are fewer average players, which is more or less the same trend they had prior to the Chinese migration.

There is a good upwards trend (an abysmal 2.2K climbing to 3.4K) just prior to the Supercharged 2.0 update, probably because the game was running better than ever (very balanced).

Then the Chinese migration hits. BOOM 12K! WTF? Hooray?

Then the numbers go red again, and the chart shows a return to a steady descent of average players.

The veracity and pertinence of this Steam chart is a little questionable, but the chart itself shows a negative trend in player retention. That isn’t as questionable. It definitely represents a consistently declining active player population.


Warbrand the numbers pre January were not the real numbers. Everything after January were the true player count. I even came up with a common denominator to calculate the average player count per any given month pre january to with in an accuracy of about 5 percentage points. That multiplier is 2.865.

So lets say for example during april 2020 at the peak of return of the founders than the average player count that month was actually 4565 x 2.865 which equals 13 078. The game actually peaked when everyone had their annihilators and when the devs decided to nerf their drones it quickly fell off a cliff. 2020 was actually peak crossout when everyone had legendary drones and relics were actually affordable. I bought a porc that year for 13 600 but now the prices are more closer to 40 000.

Also I have been saying for a while that the amount of buy and sell orders on items are a decent way to gauge player count. Here is an old video I found from april 2020 comparing scrap from back then to now. There were like 3 times as many buy/sell orders back then as opposed to today yet the steam charts say there were 2000 less average players. That’s because the steam charts were wrong and was only fixed in january so yea this is proof that those steam chart numbers pre january were wrong.

That is pc market even tho it is showing xbox buttons. The player is using xbox controller on pc

can you comment on what you think about the theory that chinese players starting to play on other servers caused the steam player numbers to rise. if youre chinese, maybe you have some additional insights.

doc savage: “If you start reading that chart from the Chinese migration at the beginning of the year”

:thinking: :rofl: :vulcan_salute:

A small percentage are Chinese.

Don’t forget, the scrap price and amount on the market depends on brawls and gamemodes like clan confrontation where the reward is scrap metal. Also on crafting events and battlepass crafting requirements. The amount on the market is different on weekdays and weekend and after cw sessions.

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thanks. i take it this means the +5k players in 7 days increase wasnt mostly chinese players migrating in your opinion.

id say your opinion somewhat matters more as youre the only chinese player here. and also because i also dont believe in the chinese migration theory. so drop it, doc!


That’s pretty negligible. Here it is Saturday oct 21st and we got both less buy orders and lower prices than we had Wednesday oct 18th. Everything you mentioned combined got no more than a 20 to 25% effect on the amount being sold. During return of the founders there was a literal 300% more being sold so go figure.

While I would love for the game to gain a lot more players, I feel like that it’s unlikely for any game to gain a significant number of new players this long into its existence.
Eventually it won’t have enough new players to replace the ones who quit, and it will go into a true death spiral, where long queue times will chase away even the diehards like me away.
I hope that is years away.
As long as I can get into a match quickly, I’ll keep playing, and I suspect there are others who just enjoy the primary mechanics of building and fighting so much that we’re just going to keep going. But most people will eventually get bored, and that’s normal.

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