Unpopular opninion- I love starfield!

I’m having a blast with this game with over 90 hours so far and at character level 140. Haven’t even came close to finishing the main questline and all I’m doing is finishing the side quests, levelling up my character and building outposts on different planets. My biggest gripe with the game is the loading screens and the game is a little on the woke side but besides that i think the game is very underrated and gets way more hate than it deserves.
Here are some screen shots of my insanely op ship that i spent 2 days working on. I used the voyager 2 that i stole off a level 75 planet has a base and applied 450 000 credits worth of upgrades.

Is their a building cap in starfield

Well it caps at 40M in length but when it comes to building outposts and stuff it is a bit more lenient. Right now i got my xp farm storage containers stacked to about 300 to 400 meters in height which is really high.

Dude… :person_facepalming:

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Starfield is a great game

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I enjoyed Starfield… I hyper overplayed it though

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It is a great game, I think it is a hell of alot more fleshed out than cyberpunk. There is a wide variety dialogue, ships, things to do, build stuff, quests and what not. I played 350 hrs of cycberpunk and you see the same car or vending machine 200 times in a row and the npcs repeat the same exact line over and over which gets really irritating really quick.

can we address the elephant in the room?

that is not the definition of woke,that’s racism.

why would you even think of saying such a thing ?

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I never once thought of that, you might have a problem. No one liked token character placement, or forced character placement but I never thought any of the characters were out of place in any way.

I just went to YouTube to check some things, the leaders of the UC are literally 2 white women, 2 white guys and a black dude -

So the heads of Ryujin are a white guy, a black guy, an indian woman and 3 white women… (I think from memory they might be asian or at least some but the company is asian themed so no surprise).

Most of the Freestar collective are again… white people lmao…

The leadership of Sysdef is a black guy and a white woman -


The Crimson fleet, mostly white people, 2 black women, 2 lesbians, I remember one is asian, rokov is russian… can’t remember much else. (sorry the bad collage, better than all images at once).

I think perhaps you have a problem… I know there are other characters in power, that one clone chick who accompanies you through the UC missions, the person she is cloned from is a little spoilery so I won’t bring that up.

The main characters you play with from Constellation are wide ranging but that’s honestly the point of their group… and even still there’s more white guys in constellation than any other ethnicity/gender so I don’t know what you really want?

It’s not woke, it’s just progressive and normal and I think you might have the problem here.


I said a little on the woke side i never said it was 100% woke. I don’t mind a little bit woke like starfield just not full blown woke like ghostbusters or the new upcoming snowhite movie where they are completely rewriting characters just for the sake of fulling gender roles and not in and of the story itself but whatever.

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Yeah that’s the stuff people don’t like, I thought Starfield was great with their characters except for god damn Neiva, or however her name is spelled… Her character was awful, trying way too hard.

I don’t even have the main story close to finished yet I’m still sidetracked with everything else. I don’t mind the characters for the most part, people are taking what I’m saying out of context and trying to twist it to make me look bad. 90% is a bit of an exaggeration but that is what it seems like but part of that reason too is because i listen to channels like the critical drinker who bashes woke movies all day.

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Games like this would make more sales if they gave players the ability to set the ethnic and gender demographics of their games the same way they can customize their character, then nobody would ever be able to complain again about woke stuff. I dont like this omnipresent diversity in my games, its completely uncanny and unbelievable that there is this freakish amalgamation of every ethnicity everywhere simultaneously. I hate it.
They try too hard to appeal to everybody a little bit but nobody specific at all.

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Leave this thread alone mudnbeer and muppet and if needed just make a separate thread specifically for mudslinging. I just couldn’t think of any euphemism’s to describe the wokeness that the game comes across to me has so i just put it out there a little bluntly. I don’t mind being told off about it but it is just coming from the wrong person so just go away please.


how is starfield monetized? can one buy it or is it some sort of rent?

I’ve never played it the retro space game I was having fun on the side with is was just suggesting it to nob while he takes his game break:

It’s kind of interesting you have to set up the walk ways for reloading and stuff…

Tbh, you could probably make a mod to change that to your liking.

However, are you aware that, depending on how you count it, white people only make up about 10-15% of the world population. If humanity went spacefaring, would you think that only white people could afford to leave the planet?

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Horny 13yo me 20 years ago: “Why is every character in that game a burly white old man :'c”
Men nowadays: " Why isn’t every character in that game a burly white old man :'c"

I’m the kind of guy who calls a spade a spade, and the endless whining about female characters in movies or video games is ghey as fuck.
Lets be honest, if tomorrow all of you guys were replaced by grills IRL I wouldn’t complain :eyes:


Right? It’s weird that people even think that way… perhaps it shows their age? Not that it’s mutually exclusive of course.

I mean look at world leaders in real life, men, women… all races, hell even the second in command of North Korea is a woman.

If North Korea is more progressive than you then you have a problem haha


Guess starving your own people to buff your own military, having only 4 propaganda channels, sentencing 3 generations of family to labour camps, is progressive?. If you think North korea is soo progressive then move there.

To clarify I have no problem whatsoever with variety of races being in games, I have no problem with that whatsoever. I wouldn’t care if the game were all trannies, or all etheopians or people that turned themselves into dogs thru medical operations. I don’t care just as long as they can get a good story across. When I say woke i mean the game just seems to be jeopordizing story just to fit in variety for namesake alone so it just come across as the game is sacrificing story for variety in and off itself. That is nothing to do with me not being progressive. That is my opinion and judging by you saying that north korea is more progressive than any one on the forum no matter how bad the mudslinging gets shows your the one with the problem.

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