Weapons BoP and last Update changes

Hi, i will try to be friendly but to be honest i am really upset with the last update.

At first i wasnt one of the testing people at the servers but i have read their comments and i see the problems wetre mentioned from these players/ testers and Gaijin just didn´t care about it.

Inceniators, Blight, Tsunami went long time bad weapons and now they are killed. Inceniators (mine are tuned with 25% bigger range) Build now a bunch of spots of little firespots. No idea how that should happen but if i throw a bottle on the flor it gets a spot of the liquid and not 3-5 spots… And by the way cabins are not heating up anymore if you do not hit the build directly - how is that? i thought steel is good thing to transport heat…

Blight is a thing you have enjoyed allways for inceniators, well now its on some maps a real challenge to get that at advantage once per match - and you fuckin need it! Well our nicely devs screwed up this advantage because of other fireweapons are really to strong… No idea of logic. and i think i was reading that also in the testserver reviews… No reaction…

Tsunamis - yeah the reloadtime is faster but if 2 Tsunamis fully loaded make less damage then 2 Executioners just shooted around - where is the sense of this change?

Hey Devs, you changed almost all weapons blind just for numbers, ignored the tester and you are still proud of your work? Nice… Get someone to fix your heads - i am sorry. No serious programmer would change such a huge amount of things in this stadium of the game - its not a alpha anymore - well at least i thought so. And the worst thing, all these update changes did the completely different effect. Firebuilds are still very competitive, Autocanons are the King on the map and MGs got a ridicolous Damageeffect on wide distances. Give that BoP stuff to people with some feeling for it. The last changes went for 80% bad and splittet the BoP more.

Oh and this Parser Shotgun is also a nice thing. Shots with the Power of a Tsunami, on up to about 130m and reloads in the half of the time… Nice one! Oh and dont talk about the advantage you have in building and aming because of the size of this weapon.

You guys are allways talking about “adjustments” - Sorry since 1-2 years it feels like you do not adjust but you do change numbers in the hope to get the expected effect.

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There were about two months before Supercharged 2.0 came out that I could not stop playing this game. It was a riot.

If they played their own game, they would have noticed they were in a fortunate sweet spot that was probably difficult to engineer and prehaps was just lucky. Then maybe they wouldn’t have turned it all upside down. IDK.

If they wanted to allow flying things, all they had to do was let people flip boosters vertically (which they still haven’t done?), lift the ban on reaper-copters, fix invisible walls, and bring us bigger maps. Us players would have managed the rest cheerfully.

Instead they decided to literally go through every inch of this game, changed everything from the damage mechanics to the menus, and added an unnecessary level of complexity nobody was asking for, and is surely more difficult to work with as a developer…and is maybe why it isn’t running so great, and they are going from a record breaking high population to flirting with a record breaking low population.

Note: Those numbers (Steam) are a bit sketchy in veracity.

They made things much worse for themselves over the last year, probably, but while I haven’t seen this game run so bad for so long (all year), hopefully they can pull it together. I doubt they’ll stop tinkering with it, and maybe they’ll get it together. I’ve seen it be better, so I guess it could happen again, but maybe because they’ve increased the complexity of the game it’ll…IDK.

I got burned out about half way through that excuse for their schit. I don’t have an answer. Wish I did.


im not happy about the blight nerf either. the damage boost nerf on top of the required distance needed to boost your weapons damage. ive tried it in pve and in the event brawl and it does so bad its not even worth running anymore. the boost nerf is very noticable and the distance is just… awful…
how they can fix it is make it so anything above epic needs more distance to be covered to activate the ability.

I can understand your side. But the Devs told they nerfed it because of Draco and Remedy firelauncher. Thats the case why i tell its not right to nerf the blight. If you have a hurting hand you wont apply a bandage on your head. But that is what here was done in my eyes. They should reduce the damage power of draco and remedy if its really to strong, that i cant confirm. I guess some hovers have complained at this position but on the other side they are funny dancing over fire puddles, like they are not there.

For the Distance thing: Why doesnt have a Photon cabin to drive a meter for more damage with energy weapons? Thats not a straight thing of doing a BoP and there is the point where you are right. It does not follow a line for the different weapon classes epic, relic and so on.

the remedies are laughably weak and you need 3 to do even decent damage. i know this because ive used them in the past and they suck. even a rare machinegun and autocannon beat them, fricken RARES! on top of that the omamori is a thing to which makes remedies even worse.
dracos do way to much damage and they even have them fused in the event, or had them fused in the event, i forget if its still up, but they had them.
the ones that are broken with the blight is the relic firebugs, the damage they do is absolutely ridiculous. ive always said that fire is broken in crossout, but if the FLAMETHROWER weapons are being that troublesome then why not make it so the blight gives less of a bonus with FLAMETHROWERS instead of anything else?

