Weapon ideas, but for lols

Let’s have some fun, let’s think up new weapon ideas that are outlandish, stupid, weird, crazy etc that most likely will never be in the game.

Drone revolver, 6 shot revolver that shoots tiny Yaoguai style drones, six of them, each of them delivering only 1 shot before self destructing. Huge weapon model


net cannon , 3 second timer like kapkan but doesnt work like a mine , set net radius kinda like a fire puddle

sub terrain missle , target seeking but hits builds from below

oil slick , watch your enemies clumsily slide about as they try to push forward

The toxic bubble blower. I’ve asked for this before.

It sprays a brief volley of bubbles that bounce and roll about randomly for a period and then explode when they time out, or if an enemy collides with them, like a clownish mine-layer. They should probably make a silly sound as they bounce about, and only be mildly effected by gravity. They could even be magnetic and bounce slowly towards enemy targets, like a middle ground between Fuze drones and mines.

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Skinner variants:
1 - Two shots. The second shot ties your targets together
2- Heated cable. The cable is white hot and cuts through parts, dealing low damage and heating up parts.

Legendary melee, Jackhammer. Gets charged as you speed around, releases on contact. Biiig impulse… if you’re heavier than the target.

Hwacha, Epic Firestarter rocket launcher. Fires a huge volley of fire arrows. Basically a spike shooting Cricket.

Quark plasma beam. 6 energy hitscan reloading weapon with ammo. The reload is relatively fast, the damage mediocre, but accuracy and range are very good for a hitscan. If you shoot a Quasar or Pulsar ball with it, it explodes massively. Unreal anyone?

Frag grenade dispenser. Clic once, spray a bunch of frag grenades all around you. Damage is nasty, but it’s impossible to aim, the reload is atrocious, and it’s mainly AoE, meaning mostly devastating against armor. Basically an ability.

Disruptive rocket. Sticks to your build and pushes madly. Have fun, hovers.

I like it. Make it look similar to the rocket balloons!

Reminds me of the old spy hunter arcade game. Good stuff!

This is the kind of silliness I wish there was just a little more of in the game. Not a huge amount, but just enough humor to make it silly.

I give you the mentally ill version of the caucus.


It’s a simple mortar type weapon but instead of firing a shell, it fires the remains of dead animals. Lower Rarity versions would fire Chipmunks and squirrels. Epics would fire large land mammals like a cow. The Relic launches a dead sperm whale.

It does very little actual damage, but temporarily covers your enemies screen with blood splatter so they cannot see what they are doing.

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If the south park creators started making gun ck’s for crossout.

Im still waiting on my relic melee ball and chain weapon.

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Up next, the Duckannon


No no, not like that.

From the outside, it looks like a regular old turret Cannon but with a little tiny duck firing it.

Instead of firing shells, it fires a little disco ball duck that attaches itself directly to the roof of your enemy’s rig.

Again, this doesn’t do much damage, but it starts playing very loudly for everyone to hear the world’s most annoying song. Disco Duck by Rick Dees and his band idiots.

Plus, too, and also…

The disco ball duck lights up incredibly bright shooting beams of light out in all directions making it impossible for you to hide - even showing your position on ALL enemy radar… as a duck, of course.



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Instant win 2-shot single shot shotgun
1st shot at the enemy instantly strips his weapons and movement parts, the second shot at the same enemy just instantly kills them

15 energy crossbow that deals 400 damage per shot and has less impulse than a median, needs you to charge your shots by playing a rhythm game and then you have 0.1 second window to shoot your shot or else your team instantly looses the fight. When you install it to your car you get +100 ping automatically

Gun that uses crosscrowns as ammo

Cabin that has a monthly subscription and you can only buy the blueprint for it, and the parts you need to craft it aren’t coming out until next year and will only be sold in deluxe packs

Ya, you say that like you’re joking, but be warned the developers might actually do something like that.
I once suggested a launchable drone because I thought drones were too lazy already and was I being sarcastic. Now we have that.

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It would be great if there were a toxic (radio) or ice (freezing) fraction in the game and associated equipment, such as weapons, ice weapons that would slow down enemies and their reloading, or toxic weapons that would have the effect of glowing weapons only in the form of green toxic acids

One of the canons used to kinda’ freeze you when it hit you. I forget which one.

The auto-autocannon, think of a Caucasus, but an autocannon version, but since it is double auto, it does not even need to lock on, it’ll target enemies and shoot at them by itself

The M.F.G.I.T.G.
Stands for Most Fun Gun In The Game, it’s a new relic weapon, that is something completely new that has never been seen before, will never be seen in weapons of lower rarities, and on top of all that is super fun to use, and super efficient, and never obtainable for most players. In fact it is so much fun, that if you don’t own it, you can’t even test it out in the exhibition even

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Leviathan Clan Wars, anyone? :laughing:

Leviathan drone
Deploys the leviathan from the cradle of steel pve thing. Sadly it has the intelligence of a regular fuze

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How about they let us use the stuff from the garage. Whats wrong with adding the Plasma ring and jump pads as mines in the game?

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Apparently a lot of things as they added invisible walls to everywhere in bedlam, making the jump pads in bedlam absolutely useless, almost all of them are in front of places off limits by invisible walls, where you used to be able to get onto

Actual missions I can understand, but Bedlam? Why even have them in there in the first place at this point?

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im sure the cry babies are to thank for that

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Common tier caucasus that permanently disables your co driver.

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