Unbalanced Parts (tiers) is a GOOD Thing

One of the frequent complaints about every part in the game is how they’re “out of balance.”

Hear me out… to an extent, this is actually a GOOD and unique thing with CrossOut, and the market helps.

There’s a lot of heated discussion about Relics vs Legendaries vs Epics etc, and how one is OP and the other is trash. My most successful build is a quad sledgehammer build (those are rares, ladies).

So, my little 9443 PS blue shotgun build has no business spanking some dolt with a 15K+ triple Breaker (as in relic) build, right?

Wrong. Way wrong…

In the real world, you can buy something that’s super expensive AND super worthless. There are name brand items that absolutely suck compared to “lower brands” as far as actual quality goes. Clothing is a good example. You can go buy really fancy dress shoes that have zero traction, are uncomfortable as a torture device, wear out quickly and cost nearly a grand. OR, you could buy some pedestrian Red Wings boots that aren’t nearly as pretty, but have great traction, comfortable as being barefoot, and will literally last YEARS of hard use (ask me how I know). They’ll also cost a fraction of the fancy crap.

The same goes in CrossOut. I don’t think we should be able to just assume that because a weapon is in the next highest tier that it’s better in a match. Maybe that 400 bump in PS and one extra energy makes it uncompetitive. Maybe the perk is so finicky to use, it doesn’t make up for the slightly slower fire rate and range.

I like this… You have to think & study the parts before you buy or craft.

The market helps educate you… Test-driving things in the exhibition and just watching other players does as well. there’s a clear reason the Vulture is 1/2 the cost of Arbiters, but are both legendaries.

The top 4 Epics on the market cost more than the Vulture… for good reasons.

The sweet spot, in my humble - yet correct opinion :wink: - is in the middle. There aren’t really any feasible common weapons, and few rares if you don’t fuse them. These would be the trash cheapest items you might get at the dollar store in the real world.

The Relics & Legendaries are generally among the best, but there are enough under-performing parts (hello Ripper) that make it clear they’re not a slam dunk.

So yeah… a lot of words to say having an unbalanced game actually makes the game more interesting and realistic.

Now, if only they’d slow down the nerf/buff cycle… Nothing like doing the proper research, grinding, buying, then having your new toy nerfed into uselessness. Which, to another point, is why I NEVER buy a newish part unless they’re super cheap.


Case and Point: The US F-35

People who actually need to do this job use something else.

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to me,the unbalance only shows up when trying to use items that aren’t designed for each other. Like wearing a good outfit vs just throwing on whatever is around. The game has a design and, I believe, it’s up to us players to reserve ourselves when dressing for the role because, for which ever role we want to fill, there is a good outfit and a sloppy outfit. We just gotta figure it out.

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It’s part of the fun of the game… I think players come up with things the devs never considered. Some of them sound stupid, but work great. I recently got obliterated by some goofy looking contraption that killed me with one hit at the start of a match.

It turned out to be a booster/chameleon/hover/melee/canon build.

He’d cloak up, boost into you, nail you with hatchets, then blast you with his canons at point blank range. The hatchets took out the 1st layer of armor & since he was on hovers, completely missed my own bumpers.

Hilarious… I felt honored. :joy:

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i do love those moments after dying and you get to see the enemy rig for a few seconds, i get the best laughs when it’s something goofy…good for the soul!


Yeah, no, crossout its not meant to be realistic and the huge imbalance in crossout just sucks, besides that you are a shotguns player, obviously you don't see any imbalance or suffer it, now go play with hovers and say theres no problem with them too…

You need to spend more time in crossout to see the huge existing imbalance amongst a lot of weapons

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Because Varuhn (sp?) macro spam should have lasted another 3 months?

I don’t. I just craft stuff I don’t have. If it sucks… it sits until it’s buffed. Now, after 5 years, pretty much if they buff it I have it, if they nerf it I have it…

In the beginning Relics where never meant to better then Legendary items. They where suppose to be unique items with play styles not found in other weapon groups.

They messed this up by introducing relics with the same type as legendary weapons.


