Please. A solution to this would be increase the energy requirement of the toadfish by ONE. That’s it. That is all. This would help the toadfish problem. Please?

Is there some toadfish meta that I’m unaware of?
I occasionally see some skilled hover players doing well with them, but I rarely see them in battle compared to most other weapons.
Is it possible the problems you’re seeing are in a PS range that I don’t regularly play?

If they were five energy, I don’t think I could make them work, unless they also got a significant buff.


The few times I’ve played PvP (at 12k PS), I’ve gotten destroyed in seconds by a quad toadfish build. This might be because the matchmaker is pitting me against 15k, 20k, or even 25k PS players (yes, 20k HAS ACUTALLY HAPENED), but the toadfish is still too large and hits too hard to be 4 energy. It hits harder than a cannon goddamn it, reloads faster and has a faster projectile, plus it fires two shots per trigger pull. If that isn’t reason enough to nerf it so you can only use three (cry about it, you damn hover users) I don’t know what is.

Also, can someone define “META” for me? I’ve thought it was any build that looks like garbage, is horrifically overefficent, and is copy-pasted by users who want Crossout to be like a third-person shooter instead of a car game (last one is my opinion).

ngl i am CONSTANTLY targeted by spike/toadfish builds in pve and im so sick of it. like literally. i can be across the map with my entire team surrounding the spike bot and it would look over at me and launch spikes at me EVERY TIME! no joke! quad spikes/toadfish are stupidly strong, if im not careful they can obliterate by build in seconds along with my hp. the fact that the toadfish fires two spikes and only has impulse if the last one hits seems ok on paper, but when you combine them on a bot with pinpoint accuracy and rarely if ever misses, then thats just insulting.

in pve theres ALWAYS builds i have to take out first before any other.
1: retchers
2: toadfish/spike
3: punisher
4: cannons

as for nerfing the toadfish they either need to make its fire rate lower or lower its damage or SOMETHING. i used to use the spike before in raids to and man it was strong. just one of them was enough for me. i never used a toadfish but i do want one. maybe if they have it again in a future event ill grab one to keep. the only downside is they are massive.

Even that isn’t much of a downside…

true. though i can peel them off with the naguals pretty consistently.
but yeah they are quite strong, especially against hovers apparently. they say you can turn a hover into a beyblade using the toadfish lol. i wonder if the toadfishs knockback gets increased with the whaler cabin?
but whats the toadfishes energy consumption? isnt it 5? (i forgot and im not in game right now)

edit: you said 4 so its gotta be 4 not 5. my bad.

Toadfishes are a higher skill floor weapon, by necessity somebody has to be better than the average player to make them function because you need to land both shots with a slow turning weapon that is hilariously easy to strip. Bot aim is a problem.

I want crossbows to all get buffs and an energy increase though because it is insane how much area they take up on a build, they are just too damn big when you have 3-4 of them and they are exceptionally fragile.

Running four means that have no energy for modules, not even a reloader.

So four of them should hit really hard, if you are going to devote all 16 points of energy towards weapons.

Bots can be very deadly with them because of their perfect aim, but the only humans I see who consistently perform well with them are pretty skilled players who would destroy you with any weapon.

If you run three, they do decent damage if you land both volleys, but the lack of explosive damage means you really need good aim to make the most of them. I don’t think the damage they do per energy point is any more than any legendary weapon. Feels like I can do more with cannons, once you factor in the explosive aspect.

Anyway, making them five energy will completely destroy all the triple toadfish builds, unless you buffed them significantly.

Edit: were you saying you rarely play PVP? That might explain why you think they are OP. If you play a lot of PVP, I can’t imagine seeing them needing a nerf, at least compared to at least a dozen other guns that are significantly stronger.

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Toads have such weak HP for their size and weight, not even close to being an issue


Whoa hold up now — I just got 3 toadfish a few weeks back. DO NOT nerf them. DO NOT change the power required. Every time I’m finally able to get something “good”, people are screaming for it to be nerfed.

I only use them in pve & bedlam, as I’m not effective at all with them in pvp on moving targets.

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Good point!

Still don’t think they need a nerf though

I think ACs are a good counter to them, they’re not broken.

toadfish is a glass cannon, its as easily defeatable as any other build

But then you’re adding an extra 1400 PS and the PS of whatever module you choose… If I’m playing at 15k a 4 Toadfish player would be the least of my worries


Wasn’t expecting to see complaints about Xbows of all weapons. They all suck to a varying degree, Toads being the only decent ones.


You are forgetting the golden rule of Crossout:
No matter what the item, someone thinks it is OP and needs a nerf.

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i sold my toadfish, i farted, and it smelled like eggs

I told y’all you weren’t going to like my opinion lol.

I still think it needs some sort of nerf.

it just doesnt