Vehicle corpses in Missions make no sense!

Cobras and Pythons destroy Cabins! So why is the Cabin still sitting there?
Push a Cabin into the Acid and it gets destroyed!
Turrets kill Cabin, Cabin is gone, Frames fall off, all Parts attached to Frames fall off, thus no Burning Corpse!
When a Melee wrecks a vehicle very little is left. When Turrets and other auto aim weapons destroy the Cabin then it should be erased from the map!
When you self-destruct, nothing remains!
Park on top of an enemy while my Turrets destroy him and previously, I would end up on my wheels!
Now I am on top of a corpse and have to back off of it, leaving me vulnerable for extra seconds!
If the Cabin is destroyed, then nothing should remain!

We should have little drone corpses around too. As much as they bug me it’s really not a huge deal. The one thing I like is if the corpse has a active generator it’s still actively explosive.


I like vehicle wrecks because they offer very good dynamic cover. I like that I can use an enemy to block his teammate, because this is what happens IRL in combat and it opens up some cool tactics like taking out the trailing and leading vehicles to stop the entire convoy.
Furthermore, wedges will stay stuck if they kill somebody on top of them.


I love corpses in missions.

+1 dev team


They look great, keep the game interesting with how they provide cover, and help control the effectiveness of wedges and dogs.

Good job devs!

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You the know effect what corpses are having, Hovers are now getting free kills on all the ground based builds that are either stuck on a corpse or got a corpse blocking their way. Just another obstacle to slow down the already slow track builds so they can become victims to hovers who can now use these corpses as cover on top and also using it to slow the ground based builds. Corpses are giving hovers a even bigger advantage.

I don’t see how the wreckages give hovers an advantage. My hover build has gotten snagged on them many times, while my slower auger build doesn’t seem to have much trouble just pushing through them. Not to mention that hovers can’t use them as cover very effectively, because they fly too high.
The only builds that are impacted more negatively than others are ones that rely on contact: lancers, wedges, and dogs.

buddy i just played a few matches and got stomped by shotgun hovers using the corpses as cover. Regular pvp and i was facing clan players and they are using these corpses as cover. Hovers are now easier then ever to control so the already skilled hover players are circling around these corpses with pin point accuracy. You might get stuck on them but the good players ain’t

Doesn’t sound like the problem is the wreckages then, as it’s more the movement capabilities of hovers that are bothering you.
Shotgun hovers (or whatever) would be killing you just as easily without the wreckages.

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it’s both. Corpses are adding to the problem no arguing about it, it is all one perfect storm of extra speed, better maneuverability of hovers since update and corpses. Trust me these hover dudes are using corpses as cover and it is easier for them to do that cause hovers are now easier to control.

As someone who plays all movement parts, I do not agree that hovers get any advantage from wreckages.
Keep in mind that my favourite builds are compact fast wheeled builds. When I play those, I can really take advantage of the wrecks, as I’m small and low enough to actually hide behind them, and fast enough to get there before anyone else.
I’m enjoying the speed of fast hovers, but they still feel slow compared to my wheeled builds.

And honestly, omniwheels are currently more maneuverable than hovers: faster, can change directions quicker, and can instantly stop to shoot without any movement penalty. The only reason they’re not more popular is that too many people never gave them a chance previously, so they’re not as able to quickly take advantage of the massive buff they just got.

omni wheels are better now but hovers are way more manuverable. They accelerate faster and when you got a corpse in your way when using the omnis you got to back up while being a sitting duck. When hovers encounter a corpse they can instantly circle around it without worrying about being a sitting duck.

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and problem is even worst for armored tracks and what not, just being sitting ducks while it takes half an hour to back away from the corpse

You’re playing omniwheels wrong if that’s what’s happening to you.
Now you can do the same circling moves on omniwheels, but with much more control and no sliding. Acceleration is great if you’re using a fast cabin and golden eagle (as long as you don’t use too many wheels).
Hell, I’ve even been out-driving hovers on a heavy quad auger build. You just need to think like a hover player, and take advantage of the stability of ground-based strafing parts.

there is more movement parts besides omnis and hovers

the corpses do have a hughe negative effect say for example someone using goliaths. Say they just killed someone now they got a corpse either on them preventing them from moving or in the way and now it is gonna take a super long time to pick up the acceleration to get away from mr shotgun hover ganker. It was bad enough without the corpses but corpses are a living hell for track users.

You’re moving the goalposts.
Goliaths have always had problems outside of low/mid PS, which is why I don’t play them.
And besides, the advantage of tracks is full speed reverse, which should be all you need to deal with a wreckage in front of you.

Tracks and augers are still probably the weakest movement parts, but I still see lots of tracks builds at a wide PS range. And the few people playing augers are often doing quite well on them. High learning curve, but people who are skilled on them can be quite dangerous.

Are they CW worthy? I’m not sure I really care, since that’s not what we’re talking about.

That ain’t it. It is still gonna take a long time to get out of the way of the wreckage while your a sitting duck for faster builds. Goliaths always had problems and now they got even more problems to rub salt in the wound.

It is also a buff for mandrake/heather builds, cause their more sitting ducks on the map blocked by corpses to shoot at, weither its bots stuck on top of corpses or regular players slowed down by or stuck on a corpse. Wish I had a dollar for every time i got mandraked right after having someone stuck in my face just after them dying. I’m just stating the effects this new corpse update is having on the game, all the stuff i had stated earlier is indeed now happening ever since the update. Devs should at least give the option to blast the corpses out of the way or something cause when your stuck your stuck nothing you can do about it.

If a wreck was made via cabbing an enemy then just shoot the wreck in the cab and it disapears pretty fast.

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