We need more “PvP mission” game modes

We have been asking for new permanent “PvP mission game modes” for years… NOT “brawls”!

How many years is it going to take?

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I still think it would be neat to have some type of PVP raid.

I’m not going to disagree, that does sound fun… BUT that’s not a “PvP Mission”

We have been asking for new game modes for year, and when I say game modes I mean “PvP MISSIONS”

Then they always come out with an update and say something like “Hey guys, we have been listening and are bringing you a new game mode!!!” Then it’s a damn brawl! And everyone in like “Thanks… we didnt ask for that.”

We have had the same mission game modes forever…

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I think that’s because every other PVP mission mode they’ve given has turned into forget about the objectives and just brawl.

They can build modes in a way that reward players more for completing objectives.

And that honestly that’s a lame excuse for not making the game better.

what do you mean by “PvP Missions” specifically? All I can imagine is those dailies like “Shoot of 20 parts 0/5”

I’m not trying to make excuses for them it’s just what I hear players say. Why go fight over 3 bases just kill them in the middle and the like…

Things they could get away with easy would be part restrictions and rarity restrictions but that isn’t really a new mode in itself. On top of that it’s just splitting the player pool between the haves and have nots then too.

What kind of objectives? I don’t think players would be happy with placing AI turrets or defenses. Plus adding PVE type of content really just makes it more like a raid anyway. Target destruction is a possibility but that goes back to the point on PVE content.

Capture and keep a flag or capture and return a flag is a possibility. I.e. zero base capture. To change flag holders between teams the flag holder has to be destroyed… You could have 2 ways of scoring with the return method.

I’d like a PVP mode on a bigger map where we have to defend territory. Basically each team would try to move capture ranges of territory until they capture the enemy base.

How would you mark the captured territory? Like raise a flag or something kind of like turning on a generator?

This Monkey has a point, and new Raids too

Monkey talking about the get wires, get scrap, get batteries those are PVP Missions

Yeah but these for the most part other than PS entry and level restrictions are all the same other than reward type.

I still wouldn’t mind seeing some type of hardcore limited ammo for everything pvp mode where you can scramble over ammo drops at given intervals random locations on the map.

So you are asking for Premium rounds like in world of tanks? No TY.

Did I say I wanted premium rounds… No… Just regular ammo drops that maybe parachute into the battle map.

i think death match be fun whit respawns not end when u die. and if respawn is added objective based pvp become possible not jus kill al or cap.

but. do we have enough player for that. because now bots in missions not make game better. and if u split players more mean more bots in missions

That could work, or even just outnumbering the enemy in that zone.

That could get difficult as players get killed off… How does the territory capture play into the base capture too?

Good point: I was thinking of games that have respawn and territory capture.
Maybe turning on a generator might make sense.

one MILLION years! mwuhahahahaha!!
in all seriousness though i wish they wouldve kept the dronpocalypse and had something similar to the chrtistmas event from last year.
i also had an idea of a pvp mode called “defend the base” where you work together with your team mates to fight and defend your base from enemy players trying to attack it and take it over. theres a time limit but its a capture the base kind of pvp mission mode. if you defend your base till the time runs out you win. it has infinite respawns to.

yeah im tired of temporary brawls, we need permanent things already! :unamused:

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AKA Territory control - which can be a game mode in pvp missions.

Or King of the hill would be a one sided version of that.

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Soooo… I normally hate brawls.

but I think they got this brawl event perfect.
The rewards where worth fighting for and the game mode was pretty good.

So why don’t they replace crappy brawls that are in rotation with ones that worked from the past?

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