Ultimate Compliment-You're Cheating!

Please note that this topic is not about hacks…

I know this was a bug for awhile in parts of maps.
People knew where the spots where and would shot through when the see the other team on the map on the other side.

Not saying that is what you saw, but I do know that was a thing.

It was a bug and not a hack.



Hmmm… if you’re exploiting a bug, isn’t that still cheating?

Did anyone else ever experience the driving underground thing, or am I the only one?

I remember years ago when jumping off cliffs and high places would result in the vehicle being caught in the ground for a few seconds… that’s all I can think of, nothing you could abuse… if anything it screwed you


Nah, this was dudes running around with like the bottom 4 blocks of their build underground & untouchable. So, the top half of the cab would be visible, but very hard to hit. I might have seen it twice, then saw a post on here or FB saying they’d fixed that hack. This was long ago, though… before the anti-cheat thing.

Probably why builds spawn way above the ground now… Might have been as simple as building way below the cabin or something odd


I would define it as an exploit to a known bug - the point being it’s not a hack that let them shoot through walls.

In video games a “hack” would imply they are using something to make them shoot through walls that other people can not do without that thing. (Software)

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Agreed, exploits are the fault of devs making a mistake, it’s then just down to the players’ morality if they abuse it. In many pve games we would abuse exploits because it was pve so no harm; I think it’s good practice to not do so in pvp if it ruins someone else’s experience.

I’m not talking about that, that was going on before that bug, please don’t defend such behavior just because I mentioned it was people in clans I saw doing it, so you felt some obligation to defend fellow clan fans because you’re either in one or was apart of one.

Using programs and other 3rd party things to get an advantage aka hacking is by default cheating, just like stealing cars and carjacking are basically almost the same thing but aren’t 100% the same thing.

Again the behavior I mention went on before the bug and even after it was fixed, you shouldn’t take things personally just because it involved some clan players you don’t know as aren’t you on console?

Yes, it is still cheating and last time I checked it was classified as cheating in this game’s TOS.
But I mentioned I saw it done by clan members and for some reason Monkey gets very protective towards clan members, even strangers just for being in a clan, at least that’s how it comes off to me.

Yes it was cheaters using hacks to shoot through walls, they were even YT videos showing it well before the so-called bug was a thing.

Please don’t defend bad behavior just because someone is in a clan, there are clans in this game and outside of this game that practices bad behavior and shouldn’t be defended just cause you’re in the same system, kinda like how cops defend the bad cops in the past

At the time this bug was there, you could also roflcopter above the roof of the map also. Then sit there without falling even if you were not shooting. The under ground and ceiling were in the patch that ended roflcopters.

I don’t cheat, so I don’t really know if someone is lol. The one time I accused someone of it… it was a game mechanic I did not know about. That player was a kind player instead of an asshole and quite nicely explained it to me, as well as giving me some other great advice.

Now, if I see someone thats exceptionally good, I try to learn what they are doing instead of accusing them of something. They might have the secret of the Universe.


I was able to do it on Xbox, and I was not using a cheat.

Who is defending bad behavior?

We are not talking about cheating or hacking in this thread.

It is about doing so good that people “think” your cheating.

Did anyone even read the OP?

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Most of the time I hear of someone accusing someone of cheating on Xbox this is the case.

But that not what this thread is about…


I do believe it is about not cheating. Accusing someone that is not cheating, of cheating.

This directly pertains to someone who looks like they are cheating but are not cheating. Literally, right there in your quote.

That is directly about the post I started.

None of this pertains to it though:

How does any of this argument have anything to do with the topic of the thread I posted? How does you responding keep it on topic? I mean, what do you perceive is constructive by arguing about something not on the topic multiple times then tell the person that actually started the thread they are off topic?

Is there a legal way to shoot while cloaked? Happened to me the other day and pretty sure it wasn’t a bot.

Yes, their is an auto cannon that does it.

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Sure is. Stillwind perk allows you to fire from stealth for a few seconds without breaking it.


No argument here.

Stillwind perk is great against bots, but also good against humans.

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i posted a vid of me playing stillwinds on the show your gameplay thread. They are OP.

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