Upcoming update: impact on game

I’m thinking the new generator is going to bump a lot of newer players up to mid and high PS. I know it took me forever to get around to making my Apollo, so getting a four energy generator for cheap in a BP should get a lot of lower level players to start experimenting with higher PS vehicles (yay, fresh meat!).
I also think the new drone cabin is going to lead to a lot of drones on the battlefield for a while, even if it’s not that strong. Everyone unlocking it at the same time will mean that lots of people will be testing it out at the same time, which might make it seem stronger than it is, as drones are hardest to deal with when there are tons on the battlefield.
Very curious about the new cooler. I suspect they’re trying to push people away from spray and pray miniguns towards more tap-fire weapons. Not a bad thing, even though I do love my equalizers and millers.

Don’t worry about the drone dudes. One shot with the executioner and they will go pop with all the genesis modules they be’s packing especially with the new executioner buff and all. Drones got a terrible reload anyways and in order for them to have enough ammo they got to be ticking time bombs with boatloads of genesis modules.

You only need 1 or 2 of them and they can be built around easy. Just like ammo packs, this is not a factor if you are building correctly. Also drones can be fused for more ammo.

I’m not saying drone builds will be good, I’m saying that well built builds don’t go pop because of Genesis.

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genesis is way less durable than ammo packs. My executioner build also got a porc in under the cab so if the executioner don’t get him the porc will and that is just 1 porc. I am sure incerators are even better. From my experience most drone guys just go poof don’t matter what your using. The new cab is also heavy so drone users on this cab will be better armored but you will probably be able to outrun him easy anyways.

This is a problem for all the battle passes. It’s not a fair assessment.

Also the fact that all BP items are fused make it not fair again. Because if something is OP or not OP should be based on the normal version and not the power of the fused version. So BP items get balanced around the fused version. Which leads to over nerfing.


Ammo packs and genesis should not be built inside the build. This is a low to med PS thing.

With ammo packs, the fact is, purple ammo packs make good armor. Wouldn’t want to waist that on the inside of a build.

Here you are vouching for everyone else again.

I got 3 or 4 drones users on my friends list with genesis right in the middle not on the outside

No, I’m having a conversation with you.

No worries, I’ll stop. Sorry you don’t get it.

Peace out

Then they don’t know how to build.

Yes einstein

people can build how they wants to build, not because rough monkey said so. Looking down on people for building in a way you think is ineferior.

I agree.

People can build the way they like. That is not in question.

Some people are just not smart. Well… most people.

And yes, I’m talking for everyone again.


On it is not because of smartness, people build in a way because that is the way they like it. My builds are inferior yet i graduated has honor student in high school and took engineering in university.

I agree, and I wish they would wait longer to make balance adjustments for BP items to account for that. New weapons are most annoying when they take over the battlefield, but I think most of the time that’s just because they’re new, not because they’re always as ridiculously OP as some people claim. Then we end up with over-nerfed BP items collecting dust in our storage.

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I’m also excited about the executioner buff. I like playing them, but they hit too weak at the moment.
However, I will not enjoy playing cannons for the two weeks after the drone cabin is released. I remember days of grenadiers flooding every match, and the only good way of dealing with tons of drones is MGs. At least we’ve got that interceptor module now to counter swarms, so it might not be too bad.

Yeah, this is also one of the reasons people get so upset about BPs. It just reinforces the idea that BP items are released OP and then nerfed. When it could just be because they are fused (At least in part) or that a ton are on the battlefield all at once.

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You think most people is dumb hey.

I often think that some balance changes should really just be for the fused bonuses, not for the default stats.

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I don’t ever go through my drones fast enough to need a Genesis Module. The matches in PVP aren’t that long. I can’t imagine needing two of those modules.

Also, I don’t want all the explosives on board. I don’t poop’n’scoot drone spam as a strategy, and instead place them with more care and intention, defend my drones with passive-melee (sometimes guns), and sponge damage for allies. I take a lot of hits as part of my strategy. Since that strategy lines up with my cab’s perk, the Call, I assume that’s how it’s supposed to work, and so all the explosives are a no-go for me.