Uranium and Clan Battles

I’ve been in Crossout now 5 solid years, put in around 1400 hours and put well over 1200$ into this game. I’m not looking for special treatment or anything. I give this information to only further the point I’m going to attempt to make in hopes that a sympathetic ear belonging to a dev may hear and understand the situation. Ultimately fixing the issue in some way or another.

Over the last year, I’ve watched hundreds of people enter my clan while I would continually boot them out for joining and simply stop playing the game. My punt rules were around 2 weeks of inactivity. Today, I have a more active group of people that tend to play together and tend to hop on daily. The point is, the turn around in this game is insanely high, it seems.

Last eve, me and ‘the guys’ tried out the clan war system for the first time. Understand that some of us are able to make builds that are around 10-13k PS. A good bit of the clan members that can also participate in the clan wars can hit the minimal and up to around 8k.

The requirements are Lvl 10 and 6k PS

However, as we noticed battle after battle, the PS we were up against were 15k easy. Weapons that we can’t even afford much less build. It was like body builders smashing beer cans with a hammer. We didn’t have one vehicle in the mix that was above a 7k PS. Not even saved in pregame.

Next match. Same. Next. Same. Next. Same.

So we’ve come to the conclusion that if there is a match maker, it’s broken or there simply aren’t enough people that have less than a 15k PS playing clan wars.

That’s one issue.

The other is the fact that you have to actually WIN a match to rank up. So if you’re at zero, which we are - being fresh to the war, fighting things more than twice our size in PS, using weapons we can’t build (for this reason), there isn’t the chance or possibility of any hope at all to actually win a match to get above zero, let alone 3 levels above just to even get a trickle of that ore which is required to build the weapons that are being used against you and so forth and so on…

It’s a catch 22 of a catch 22! lol

It’s already infuriating when you’re playing regular matches against opponents that are using those same weapons against you.

This is literally a pay to win situation. …and considering the price of those weapons, it’s a VERY expensive endeavor.

I’m not sure how you can keep players this way. I mean, other than those with a very expensive habit of dumping money in your laps buying everything in game. There is no level playing field this way.

I believe all of the players I’ve seen leave this game was because it’s so difficult to get anywhere. You have to grind for so long for so very little when you have a hard cap behind a pay wall to be able to compete with those that you have little choice in combating against.

It seems there are so many issues with the way this is set up.

So my question is… Aside from us giving you thousands of dollars just to be able to compete (each), why would you even bother allowing anything less than a 15k PS in clan wars? What would we do to get on that board? What do we do to be able to compete? Does it simply boil down to money?


I think my first question is, how do you spend “1400 hours and put well over $1200 into this game” and yet you still can’t afford one decent CW build? I’ve only been playing the game for 3 years and spent very little money aside from some occasional Battle Passes and subscription time that might amount to about $100. I have multiple Relics and a large amount of fused Legendary weapons. You should be so much further along than me.

My other thought is that if you have such low-level players on your team, the team really isn’t in a position to compete in CWs.

So you’re saying only the high-power elites and whales should be allowed to compete in Clan Wars?
Kinda elitist of you huh!?

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I have played from launch. The highest I got in CW’s in that time is 11th.
Your idea of “fairness” would be true if the game was within a month or two of launch.
At this point in the game, you should expect not only full builds but nearly full relics.
Don’t just take the first people that want to play, MAKE them bring a competitive build to CW or don’t take them to CW.
No Homing Missiles etc…(eye roll) Many purple weapons can be competitive. Legendary’s are within everyone’s reach that plays regular.
If they can’t make one, that is what clans are for, group up and farm. Lift them up until they can build what is needed.(have everyone make a weeks worth of one banner so one is always on a car in your group) Get experience playing together with lower level weapons that function the same as your planned build.
Once you are winning… they will leave one by one, so keep training new ones. (The life of a Clan Leader in any game)
It is a never ending cycle if you aren’t the top few clans. (even then)
Remember, it’s a Team, so build a balanced team.

Clan wars needs an overhaul. I’m pretty sure the league system doesn’t actually work because there aren’t enough participating clans. The MM and weekly reset make it hard to accurately determine a clans skill level.

There needs to be more incentive for newer clans to participate.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience.


I also want to know the answer to this.

You should have multiple CW builds by then and spend WAY less.

100% this.

I have multiple fused out high PS clan wars builds, but I would never play clan wars again if they could add a 4v4 - 9k - arena league with a reward system like CWs (but less)


Ding ding ding we have a winner!


Yup, thus why I don’t play in clan wars, I’m not satisfied with my capability to build a vehicle that will actually help my clan if I was in one, but I also don’t want to join a clan that just plays around without trying to get uranium


i stopped being in clans altogether, i just cant be bothered with clan wars. yeah the uranium is nice but only if you get up that high. if you can get uranium its good for your bank but thats about it. you need 600 to make a relic and imo its not worth saving, just sell them and make your weapon roster bigger.

i have 5 relics myself 2 porcs, 2 typhoons and 1 mastodon. im saving to get myself a scorpion next. the only issue is the time it takes to get a relic. other then that its not that difficult. just saving up your coins. i forget how long i been playing though, anyone know if theres a way to check?

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Check when you received the achievement first battle against live players (or something like that)
in your briefing window. Some other player helped me out with that months ago,
I just thought I would pass it on. :+1:

I am trying to find the right clan, too. It’s just super hard to find one with a lot of constantly active people. This is also why I want to be in clan wars for uranium for a mastodon.

