Thoughts on the new gear

By now alot of you have at least had the chance to test drive the new factions blueprints .
im curious does anyone else find these 2 new guns a little underwhelming , almost like maybe the therm used in crafting the Gungir might actually be more effective ?

Im bullish on the Gungir. I think it will prove highly effective to the point its useable in CWs on a spaced armor vetical hover or spider. Precision outdoes DPS if youre accurate. This gun might prove itself on that merit alone. Time will telÄş. People used to say the Destructors were garbage when they were still infatuated with the Parsers.


I’m bullish on the Nothang. It appears to be an Aspect that is easier to use but doesn’t synergize with Punishers. Aspects are very strong machine guns because the spread is so low and they are pinpoint accurate hitscan weapons. Nothang is also super low, but not quite as pinpoint accurate as an Aspect.

Aspect tap firing at maximum heat is an annoying feature that rewards cheaters who use macros to get perfect maximum damage out of the gun. Nothang fixes this so it is something I can use with my controller and not be a second class wasteland citizen.

Both are about the same size, and have a small build profile with about 230 durability.

Both are much less durable than the Vindicator which is spread over four guns and is 230 durability in a 4 square box and is usually rocking 30 percent damage resistance as well.

The tradeoff is that Vindicators have horrible spread and it is extremely difficult to get good damage out of them while you are trying to degun and drive at the same time.

The reason I am bullish on the Nothang is not that I think Aspects are the best guns in the game, but because you get 3 fused Nothangs all with +durability, -Cooling and -spread just for playing out the battlepass. I have +durability, -overheat and -spread Cyclones and they are better than my relics. When I get into a shootout with another Cyclone across the map, the other Cyclone realizes the difference between my guns and his about 10 seconds into the battle and tries to run to safety after taking severe punishment that usually includes partial degunning and severe cabin damage. -17 percent spread is like a cheat code in the game.

Fusing event Cyclones cost me the equivalent of 9 Cyclones. It takes me 4 weeks to grind out a legendary as I am a part time player. That means, it took the equivalent of 6 months of grinding to get those guns. Now, I did so much more cheaply by surfing the pack sales on the Xbox market place to buy cheap component parts, such as Hardcore engine, APC wheels, Big G Generator, and Ammo pack in bulk.

This took all of my resources, a pack sale or two, and market working for more than a month to put together.

If someone promised me a full set of perfectly fused Aspects Arbiters or Vindis for $10 and grinding some dailies, I would take that deal as well. The Nothang isn’t special in the legendary machine gun category, it is special because it is a way for you to lay hold of a complete set of -17 percent spread machine guns with added bonuses to cooling and durability.

Another point that makes me bullish on the Nothang is that it isn’t blatantly overpowered. I’ve been around since season 1 and I can tell you which battlepass items are going to be nerfed long before they are. There was a time when Assemblers, Annihilators, Nests, Kaijus and Parsers were the best weapons in the game. When they did get the nerf hammer, they were hit so hard that most of those guns are now unplayable and uncompetitive except the Kaiju which is in a pretty good spot. When Kaiju first came out it was hitscan for cross the map pinpoint 800 something damage. It was ridiculous before it became projectile based.

Nothang isn’t blatantly overpowered. It is just a more usable reskinned Aspect. Buy with confidence. It isn’t getting nerfed.

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im hoping we can get 2 legendary with lighters , if thats the case i should beable to craft 4 unfused gungirs to possibly fuse in a later event along with 2 fused nothungs with lighters to complete a fused set

Yeah. That’s what I’m going to do as well. I will drop all my lighters to complete a Nothang set and craft four Slednir tracks for a suboptimal set of six. The Gungirs are an ultra expensive craft if you are out of Therm blueprints but they look like very good guns.

Ha ha. Right. Compared to original un nerfed Parsers, every gun in the game is garbage.

I think a full build using either machine gun will be pretty freakin’ sweet. That accuracy perk looks to be amazing at chewing up people who aren’t paying attention to the little plinks from machine guns. Paired with coolers, and well… yeah.

Even if the guns are paired with each other, the perks sync up.

The tracks… I think we’ll be seeing a ton of those things simply because they’re lifted & have flame resistance. I could list all the examples of build possibilities, but it looks like it could be a heck of an addition to brawler builds.

I dunno… I feel like the naysayers aren’t very imaginative or were expecting/hoping for other things, so they’re not giving these toys a real look-see. Both cabs look hopeful (I don’t have either yet), and that generator WILL be OP. Sorry… a smaller, lighter Apollo is what people have been begging for. It’s here. It’ll be on tons of builds. The harking on & on about its explosiveness is just silly in my humble little opinion.


