Using Cyclones

Just looking for feedback/explanation from experts -
I have build myself a light 2 x Cyclone build with a fused seal (+averter for janabi and one of cyclones) - and it peaks below 1800 damage on the damage meter before overheating. It has PS of 8.5k

I tested 3 x Adapter build at 6k from exhibition (bear cabin + Pu1) and damage meter is hitting 2100. Builds with a Flyw hit 2400.

So it seems much lower PS epic weapon that does not overheat and can fire forever is outdamaging a legendary while being easier to protect.
I felt forced to use an averter for at least one of the cyclones because they are size of a barn door and get stripped stupid fast.
Am I using them wrong?

Cyclones have explosive damage, which the meter doesn’t measure. That means they while their raw damage might be lower, their potential damage can be a lot higher.
Is there no way to get both on the averter? If not, you might be better off adding another seal, or possibly an oppressor to help the slow pivot speed.
Definitely consider running a keen radar, because you want to be able to pummel long range targets and harass snipers.
I’m not great at ACs, so I’m sure other forum members may have better advice.

Edit: adapters are underrated though, and I’m surprised more people don’t play them. I used them a lot before the perk change, and I’ve been itching to pick up a set again to see how they feel since the buff. I miss them! They used to be pretty flimsy, but I think I remember they got a durability buff since then.


I love to play cyclones. I have owned 3 fused ones for years.

What PS are you trying to play them at?

For me they are best on hovers with nova cab.

Also the adapter is a pretty sweet weapon.

8.5k PS - on jannabi cabin on wheels, I tried to use Harpy, but it seems explosion radius of Cyclones is not big enough to get a visible damage boost from harpys perk?
I also dont intend to fuse them - it takes a month of grinding to build one, so I would rather make another build then commit to this single one.

Kind of - by losing a lot of rotation freedom, Cyclones have HUGE butts and require tons of space around them. I also assumed cabin is worth protecting too - Cyclones arent precise enough to counter even Storms, so I expect to get alot of DMG flying towards my fast 1200 durability build.

I feel like they might be too big to be effective on a light cabin, but I am a fan of Jannabi and I’m curious if you can get the perk working with them.
Another possibility you might want to try is using them with Omniwheels, so that you can get both guns on the Averter, and use your strafing and pivoting to aim. Jannabi would not be a good choice for that though, as the perk can’t be activated on omniwheels.

I am pretty sure Rapid Fire MGs are the qwepon of choice for Jannabi, but I chose it for speed, power and nice shape. Rotation speed of Cyclones kind of prevents the perk from working - its neigh impossible to track target while drfting around it.

Possible - but given size and low durability I dont see them staying alive on a slow target, as of now I am slightly “hit and running” starting to fire before enemy contact to be at “full fire speed” and trying to hide after overheating. Or medium-distance sniping, but it is extremely situational :frowning:

You have to use the oppressor engine.

That would sacrifice the averter - and god damn - Cyclone is easier to strip than a rare shotgun cough (also av erter is protecting cabin + hot red). I will try though - but having close-combat light-cabin AC build will be a challenge. What PS is reasonable then? Epic cabin + Cyclone pushes me into 8-9k PS range.
Though I do have a 4k Sprinter-Cylcone build to participate in the cyrcus. Its no match for Borer builds.

I agree.
If you have some, stick some buggy wheels in there, as they’ll make your seal and oppressor a lot more effective. Mount them so you can fire sideways, and ideally far apart from each other so that they don’t interfere with each other and so that they don’t both get destroyed at the same time by explosives.

Averter is not needed for cyclones.

Also for a fast car cyclone put one cyclone on top of the cab or behind it and one in front of the cab so both guns can shot forward and to the sides.

I would also use Jade15 driver.


i just feel cyclones are a bit limiting for me. if i use a cyclone on my build i can be stupid vulnerable at close range (i literally cannot hit a small enemy at close range due to my cyclone not being able to tilt downwards to aim). i have my cyclone mounted on 2 porcs on top of my cab.

cyclones hurt alot though. in pve enemies just crumble apart. its surprising how fast they just melt from a single cyclone let alone 2. especially the lunatics, oh man do they fall apart.

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Imo if you have two cyclones and only one seal, then “favorite” is the best cab for you hands down. I still have my 9k version of said build on the playstation exibition. Small tracks are the best part for that build. Four tracks should be enough. A really solid strong build set up that pulls its weight.

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I prefer my cyclones side by side at the back of the cab personally.

Mounting one cyclone in front of the cab is only a good idea if your using wheels, as you will end up side fighting more. Parts that can reverse at full speed are much better off with cyclones mounted behind the cabin or to the sides.

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I also agree that mounting cyclones behind the cab is best, but we are trying to help this guy make a low PS wheel build. For some reason he does not want to make a hover or leg build.

Unless I’m trying to force cyclones to be played at low PS I would never use wheels with them.

I also like to use Nova cab with cyclones to block typhoon and scorp shots.

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… Tracks dude…

Because I dont have any hovers - but I do have 4 bigrams, I just feel one needs 6 to survive PvP as losing 1 out of 4 is death sentence. ALso - averter is meant as protection for cabin to a degree, it is sandwiched between cabin and hot red below Cyclone in the back.
Thats how it looks at the moment:

I am saving money for it - eventually.

How light do I have to build -its barely over 1k durability as it is :frowning: ?

My 9k quad small track cyclone build has 2.2k hp with a favorite cabin. Harpy will be a bit light on hp. When I use a harpy I usually try to use a mass engine. Especially if your useing cyclones.

I also forgot my favorite is fused for tonnage so I get just a lil more. So you may need two more small tracks for what your doing. With an unfused favorite you can still get close to 2khp with four small tracks. Adding two more tracks will push you towards, 9,500 and more armour will have you nearing 10k.

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Favorite on itself has even lower HP - but it will probably be worth it for the perk. Still - it feels Cyclones are not exactly overperforming even on 8.5k PS - so I am not sure how they deal with walker-canon and hover-scorpion builds that are very common in the PS.
Also - favorite is really slow - how is one expected do deal with shotgunners and rapid fire MGs? Cyclones soak damage like a wig in the rain.

they dont. scorpions can hit them from across the map cause they have such a big hit box. its pretty bad that cyclones have such a massive hitbox to. the mastodon has a ton of hp but if you get something on them like MG’s, more specifically arbiters, then they dont last long at all.