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Is this the complain about Firedog nerf thread? Because if it is, I have some complaints:

I play 2Firebug Flash Blight and 2Firebug Draco on Hermit wheels.

The Blight green fire perk takes forever to charge now. This is a huge loss in DPS in a sustained firefight. In addition, Flash has been nerfed much worse than originally thought.

Originally Flash was supposed to lose half of its stun lock perk and gain DPS. I measured the Flash DPS on the damage meter this morning. For 1 Flash I hit 735 damage. I used to hit 715 damage before the change. That’s only a 2.7 percent damage buff. The loss in slowing is also extremely noticeable when running down a hover.

Apart from eating mines and messing up overheat and reload on weapons, I’m not sure what Flash is supposed to do any more. It was the best relic on the game a long time ago, but it appears that its best days are behind it.

If Firedogs are nerfed from both their DPS and Flashiness, the game will become even more campy than it already is. I get tired of plodding spider battles where everyone sits in their bubbles and takes pot shots at each other. We need firedogs to keep the pace of battles moving.

Similarly, Remedies made 9K less of a degunning war and more of an interesting format. If they are nerfed, there will be nothing besides Cyclones Destructors and Athenas.

Why nerf dogs?


I don’t understand if they were doing too much damage why they didn’t just nerf each one 5% (or less), see how it works in game.

I wondered wtf when I played my incinerator build the other day. I have used the same build for nearly 3 years. Used to MVP pretty regular with it. It was my go to fuel earner. Now it regularly scores 300-500 IF team mates actually kill enemies that get heated.

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i am with you guys. Espacially with “PatentsPending” Meaning. I dont understand the change of all the weapons if 1 or 2 have issues in their eyes. As i told if your Hand hurts you wont put a bandage on your head. Thats what was done.

In my eyes without knowing what happens. And as you mentioned, somehow much more change as it was tested - so far i could read it. I wasnt testing and sorry dear devs - if you ignore what the players tell. Dont count on it, that someone will test that stuff in the future. You are going to stand alone there. The players will know it is time spend for the nuts the next time… sadly

Sorry, they knew I was getting my seconded Incin back so they had to nerf the F out of the blight so that way I would have to consider what else to build torwards…I haven’t run my Firebug since drop I expect it’s in simliar shape as ya’lls

The Tuber BurningPeak called them out on game being Pay to Win (https://youtu.be/IIWKT_g4mdw?si=egkkgiuQss3wF9jc).

Which is totally the case they mess with the fomula’s in each battle pass to use non craftable stuff the new generator is a total nut punch, two steelwinds and two thor generators and still needing more resources to build it talk about money grabs… Where’s the dear john letter our new owners want more money…Only good things in new drop I like is the Buff to the Reaper and Ghost cab perk getting fixed…

How is buffing the Tsunamis killing them? …lol

BTW a single incin one-shots any build with a light gen or gas tanks with blight and farms bots better than any weapon in the game from behind cover without the giveaway sound of mandrakes or heathers. Did you forget about this undeniable fact?

And a parser doesn’t do anywhere near the damage of a tsunami. This is just another whine thread with 50% generic complaining and 50% exaggeration about YOUR weapons that got nerfed.

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I’ve played a fair amount of fire weapons over the years, and it was a real problem that all of them were so much more effective with Blight. The boost it provided was too much, and that’s coming from someone who spent a decent amount of coin to buy one.

Having said that, I expect they will be monitoring the data after this change, and potentially buffing individual weapons.

I’m not sure that blight needed a nerf to the cooldown distance, but let’s remember that Bigfoots and cheetah can reduce that distance significantly. Yes, I know that many of us no longer use Bigfoots for dog builds, so that does mean we have to decide if we want better speed/handling or a shorter cooldown. That seems fair to me.

For the last year I have barely used my remedy/draco/blight build, and that was because it was so strong it was becoming boring to play.

