Top 5 favorite decor items/wishes

  1. I like the ducks most. I wish they wouldn’t attach them to social media like FB. I won’t ever get that one and its the coolest. (sorry couldn’t help it)
  2. Stop and Go hologram. (wish it just stayed active though instead of having a cd)
  3. Pumpaloons. (Wish we had a single red balloon)
  4. Fender trims. (wish we had some fastback style intake fender trims)
  5. Bobbing Heads (wish we had some “seat backs” to place behind them)

All of that, yes, but mostly the thing about ducks…and the single red balloon.

Also, The Easter Bunny ears were great fun too, but sadly only a temporary part. I’d like to see them made available as a permanent feature.


I like the fart horn, paired with the deer butt sticker and the eat me sticker is a fun combo!


I want a life alert horn for every time I flip over.


Hologram, please.


Hopefully, it will come with the famous sound effect.


I like Horns.

  1. Vuvuzela. Nothing screams “I win” more than a world cup horn blasted at full volume.

  2. Ambulance.

  3. Police Siren.
    It is fun sometimes to throw a siren on my Firedog and go into Bedlam to enforce Bedlam rules against builds I find obnoxious or annoying. My list of burnable bedlam offenses shifts from day to day and can include the offenses of illegal dueling, use of unsanctioned weapons (weapons I don’t approve of), using ugly paint, excessive derpiness and like crimes.

  4. The fart horn.

This horn is awesome at telling everyone what you think, but I wish the developers would buff the volume.

  1. Damage counter. Nothing says “prima donna” like a damage counter that throws a party for you when you pass 10k in damage. I used to run this on my Porc build in Levi wars and it definitely adds insult to injury when you KO a levi and then it gives you a 10k confetti shower for it.

I don’t really use decor, I’m the guy that scraps or sales everything even if it is an event only item.

But the below are items I own that I use all the time and would never sale if I could.


You got Closed [email protected]#$%^& I played April Fools last year every day and mapped out every drone location so that I never missed a spawn over more than 100 games. I never got that stinking hubcap.


not many got it… but here’s the topic…

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Yeah man, it might be one of the rarest items in the game :slight_smile:

That is why I like those other things above too. They are all really hard to get or very expensive on Xbox.

Dune paint is waaaaaaaay more rare then Gold or Black Gold. When you could craft it, it was not very popular so not many of them where made and many of the guys that got it toward the beginning of the game don’t play any more.


where did you get the balloon?

Any lights or flaming exhausts… When I grind the Adventure weekly, I’ll often build a basic rig, then cover it with lights and flaming exhausts.

Outside of that… The Spring Drone and Large Spares are huge and make great armor for lighter builds. The snowman tires are great, too.

I also have most of the Christmas themed ones… Christmas trees, reindeer hologram, sleigh hologram, snow hologram, gift box, iron father bobble head… During December, I replace all the decor on my regular builds with Christmas stuff and paints.

And ducks… Yeah… Ducks.

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I can’t remember when we got this one. But a no time limit firework for free was awesome.

Did any of you guys get this or remember when we got it?

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…because I really would like that Red Balloon decor too. Seems like a small ask. It’s the little things.


Wasn’t it in the same freebie thing that gave out the New Years 2021 holograms?

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Meme horn ideas:

  1. We’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty.

  2. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

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It must have been something like that.
But I do know I didn’t have to buy it :slight_smile: lol

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For my decor wish, I would wish for a hologram of a butt with a hand patting it :stuck_out_tongue:

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How about a horn of a woman screaming to go along with the horror movie hologram?