I find all the new parts to be disappointing, the best part of the whole pass so far seems to be the drone cabin. Nothing special about the Gungnir, and Adapters or Spectres do the same job already. Nothung is just a legendary machine gun and that’s all there is to it, Aspect does it’s job once again. Huginn is a cab that seems to be made for Gravastars and Gremlins but being heavy, the use is very limited. 4 energy Gasgen is just a 4 energy Gasgen, and I do not use a Gasgen. Tracks are barely any different to hardened tracks to the point that I think that they were originally just ck for the hardened tracks, but then they notice that “Damn, we kinda don’t have enough parts to suck money out of people” and turned them into a part of it’s own and slapped the fire resistance onto it since they needed to give them something.

The new gear just feels like pointless filler

I did some math on the lighters and until someone more skilled at math proves me wrong, it looks like we can get a total of 1235 lighters with the basic battlepass, counting that the max level you reach is around 120 levels. Getting two fused Nothungs costs 1300 lighters, so you need to buy levels or the elite battlepass if you want that. But if you want anything more fused, say more tracks or purple parts (250 lighters each) you’d either need to level up past the level 120, 15 lighters per level if I remember right, so it’s be 17 levels per 1 purple item beyond the 120 levels you already achieved

It gives a little bit of an idea onto how much lighters one can get and what one can do with them. Once again I am not gonna say these are 100% accurate numbers but they should be pretty close to reality, I am not a math genius

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I’m still optimistic there will be an event added partway through that will allow us to get more lighters.

But until I know for sure, I’m going to be stingy with spending them, and watching the market closely to see what items I might be better off just buying.

I definitely want at least four of the new tracks, and I would really like a set of the legendary MGs. Don’t care so much about having them all fused though.

See it like this it’s an apollo but only better.

Again, no, there’s a new plow and a undercarriage protection that’s also nice.

Tracks i agree with you, the new ones have less durability.

This BP lacks a SG.
It’s like a Guiding star lite BP.

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The new drone cab is not something I want to mess with. I took the “Bear” out for a test spin and the farm bots just murder it like it was nothing. That cab is…wow. Not a good. Really bad. Good luck with that “perk.” I bet that takes some practice. “Legendary,” eh? I think you could give it a power-score of 250 and it would still get pwnd by chords. That thing will never survive its peer-group.

Yaoguai plus the new drone cab are going to slap to the point it might get nerfed. Hovers with 1200 health are going to be eaten alive in literally 5 seconds by 2 people running yaoguai on the new cab.

One of the videos I saw said it had some bugs still but I can’t remember which video it was. The bug had something to do with the overdrive perk not giving the right bonus. They were using fuse drones though but it’s something to look out for at anyrate. Make sure the dmg is doubling correctly.

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No. It’s totally not going to do anything with the Yaoguai, as that’s an autonomous drone, and its perk does not effect autonomous drones.


Looking at the new items the new tracks are literally the best track option in the game. Their only down side is they need the ability to be flipped like big rams… though they are not the only one both tank tracks, and goliaths need that ability.

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Yep Howlin already tested, don’t work wiht yao, or the flying mines, does work with annis and flying drones though which means you can turn those tasers into freaking sith lightning.


…and additional Therm and Guardian workpieces are where exactly? Answer: there aren’t any. Either you’ve been holding onto 'em forever or else crafted and sold the parts long ago. Or you’ll have to decide to trash a build that uses them to turn them into the new parts. Or pay inflated market prices. Also, Omni wheels (needed for Nothung) are Syndicate which are unavailable atm.

This isn’t the first time they’ve introduced new parts whose components aren’t in the regular crafting tree. Sorry, not gonna buy Therms on the market. I have two Guardian workpieces which will get me a couple of Sleipnir’s – which will have to go into Thor generator.

Unless I’m missing something and new workpieces are coming.

That could be. It’s pretty funky, and probably needs more tinkering before it’s going to be viable, but I bet it never matters. Drone AI would need to be buffed, I think. They are too stupid, too slow, bump into walls, and wander about too much to utilize that ten second window before they all explode short of any target, leaving your build vulnerable and defenseless. I think it’s useless garbage, but the drone CKs are awesome. I love the sound of their little tractor engines.

For ten seconds, then all your deployed drones self destruct. I think that doesn’t work for me.