Time for the whales to QQ

First it was a severe disadvantage if you didn’t sideways hover - now it’s if you don’t mouse aim your weapons are exposed and are severely disadvantaged.

I have all but ceased spending - if you noticed or care - because you limited my ability to be competitive unless I play nursery school controls…

Please fix this.

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So your mad that everyone has the same advantage?

If you are skilled then you should be able to defeat them.


Wait… So the complaint is that you can’t pay to win anymore? Did I just read that?


The way you and others talk on this forum is disgusting, bias and backhanded, I hope you’re all ashamed of yourself while you put on this (hopefully) fake façade


If you guys could wipe the hate out of your eyes for sec… I am saying:


has an unfair advantage on normal top mounted build… It used to be when builds buried their weapons like that it severely limited shooting angles. It now, with mouse aim, does not.

I did not buy or spend my time on a console game. I do not want to play console.


The new aiming system has taken away the skill needed to master the movement aspect of onmi-direction movement like hovers and omni wheels. Now the game automatically stabilises any movement, taking any skill needed to keep a build on target when losing movement parts completely irrelevant…


I am confused.
What does this have to do with “Whales”?
You quitting doesn’t effect my enjoyment of the game or what I choose to spend money I earned on.
It’s a bit conceited to think your post on a forum will change other people’s spending.


I did. I do. (I also play on PC)

That being cleared up between us, I do agree that this was a bad change overall to gameplay.
Remember how people complained the whole game was spider pancakes… now we have horizontal hover pancakes that are extremely nimble.

Edit: Vertical Hover Pancakes, not horizontal.

Not trying to affect anyone’s anything… I am voicing my personal protest. Hopefully, I have spent enough to matter. I am not quitting, just ceased spending (and miss it, as I still want things). I have rolled with many changes and they always do fix it in the end… This one however, I feel is critical to highlight as it is a drastic shift in audience.

IMO, they are fishing the game’s demographics. I am simply speaking for mine.


Spending money does not make your post any more or any less valid. Everyone’s thoughts are welcome. You would get a better response if you dropped the “I payed so listen to me” thing.

I currently play with the old controls, when I’m on hovers or not. I have been using those controls for 6 years and don’t plan to change unless it is removed. But I never once have felt like that choice has been the wrong thing or have I ever felt like someone with the new controls has an advantage.

I do agree that the new controls have made it easier for everyone to be able to have the skills needed to play hovers. This is a good thing. Everyone in the game should be able to enjoy all parts of the game.


What is “QQ?”


Dude, be fair. Your post was confusing. I had no idea what you were complaining about, & I’m pretty sure neither did RoughMonkey. It sounded very much like you were just angry you could no longer pay for top tier parts & win automatically. Take the time to type out what you’re thinking in a clear fashion. You’re not the first one to log on, type some bizarre rant, then get offended when people misinterpret the gibberish they’re reading.

As for your point, which I’m still not sure I understand…

You’re angry people can strafe & spin their whole rigs to aim their weapons instead of driving in one direction & firing in another?

You’ve always been able to do that, and after the update, you just had to tick a box or two in the settings to make it happen.

I’m so confused…


Lol, it’s crying.


i was thinking it was ‘breast feed’ :stuck_out_tongue:


dummy, its all clear, just read carefully. hes mad that you now have awesome hover control without having the skills required to do it manually which he presumably thinks he does.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but you could do the same thing before if you just set up your keybinds for sideways builds, right? I’m not a big hover guy so I could be wrong.

I did plenty of sideways augers and hovers, though.

He’s just complaining about the buried weapon hovers having an advantage over the top mounted exposed ones and how the new aiming system removed the disadvantages that came with hiding the weapons like that when it use to come down to skill of using the movement part.


He knows exactly what they’re talking about

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I didn’t until he posted the picture.

Anyone can turn off the new aiming system still so it’s not like the ability to develop the skill is gone. It would be nice if they relocated the settings to weapon controls near the blueprints button. I don’t love the system for every omni-type build but it’s not that bad.


But everyone is just demeaning rather than asking about their true meaning, no wonder nobody comes here

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You aside, the 1st three responses were people asking questions about what the post meant.

I still don’t know why “whales” are included in the title nor am I sure what QQ means.

Being confused by an unclear post and asking for clarification isn’t being demeaning.

As for the complaint, I’m still confused because this was all possible with the controls the way they were before. The update(s) just made it so you didn’t have to mess with keybinds. I thinkthat was Devs trying to stop sideways builds. The Devs said so in one of their posts. “This isn’t how we interred gameplay to be” is how I think they put it.

They also made it so you could mount hovers on the front of frame pieces, which I guess was an effort to get rid of sideways builds as well.

The unintended consequence was that it was much easier to build hovers with buried weapons.

Regardless, the Hover thing isn’t going away anytime soon by the looks of it. There won’t be a major update until Hyperboreans comes out and that might be a month off or more.

As frustrating as those builds are, my advice would be to just avoid matches where they’re the meta. Or don’t pay at all. Not saying it’s right, nor saying you’re wrong… It is what it is.