There ain’t that many super whales in the real world that will be attracted to a game like this. I said on another post that i think the devs intentionally leave a few very op low tier items to give those players a fighting chance at the higher levels. Give you an example of the total lack of whales capable of buying relics that I am talking about, is to just log into pokerstars, check the cash games and you will see that no one is playing cash tables above 20$ and all the games going up to 400$ is totally empty with the exception of just one player sitting at nl 50, nl 100 and nl 400 unable to find someone rich enough to play. I say the same situation at pokersars is true for crossout hence the huge focus on epics similar to pokerstars focus on the medium/low stakes cash games and not the high stakes instead. They don’t offer anything above nl 400 because they knows no one is going to play above nl 400 period and it won’t surprise me if they eventually remove nl 400 outright one of these days.

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There are lots of things I’d gladly suspect the US military industry to do. They don’t include shitting out underperforming weapons. Overpriced, maybe, but I’m not sure how anyone can doubt the F-35 is an absolutely top-tier plane that would mop the floor with ru/chinese planes that simply do not have a sliver of the tech the US can produce and put in its weapon platforms.

Is it worse than the F-22? Yeah, probably. Is it worse than any other major power’s current main plane? I see no reason to believe it is. I’m in no way an expert on the subject, but if the stealth capabilities it claims to have aren’t just propaganda like some others nations spew about their weapons, I imagine some armies could really use a bunch of F-35 right now.

The main criticism I hear regarding the F-35 is its payload as a ground attack plane, especially compared to the A-10. I’d like to see an A-10 try to do a bombing run at like 100-200m of altitude in a high intensity combat scenario with MANPADS and SAMs everywhere.

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Russia and china is a paper tiger. They are just hopping on the 5th generation fighter jet now and only in the prototype stage while us has been on the 5th generation since the 90’s with enough spare jets to sell those to other countries so their is no reason to doubt what the us got actually works.


Yeah, people whine that the F-35 is a “downgrade” compared to the f-22… They fail to realize the F-22 was an absolutely pointless marvel of engineering that was 3+ decades ahead of its time as far as tech goes. Great planes are cool and all, but you don’t need to absolutely brutally outclass your opponents with extremely expensive planes when you can just outclass them with very expensive planes.
And in 2 decades, nothing prevents the US from pulling its f-22 blueprints from storage, updating them a bit, and starting production of a 5.5/6th gen plane at a reduced cost.

I mean holy shit, I was playing Area 88 on SNES as a kid, and f-22 was already in this god damn game, in like… 1995? 30 years later, still nothing comes close to its level.

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well the f-35 is like half the cost of f-22 which is still lightyears ahead of what others got so mass producing the f-35 makes way more sense.

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You don’t know what the usa got. They are known for keeping things under wraps while china and russia’s strategy is to inflate numbers and brag about tech they either don’t have or is barely functional. Look what the Usa did with the manhattan project and that secrecy won them the war while the rest of the countries like to thump their chest and appear bigger than they are.

I knew f-22 was old but not that old. I was just looking up old snes/nes games the other day actually I played has a kid. I will probably look up that game.
I just looked up the game it is the F-20

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In the arcade game. SNES one is called UN Squadron in Europe and the US, and has a shop system with a few more planes.

“The F-35 fleet remains below Joint Strike Fighter
Operational Requirements Document (ORD)
thresholds in some areas for overall reliability and
maintainability. Maintenance data gathered through
June 2021 from the U.S. fleet of all three variants
show that the F-35A and F-35B are not meeting,
and the F-35C is not projected to meet, the full set
of ORD reliability and maintainability requirements
for mature aircraft.” -The Office of the Director, Operational Test and Evaluation (An official website of the United States government)

I’ll admit, whoever wrote that report doesn’t really have the flare for rhetoric I do. I was teasing, like a joke. It looked like a soft target to me.

You’re probably right. The F-35 is a wonderful program, and the most advanced aircraft the world has ever seen.

God bless America.


I know nothing about war planes, but this video from a few weeks ago seems on-topic (and funny!)

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Nothings perfect man. I took a little time out to look it up but I don’t much about jets either just touched base on it.

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Looks like someone forgot a ; somewhere in the VTOL landing code, ouch

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