Update: Under the sign of the dragon

Update “Under the sign of the dragon” is coming this Thursday!

Hello, survivors!

This Thursday, on August 17, we plan to release another update for Crossout, which will bring many improvements and new features to the game. Today we would like to briefly share what you can expect from this update and answer some questions along the way.

Updated “Steel championship”

Explosive football on armoured cars returns to the Wasteland! This time, you can expect new armoured cars designed specifically for certain roles: goalkeeper, defender and forward. At the beginning of the match, you will be able to select a role (along with an armoured car), and change it later, if necessary.

And what is Wasteland football without a spirit of competition and valuable rewards for the best of the best? The mode will have its own leaderboard with leagues and commemorative rewards. And the best players of this championship will be able to get the most valuable prizes.

New event “Under the sign of the dragon”

A new event, similar to the current “Foxy’s secrets” will be launched as soon as the update is available. The rewards of the event will include a number of unusual cosmetic novelties, as well as vehicle parts and resources useful to every survivor.

“Confrontation” mode, bands, and changes to the weekly challenges system

Almost all changes and innovations we have announced and demonstrated earlier on the test server will be added in the next update. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the challenges system will be updated this Sunday, August 20 at 16:00 UTC. The launch of the new mode “Confrontation” is planned at the same time. Current weekly challenges will be available till the end of Sunday.

Also, with the update, we plan to replace current containers in the “Badge exchange” tab:

  • Now, instead of the standard “Pathfinder’s container” and “Wanderer’s Container”, the contents of which haven’t been changed, containers with different contents will be available weekly in the badge exchange.
  • As before, one container will include a random “special” part, and the second — a random “epic” part.
  • In total, there will be 3 different containers with “special” parts and 4 different containers with “epic” parts in the rotation. Each container has its own list of parts that can be obtained when they are opened.

“Electric beetle” pack

And, finally, a little surprise for everyone who was waiting for a new mysterious rolling-based movement part and a new crossbow from our August artwork. The armoured car will also appear in the game with the next update, but it will become available after some time. Follow our news so you don’t miss this moment!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the start of the “Steel championship” this Thursday! See you soon!


Also, here is the photo of the new pack they talked about with the new wheels.

Seems the solution for wheels is more Omni-Wheels :slight_smile:

Also I can’t wait for mini-CWs


Hi @41358411

Can you help this bird not feel sad every time he logs into Crossout?

Could you tell him and others alike if this update will feature balancing buffs to Tracks so that they can be more or less on par with the other movement parts of the same rarity? Or if such balance changes are planned for future updates?

Builds with tracks are not viable because they get degunned, to the point where I get angry DM’s from players on my own team because me using tracks is causing them to lose.


The solution is quite simple.

Here is my suggestion, feel free to parse it to the Developers if appropriate;
Change the perk of Armored track, Tank track and Goliath to the following:

“The track will increase the durability of all weapons on the vehicle by a certain amount. If there are other movement parts mounted on the car, the bonus to weapon durability will decrease in proportion to their amount.”

image (4)


Of course they are not updating tracks.

How do you sell a new Omni-wheels if tracks are good?

I wish I had a better answer for you man.

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One of the few advantages of heavier tracks like Goliaths, tank tracks, and armoured tracks is that you can use the tracks as armour for your guns.
Years ago it was popular to sandwich goblins between tracks, and it made it very difficult to shoot them off. The same can be done with any fixed angle weapon, or even with turreted guns.
Of course most people prefer to run strafing parts with that style of build these days, but tracks still offer more protection, so if losing your guns is the main issue on track builds, there are ways to address that.

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I’m afraid it’s not that simple.

You see, when you make it so that you are firing from fixed angles then you are unable to shoot enemies behind you or at your side. I’ve tried and used such builds myself and the end result is that the more agile enemy will attack your build from behind and you will be completely unable to defend yourself.

Thus viable builds with tracks have to use weapons that are turreted, such as Mastodons. Even with the most optimized tracked builds in Crossout, four of them, all with fully fused mastodons on the same team in Clan Wars we are unable to even reach bronze because they all get degunned within seconds. (See our comp bellow.)


In conclusion; Something is seriously messed up with the balancing of tracks and needs to be addressed.

It is true that tracks aren’t good enough for CW, but they are good enough for PVP.
I also prefer turreted weapons on tracks, so was only suggesting hiding your guns because your complaint was specifically about losing them.

Are there any balance changes coming with this update?

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If something is trash in CW against a decent build, it’s trash in PvP against a decent build. Now most players (especially during holidays) bring garbage bins on wheels in PvP, but gl with your tracks the moment a hover/Gerrida clan squad pops up in the enemy team.

I dunno, I see a bunch of augers but literally zero heavy tracks these days. Last goliaths I saw, I just flipped them lmao. Dunno why that part is so easy to flip even with a tiny buggy. You drive below them they flip, you bonk them on the side they flip.


remember these?

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Except Goliaths were something like 400 PS, and Gobs a tier lower. The whole thing was a solid 2k PS lower than it is now. Goliath’s PS has been increased so much it now pretty much sucks at tanking (I can get 4 or 5 hermits for the price of a Goliath)


Depends on the PS range. Above 10kPS, and you don’t see many people running heavier tracks, but I see a lot of them below 10kPS, and they don’t seem at a huge disadvantage down there.
There are a lot more people running melee builds below 10kPS, and tracks are still a decent counter to that.
I don’t care about 1v1 situations, as most of PVP never comes down to that. Within a team situation at a low enough PS, tracks are definitely viable.
Not saying they’re the best choice, but definitely viable with the right build and player.

I think too many people try to play tracks like wheels, or they try to rely on rotating in place too much. Ideally they would rotate from stop much quicker, but they don’t, so it’s better to rely on the full speed reverse, and learn to take better advantage of that.

Good enough for PvP? They used to be. But that’s no longer the case from what I can tell. These are the kind of messages I get when doing PvP with my godfused-everything tank:


You get laughed at for even using tracks. The degunning is just as prevalent as it is in CW, even at lower powerscores with the only exception being Sleipnirs and Small tracks, both of which have good perks that buff weapon parameters, unlike their heavier counterparts.

Developers need to give them a perk that buffs weapon durability. That will make them viable depending on the % value.

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Keep in mind people play different things on PC and console, because of the different control devices. Melee and drone has always been more popular on consoles, while degunning stuff has always been more popular on PC.

Tracks just do not work here, and outside of bots I stopped seeing them almost completely since 2.0 and the buff to hovers/strafing/Gerrida and Athena’s releases.

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I don’t think tracks work on any platform currently, despite the differences between them.

It’s so sad because they used to be viable. Our clan had a blast doing CW before, but now no one wants to play anymore. Most members are offline for weeks or months, all waiting for an update that will make our builds playable again, while some of them leave and understandably so.

Here is some of our CW footage from a few years ago. We miss those times … whatever happened to Crossout it isn’t what it used to be. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bZ4pliYw_c

Wouldn’t happen to have a screenshot of that build?

This statement has always been true of PS but not so much for Xbox.

Tracks suck on Xbox too.


Bellow is the one I normally use in PvP

Funny in top 30 we don t face too many goliaths. here is a hint that may help you :

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Hey, Suppurax. Nice to see you on here!

That is quite a selection to choose from to win in CW. There is a lot of variety up there in the higher leagues I’m sure, lmao.

Mounting one of these to the build is also something that can help with winning, especially if attached to Averter for 30% resistance to all damage: