Ultimate Compliment-You're Cheating!

You are!

Did you read my op? it was on topic but Roo replied so I replied and then you replied and it went off topic

My OP did relate but the people who replied to it made it steer off-topic, did you even see my op?

Snarky for no reason!
That happens when you create a post sometimes things go off-topic

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I’ve been accused of cheating once for having a game of my XO life by an opposing team player for getting 8 kills and just replied
“Not cheating just all skilled jealous?” But in fact, it was all luck :rofl:

Though I can see people in clans mostly being the ones being accused of cheating or actually cheating, shhh don’t tell them I said that the clan boys will come after me :rofl:

But yeah I rarely get 4 kills so I was annoyed by the dude accusing me of cheating cause luck was on my side for once


I was once accused of using an aimbot with my 4 arguments hover build. Which was pretty funny because I could not hit anything that match but got a random lucky generator pop

And then proceeded to miss even more shots


I got accused of cheating while playing fuzes, I still to this day cannot understand how that would even be possible with those drones


First step is to have opponents who are terrible at the game. :joy: