Thyrsus I

I finally made a build and have been playing it. After seeing its perk i was less than excited to use it regardless of its cool model and high energy cost. However after useing it ive found it performs decent enough. I do like long range. I was even able to get over 2khp on a deadman build on omnis at under 9,000ps while useing averter, so that’s nice.

I havent made a high powerscore build yet, but so far its great in the 10k ps range. This gun is huge.

I think this is a pretty good gun to strip off light weapons.

What do you guys think of this gun so far?


Sounds like a cool confrontation build. I haven’t played Thyrsus yet but it seems decent enough.

I did a high ps spider ball one with an aegis and trombone but it’s a low scorer though its kind of enjoyable to play via it’s soak abilities.

I think its a good weapon, but doesnt shine enough to own the top PS/CWs. It does pair Very nicely with a Hadron and an Adapter. Becomes a 65 damage semiauto machine with the extra DPS of the adapter as well.

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lol It doesn’t shine to own much of anything but it is a fun plincker…

It’s definitely a lot better than I thought it would be. The damage isn’t impressive on paper, but the fast reload makes up for it.
I don’t find I need to rely on the perk that much, as you can sometimes do more damage with the uncharged burst. But the charged shot is nicer for sniping.

I’ve been using it on its own in mid PS, and with an Acari in higher PS.

I got a build with hadron, adpater and thryus. I find thyrus itself hard to use but paired with adapter it helps you find hitmarkers and their projectile speeds are roughly the same so you can land shots a whole lot easier. Hadron,/thyrus/adapter combo is my new favorite build. If you can camp out next to a corpse you can do crazy accurate dps from any range especially if you can find slow moving targets or pitched bots. In fact that combo is so good that my other builds have just been collecting dust, managed to get many 3000 point plus matches with it.

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It’s useless without the perk and somewhat passable with it. But that still puts it above half the other useless weapons so it’s something.

its actually about the size of a cyclone. i compared them side by side and they are about the same size.

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Better kaiju after they screwed over the Kaiju
By next year the Thyrsus will suck as much as current Kaiju and we’ll have kaiju 3.0 new battlepass item edition if this game manages to live that far

U think kaiju sucks? Kaiju is a much better gun.

I feel they’re about equal. Kaiju can do more damage, but it’s harder to hit the whole volley and actually achieve that damage.
Thyrsus is much easier to use, which compensates for the relatively low damage per shot.

Kaiju does deal more damage per shot yes, but at the same time missing with it is much more worse than on the Thyrsus. Thyrsus deals way better with getting bumped and poked and facehugged imo. Depends on what kinds of builds one runs into I guess, at least on the PC the Kaiju is just too sluggish unless you manage to have a lucky match where you can stay in the background sniping and no random build is facehugging and ramming into you, the thyrsus recovers much more faster from missed shots and does not slow the build down when trying to prepare to fire

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Ill show my thyrus build. When standing next to a wreckage It does over 4000 on the damage meter or does 3700 past 300 meters which makes stationary/slow targets at range easy pickings. The adapter reload do get slowed down but I finds in most situations the thyrus gets shot off the majority of the time before the adapter does so when you do lose the thyrus you still got a back up weapon which then returns to regular reload speed. The turn speed is high unlike the kaiju so your more able to both brawl with it and pick off targets from range but you do kind of need the hadron because if not you will be outgunned in most situations. Easily my new favorite build.

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It would be a god tier weapon if it had one barrel. That DPS, that turn speed, that durability, that range and accuracy. It would be a very scary weapon. But its like sid from ice age. Gun has a 1000 yard stare problem and can’t focus on one thing unless you force it to. This weapon has automatic bore zeroing/focus unless you free look. If you have to lead your target at all you will never do the full 260 damage to a single part, only 130. Its clumsy unreliable shit because of this. That can barely strip a shotgun with grizzly perk active.

Final verdict, needs a huge damage buff, a lot less reload, and the barrels should automatically zero onto the closest enemy to your reticle, not whatever object you are aiming at behind them when leading your shot. Until that happens this gun inferior in every niche. Its not going to rival hitscan up close, and its not going to rival Astraeus far away.

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Default strategy I am using with it is the vulture strategy. It is really really really good at picking off weak targets more so than any weapon like bots, slow moving targets like spiders etc they are gone in the blink of an eye at any range. If I come across kaiju/scorpion users then ill engage them too as long as they don’t have cover to to play peak a boo behind and if they do have cover then you got to get in closer and brawl with them and try to run circles around them because one of the weapons strengths is its turn speed. It is hard to get the hang of but some situations it needs to be used more like a shotgun really believe it or not and I put many shotgun wedges to shame as well with the thyrus/adapter combo.

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I thought it was horrible until someone (forgot who or id give them credit) told me about the adapter.

I would say I have to agree with your assessment.

I agree with this buff.

Am I missing something? I don’t understand. I lead targets just like I do with Scorps. Seems ok?

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Free look and shoot at a wall right in front of you, your projectiles will all fly in parallel and land with a dispersion as wide as the barrels. Look directly at the wall without free looking and they will all converge on your point of aim. If you have to lead a target by aiming off of them, your shots will converge far beyond them and so they will land on the target you are leading with a very wide dispersion. Due to this you cannot expect to strip small weapons or deal all your damage to a very small point reliably. The gun has a 1000 yard stare zeroing problem.

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Ah i c. Thanks.

You really dont need the hadron. I havent made a hadron build with thyrsus yet. I have three different tier levels of deadman though. A maxed out deadman build, A base energy deadman build and a confrontation deadman build. Im doing pretty well on all three builds.

Heres a pic of my maxed out build. It still doesnt break 13k ps. Deadman/thyrsus/pegasus/cloak/flywheel/averter/verifier/5xAtom.