Varun nerf - how about banning macro players instead?

Title. Every Varun user I’ve met besides me was obviously using a macro. Maybe change the weapon so it’s not macro heaven, or actually do something about players cheating in your game, instead of destroying the weapon for legit players? ^_-

Yes? No? I’m a hover hating n00b? Discuss.


yes players that are good with varuns look like macro users because of how the varun operates, be happy it is gating a nerf and be done with it, (PS yeah, I can shoot like a “macro” users in the garage, you should um, try it out on exhibition, it is not that hard to just shoot at the same time over and over and over again, the gun literally encourages you to shoot even if you don’t hit anything, leading people to think “ahh they are using a macro, they are shooting when they cant even hit me” yeah no shit sherlock, THAT IS HOW THE PERK WORKS you keep firing even when you can’t hit anything)


Do you keep shooting in the sky at a perfect pace while getting wedged by an opponent and trying to shake him away? (^%
I play Varun, I know exactly how easy it is to keep it in synch. I also know I don’t bother with perfect firing when my life is at stake or there are no opponents around (at least to preserve ammo, you do not have to release the instant your shot is charged to keep the perk)

no you don’t have to release instantly to keep your shot perked, but why not? releasing sooner means you can shoot faster, you don’t point at a pro rocket league gamer and say they are hacking just because they hit the ball perfectly every time, you don’t point at a pro sniper in the lastest shooty shooty game and say they are hacking just because they are vary good at hitting headshots 99% of the time, which mind you, in my opinion, is MUCH harder then just doing the same reputative action over and over and over again, when you want to headshot something you dont always move your mouse over the same number of pixles, if this was a shooter, I would compare this to a stationary target, while you are also stationary, and all you have to do is click a button every 5 seconds exactly, if all you do is sit here and click the buttons every 5 seconds/ get punished for releasing it too early, in tell you, you will get really good at clicking the buttons every 5 seconds

and yes, if I played with varuns, I WOULD shoot the sky constantly to keep my perk up, if i was able to shoot, a macro does not allow you to shoot, your firing angle allows you to shoot, just because someone continues to shoot, does not mean they are a macro user, it means they are, keeping their perk up, and some sweats in this game, care about getting max damage, max perk, getting as good as they possible can, because this is a video game, and one thing that keeps some people interested, is, getting as good as you can, doing as much damage as you can, playing as good as you can etc

my point being, everything you can make an argument for all varun players being macro users, I can tell you a perfectly good example as to WHY anyone with half a brain would do the same thing based on reading the perk description, and after playing with the weapon for more then a few seconds… does this mean varun macro used don’t exist? no they probably exist, sure why not, making a macro is not hard, but considering how god damn hard it is to grind in this game, and how much MONEY people spend in a game like this, do you think people are willing to risk having their account banned? after spending literally thousands of hours, getting their inventory, now think about that, and think, ok, how many varun players probably use macros, yeah, probably less then 1% are using macros because you have to be a complete dimwit to risk loosing all your progress over something so small, something so, insignificant as “I want to shoot perfectly 100% of the time” personally, I will be more then happy shooting perfectly 95% of the time, and I’m happy to miss a shot when I sneeze and fling my mouse off my desk because, I’m only human

Yeah, everybody’s legit and a pro gamer, that’s why Targem made plasma emitters automatic. Because nobody was macroing with them :roll_eyes:

it does not take a pro gamer to click and release a button at a set interval, that is the point I was trying to make, if the interval does not change, it becomes “muscles memory” after you play with it for a while, click, hold, release, repeat, click, hold, release, repeat. not that hard if you need to use macros to achieve this, you probably have some seriously underlying mental conditions, or extremely lazy, or you are a rich mans son that does not care about loosing their account

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Are you arguing that macros have never been used in the history of gaming, or XO, to obtain an advantage? I don’t think you’ll go very far with this.