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I think this could be very good for the game. Not only would it be fun, but it could be a way for newer players to catch up to the CW vets (assuming they could earn a small dribble of uranium in this league).


Population of CW has gotten so low that im in a clan of disbanded clanmembers so we are just active enough now to compeet again but the update SuperCharged has destroyed most of our builds to even play CW in a descent way which also will result in people quiting the game (again).

Even in my own clan some people just want to maybe quit if the DEV’s wont fix the problems they have caused so its just a qeustion of when or how this clan im currently in might become a death clan.

Ive now ducktaped hover builds for next cw session because they are stil broken… until its updated.
But ive been playing clanwars almost none stop for last 3,5 years includding ather things i enjoy playing in crossout.

But yes Any new clan or new people to clanwars basicly cant compeet or get into bronze.
If they dont got serten builds.

–Sadly due of the Update all land based weaponry / melee and ather things has recieved a massive uselessness to compeet for uranium — So high mobility hover with kami is META now and they fly to fast and to high + kami perk denies anything with a spark and firebug to melee it… (SO NO ADVICE POSSIBLE ON BUILDS ANYMORE) they broke the game.

And even if you do win from a clan higher then you stil get no uranium.
Only if you breach the 200 points marker (which is realy low if the population was there to play cw).

Sadly there doesnt seem be much motivation for new people to do cw and most of the population has become a casual player.

They did mention something on the live stream to maybe change the clanwars mode but they didnt go into detail about. (was during the supercharged live stream).

Stil the leaderboard of clanwars is getting smaller and smaller every month and is looking like a dinosaur
Monday Session you meet anyone who wants to play same for Tuesday.

Even if you’re clan is low on the scoreboard you will have the chance to meet the top 60 of the board it just depends on population now.

So yeah sometimes i even see almost bronze score clan in CW and then basicly if they beat us they are in bronze but if they lose they back to tin.

(im playing for lol in bronze to silver) dont realy compeet for gold league only been that 1 time so far.

The game has just changed a lot same for population in serten modes.

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Ok, so this is dream land here, but in a perfect world :slight_smile:

First I would have Arena and clan wars be able to pick which resource they want to play for when they join a match. Just like PvP and not scrap ever time like it is now. This change alone would promote people to want to play this mode more.

9k Arena would not get Ore at the end of the match when you win. CWs would stay the same as is and pay out on wins in the correct rank.

At the end of the week both leagues pay out the players in Ore. I would keep clan wars as is for the payout.

Arena would need to pay out buy player rank. The reason it would need to be by player rank is I would like to keep in the feature where you can join as a group or join as a single, or group of two and the game pairs you up with other random players.

I think keeping the ability to be able to make random teams would give clans missing one or two people in a season still a chance to play. Are the random teams going to get stomped? Well sure, but it still give you a chance to try without having to have a full team. Also, players would be paired by rank anyways, so once you got high enough you could random que and have a good chance of getting good people.

I would play something like this every time I got online if it was an option.


CW… half the variables of a normal pvp battle, twice the cost of entry, and twice the politics and win-trading if you want to actually make good uranium. Let alone the massive defrauding… sorry… deranking schemes. It’s still amusing to me that the most dumbed down non-PVE-purely mode in the game is what awards Uranium to begin with.

That said… this game is play 2 win, not pay 2 win. As evidenced by you putting 1200$ in and still getting your head handed to you repeatedly. Whereas I’m nowhere near that investment, have multiple sets of relics, and have made it to the summit of the CW pile before.

Beyond that… CW has always been wild west in regard to power score. If you have been around for “5 years” as you claim, you’d know that. You would have known that before you -entered- a CW match.

Wasn’t Clan Wars more lucrative years ago?
I could have sworn it was and I do remember changing it so you’d actually have to play in matches and not just be in a clan to get Uranium.

When clan wars first started it was one battle and done. Then you move in to the next.

This did make it so more teams could get Our because they would not be stuck in a battle of best 2 out of 3 when they knew they where against a team they where going to lose against.

Also, one thing that made a TON of money was “relic fragments” which would drop at random. I would never want this system back but I do remember sometimes a player would randomly get like 2-3 of these in a session and that would be an instant come up for them. But then you could have someone that played 3 times the games and didn’t get any.

This is very true, for me personally I have now put about $400 in this game over years and years of time played.

That $400 didn’t really get me anything.
I think the few things I like the most that I bought are a few of the CKs and lava paint :slight_smile: lol

At the time I bought the packs I did get a slight bump in coin or a pack item faster, but if I would have just waited a few days I could have just worked to get the coin to buy it on the market.

So besides saving a few days, I didn’t really gain much.

NOW with that said, if you are crazy enough and I have meet people in game that are, you can get a bunch of gear fast but it takes thousands of dollars all at one time, not spread out $100 here and $50 there. I have meet guys that have dropped 2 or 3 thousand dollars in a single night and they have done it more then one time to fuse relics.

I want to say that the highest I have heard was a buddy of mine says he has spent like $8,000 on XO.

So, when I hear people talk about how many pay to win guys are in this game, I just think that’s BS. Because most people don’t have the means or the stupidity to make this game pay to win. A couple hundred $ is not going to get you :poop:

P.S. also for people that think spending a few hundred dollars on a game over 5 or 6 years is a lot of money then you have bigger issues then getting gear in XO and may need to reconsider how you spend your time, but to each their own :slight_smile:

Didn’t you use to get your uranium after each match? Also, don’t you have to wait for a week to get it now and it’s like 12 pieces?