PC-Crossout Day Drone locations + Favourite Drone and Reward!

some locations so far,.will edit more I find.


wait the favorite drone is real.


Yes, from what we know it only has 4% chance of spawning every battle.


Does it do anything?

Thanks for that. There are many more locations indeed. I’d advise to just ride around and scout each corner of the map.

As far as I know Caligari (six frags at your test drive area) should give something if you honk with him after finding it
I hope someone tells what the reward is because if it’s crap I can finally give up on trying to find this ballooned bastard that never spawns

i won this and i don’t know why…thought it was another reward lol…
Edit…yup its what i got from the Favourite Drone!!..Good Luck All !..


That’s sweet. I want one.

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What is Favourite Drone? What does it look like? I keep finding Fuses and that horny one.

it has Balloons…


Yeah i saw the closed circles cap and im like i wanna buy it and its not for buying so i figured it was a part of the event.

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Very cool of you to post this. Thanks.


I cant found favourite Drone in 3 days :confused:

Same begining to think this is a hoax.

Indeed a rare one. That one I never came across.

Thank you for the screens Mud.

I want to say:
It was nice seeing you in the brawl. You didn’t attack anyone, was respectful to the ones hunting the drones, and recognized my vehicle as a friendly one, I honked, pulled by you, took the drone and drove off.
It’s so refreshing meeting normal people.

When I play the brawl, be it for a drone hunt or a fight, I pay a close look at the player scores. The ones who are high obviously attack others, so I don’t hold back against them.
The ones with a super low score are here for the drones. I never attack the passive players who mind their own business. It sucks when the match is ending and you are getting the drone and someone pushes you away or kills you…

So, it was a nice experience meeting you there. :+1:


How long did it take for you to find the balloon drone? How many hours?

Wish more people were considerate like you, all my matches 99% of the people are treating it like a normal brawl not even going for the drones, me tryna finds them usually end up having a least 1 person a match literally chase me all over the map most of the time ignoring the other players i purposely drive next to, this happens even when I ignore them they just stalk me around the map wanting my sweet butt cheeks I am guessing :rofl: :rofl: Sadly I got the balloon drone but didn’t think it was special and didn’t honk at the guy in the garage to get the hubcap


One have to honk at some guy? In a garage?.. There is someone in MY garage?!

I would like to know this as well. I always kill everyone in the garage.