Anyway, it’s not hard to determine. perfect inputs are simply impossible for a normal human, and many TAS runs are debunked using the raw input. Targem could very easily crack down on macros instead of tweaking emitters and demolishing varuns.

pro gamers aren’t just clicking and releasing at set intervals, they have to click nd release and move the mouse around at undetermined intervals based on what they can see, they have to actively use the information provided on screen to make split second decisions, shooting with a varun at a set pace, does not require this, other aspects of crossout require this, like map control, and positioning, and aim, honestly with varuns you can just spam them so fast that who cared if you dont hit the enemies guns every shot, just shoot again

i never implied any of what you just said, you should go back and read what i said very carefully otherwise you are about to dig yourself into a hole of stupidity that you wont bee able to get back out of my friend

here is the exact quote your looking for

Then what is wrong with cracking down on users who cheat (macros are banned last time I checked)? Why so angry about this suggestion? :face_with_monocle: Why the insults and aggressivity? Are you trying to expose yourself as a cheater, or what? I don’t get it.

when did I insult you? when did I get aggressive? I’m just laying down facts I don’t even fing own varuns but I have talked to people on both sides of the argument and I conclude, YES you can use macros to shoot varuns, and NO their is not a big advantage for doing so, your just risking looking 2000 hours of gameplay, down the drain
so I used my 20 IQ points and concluded that, what is happening here is that, players who use varuns properly, look like they are using macros because they are using the weapon properly, you wouldent, point at me with my arbiters and say I have wall hacks because i was “pre firing around the wall” would you? well no because doppler exists but that is beside the point, the perk of the arbiter is that you can spin it up, and do extra damage after 7 seconds of constant firing, you can also shoot for a long time with arbiters so maybe, here’s a crazy idea, instead of jumping to the concluding that “I’m using wall hacks” maybe jump to the concluding that, when a scorp hover tried to peak at me, maybe I want to hit him with 150% extra damage rather then just base damage

now if you see someone shooting a corvo at lightning fast speed, like, emptying their entire clip in a single BUUURRRTT burst, please report them because they are using macros, know how I know this? because you cant click physically click button fast enough to shot 6 corvo clips shots in a single second, and if you see someone with 4 corvos attached to separate buttons, and they are shooting each corvo at a different time one after another, they are probably macroing, and before you accuse me of macroing with corvos, I don’t own those either
and maybe, if you see someone on varuns, alternate firing, like left click hold release right click hold release, and well, doing that super fast, MAYBE they are macroing because, that is hard to do trust me, I would be hella sus of they were alternate firing

like by all means crack down as hard as you want on macro users, but it wont solve your problem that’s my point, vaun players will still be good at using vauns, just like how a scorp can take your guns from across the other side of the map

… Given the level of the average scorp user out there, I’ll keep assuming varuns who roboticly perfect fire at max rate for no reason through 98% of the game are macro users and not living gods who have carpal tunnels of steel (^%

I’m not reading the rest of your angry rant, you’re spamming way too hard lol. See you in the wastelands.

the reason

yeah, people like to shoot fast, more pew pew = more damage, simple enough for ya?

seriously I mentioned this already but apparently you are too thick headed to understand that, this is a VERY good reason to do the thing that you are saying their is no reason to do

look why don’t you test your theory before suggesting that macro users aren’t getting banned, make a new account, buy a varun from a pack and play the thing with macros and see how long you last, just, keep playing until you get banned, and if you don’t get banned, then make a post highlighting the ISSUE that you have PROVEN to be an ISSUE, this is what I would do if I cared
hell make a YouTube documentary on it, prove or disprove your own theory, I would personally be very interested in the outcome

I honestly think that the Varun is strong enough even without using a macro and I don’t think using a macro is even that prevalent among its users. The timing to release the shot is lenient enough and at least for me, the rate of fire feels quite nice and easy to use well.

But sure, let’s just say that most players use a macro. My suggestion? Make the perk shorten the time before the bolt can be released while making the base time with no stacks longer. Then make the perk stack on hits and lose a stack on a miss. That should either mess with a macro user enough not to use the macro, or make them use a macro that keeps shooting at the lower rate of fire, lowering their maximum DPS.

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Right. I assume anyone using a Varun or Assembler well is cheating with at least a macro. Macros also make a huge difference for tap fire weapons Punisher and Aspect. Macros allow max and perfect damage on these weapons with a single cooling module so there is three points of energy for whatever a player wants.

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