Upgrade event Now!

There is an upgrade event going on, highly reduced cost of upgrade, take advantage if you can.


Nice, I guess I will finally fuse a seal, and see what all the fuss is about.

Hi, the event is for movement parts and not modules. But what the heck? You haven’t upgraded a Seal? Its like going from a regular Seal to a relic Seal. You should get two fused Seals and 2 Fused Shivers immediately. You will go from regular Poony to Super Poony.


What can I say: I like being challenged, and I also don’t care much about being the best.

Fusing stuff has never been a priority for me, because I get more satisfaction playing as an underdog.

But you guys keep telling me that a fused seal is a game changer, so I figured I should see what all the fuss is about.

Incidentally, it was other discussions about how much better a fused seal is that inspired me to start that other thread about whether fusing should raise PS. Kind of annoyed so many people think I started it because I’m a crybaby, when it’s the opposite.

I don’t care about people seal clubbing me, but I don’t find it fun to seal club other people. I want to use fused gear and not have to feel like I’ve got an advantage beyond my playing skills (or lack of).

Oh boy I can’t wait to spend all my hard earned coin to have movement parts all with a different fusion and my ride working wonky because of it yyaaayy

These events are not worth it, the only fusion events worth anything are the ones with set fusions

Mixed fusion do not cause a build to work wonky.


These are usually done: Movement parts–>modules–>weapons over the space of a month or so.


but which fused item does it look at?
i have 2 the same and 2 mixed :crazy_face:
i see it in weps ect,but movement parts? i don’t see a difference(i’m saying…do they all have to be the same to work with that certain upgrade you wanted or does it look at just 1 upgrade you got—for movement parts only…)
i’m just asking because i don’t want to refuse those two lol…

So I had 4 battlepass Buggy wheels. They were going for cheaper than your average Teal on Xbox, so it seemed to be a good time to fuse 4 for a whole set of 2 Non steering and 6 steering. These seem situational but seem like excellent wheels for many different builds.

Out of the four fusions, I got 2 for power, 1 for traction and 1 for tonnage. +durability or +resistance for all.


I fused my buggy wheels last event. They are highly undervalued. So easily armored up and they don’t drain much power. I too got varied upgrades, but i don’t care if they match.


How many buggy wheels are a full build? Do you use more than 8, 2 non steering 6 steering?

Buggy wheels are great, glad others are coming around.

I typically use them on light cabins, so often 2 ST and 2 non-ST is enough to max out your tonnage.
But I have an extra two of each type for larger builds and/or redundancy.

I can’t see many situations where you would need more than 8 wheels, but if you only use ST you might have situations where you need more for tonnage.

I use 4 steering and 2 non steering. Love them on fire builds. So easy to encase. I use a sabbath on the back.

Some of the bonuses are added up. And some are for the single tire.

For example

If you have two tires for traction then it adds that bonus to your total traction, then if you have power fused it reduces you total power by the combined amount.

But if it is resist and durability then it is per tire.

Sometimes 1 stat is way more important then another depending on the movement part.

For example IMO the perfect fuse for Bigrams is Mass and Power - but mass and acceleration is pretty close to the same thing - they both add up to a gain in weight and speed.

Even though I want power fused, I’m not going to reroll the acceleration ones unless I got coins to burn, because the difference is not going to be as much.

Some wheels you want resist on - and resist is slightly better then durability- but then again I’m not going to reroll durability ones unless I have coins burning a whole in my pocket.

The bottom line for me on wheels is “Any fuse is better then no fuse” and the 2 fuse event give people that don’t have as much coins a chance to fuse items cheeper. So it is a win win no mater what you get because it is at a 33% discount.

Also keep in mind you only need 1 more tire to reroll during the event. So instead of 1 fuse for 3 items. You get 2 fuses for 3 items.

Roll once with 2 - then reroll with 1 more if you want to.


I thought this was on all of them, they cannot be attached to anything that buffs dura by %. not that I have ever re-fused a wheel.

Not all builds need resist/durability you might want mass on Bigfoots/Omni/sabbath for example. (They are the heavier ones so you get more bang for your buck)

I think It can depend heavily on what kind of guns your trying to put on the build. If it’s light weight guns like shotguns then yeah maybe mass don’t mater, but if it is cannons then maybe it does mater.

Also it depends on the cabin I’m trying to use. Some have a ton of weight and some need all the help they can get.


I never bothered to refuse any wheels. Makes for horrible scrolling.

I just recently fused more hovers. Probably wont refuse those either. Unless I go back to CW, but that isn’t on the horizon.


Lol yeah, this is the worst part of it.

But if the biggest problem of having a bunch of fused stuff is scrolling then I’m sure there are a bunch of new guys that feel sorry for us.



I forgot that I bought a bunch of omniwheels when they were cheap, so I fused a bunch.
I still have more than I’ll likely ever use, but now they’re all fused.

I can’t even remember what I wanted to do with so many. Maybe I was making an omniwheel leviathan?


I had bought 12 sabbath wheels awhile ago. I was holding them for this event and fused 6 today.

Now the only epic movement part I don’t have fused sets for are Tank Tracks.

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