OK, so the Blight Cabin is old, all those Weapons are old. They ruin old things, so you are forced to get new things. I like my old things. I like my old Call Cabin and my old Turrets, and I make them work. Lower your Power Score. I play Turrets at 4800 and I am death on wheels. I play Turrets at 8000 I am weak little kitten who has to get lucky. Or get new stuff and make it death on movement items. They have ruined or nerfed everything I have ever desired, usually right after I obtained them. So, I stopped desiring new things and play with my old things, things I had from the very beginning. They cannot nerf my old stuff any lower now. My old things will not even cross their minds. Use balanced or weak weapons and cabins and you will be untouched by nerfs. My old Ghost Cabin got a rework, sounds like a buff, only time will tell.

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I tried my 9kPS remedy/draco/blight build today to see how bad the nerf is, and I got an unyielding badge on my first match, and an MVP on my second.

Seems like it’s still pretty strong.

The build was on hermits, but the cooldown of the blight perk was still short enough that it was usually recharged by the time I found another victim.

The nerf is definitely not hurting my build in any significant way. Only real problem is that the Draco keeps running out of ammo before the end of the match (which I could fix with an epic ammo pack, but probably won’t, as the build is intended primarily for confrontation mode).

You know another way they say a big FU to players who uses wheels??? Snow and ice! We spend all year perfecting our muscle memory in our old, tired and worn-out hands and forearms and then for so many weeks we can’t drive because snow! My playstyle relies heavily on ramming enemy while I have my power boost. But are Hovers affected? Are Copters affected? Are Grinders affected? Omnis? Gerrida? I will never know because I play Wheels! Like day one! Leave the traction alone and just add the visual! Stop messing with my traction! PTW, buy Hovers, buy the Pack with the Orb Wheels, screw regular wheels, low player base, I wonder why. When you can’t drive your vehicle in a vehicle combat game, SMH.
I get a sand map and right back to 6 kill assists and a Passive Melee Weapon Patch!
Snow map, miss every ram attempt at least once and have to loop around for second try where I am exposed to additional enemy fire for no reason except snow!
Well, I did just get 8/8 kills or assists on a snow map, but it was very difficult!

Now, comes the long queue times at 5000 power score, which forces me to 8000 power score because low player base.

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ok bud, you can brag about that when your aim is as good or better then the bots pinpoint accuracy aiming. people dont just run slow ass builds, most people run fast get-in-your-face builds. how is the incinerator going to “one shot” them if they are faster then the damage build up? even if its blighted incinerators it will not make a difference. i seen people shrug them off even with a direct hit, plus the cabin exists for making itself immune to heating for a duration.

and did you forget the fact that incinerators have an arc that they can see? yeah them gas cans arent invisible ya know. i run / ran incinerators ALOT so i know what im taking about. stealth is the key for using them.

i dont think cheetah does anything for the blight perk. and bigfoots with incinerators? thats a horrible combo ngl.

be a paperweight :rofl:
in all seriousness though its only really good for defense. popping mines, porcs and missiles. not really sure what else there is for it to be useful for.

yeah, this is the major downside to it now. on hovers it charges so slow its not worth using the perk more then once. and idk but i feel like the fire puddle size from the incinerators have shrank a bit. i noticed in the event that the fire puddle seemed very small and didnt hit enemies all that well anymore. idk if they nerfed the size or something but it wasnt to effective.

i cant tell much more. The BOP is shit - you guys tell me the same with many other parts. My money will stick to my pocket and i hope you devs are lucky with it! Even the ingamereports or messages here get ignored like the testing players advice… your fault! loose your players with that OP Hovercrap and the mass of unbalanced weapons and combinations of weapons, modules and moving parts. i am done. you lost a player which fuckin bought that game while it was early access.

They were OP. Just zoom up to a guys bumper and kill him in <10 seconds while he’s got no counterplay at all after you are on him. What a wonderful niche when anybody not playing shotguns/hitscan has to spend upwards of 30s maneuvering and shooting to even degun somebody, when all you gotta do is hug their bumper for 10 seconds and there’s nothing they can do!
“Just use verifier” Meme module outside voice chat unless your niche is hunting & killing dogs. The effort req’d to counter dogs vs. use them is so assymmetric.

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thats basically all it is. get in someones face, shoot their weapons off, shotgun them till their dead.
or in the case of flamethrowers just face hug till dead. its mostly why i stopped playing pvp, its gotten so tiring and repetitive that i dont want to be bothered with it anymore. its all just the same uninspired builds, meta builds and get-in-your-face builds that really irritate me. theres weapons in pvp that you cant even use in pvp because some idiot in a shotgun build sees you and runs at you like your made of candy. some builds have no defense against that and end up losing their weapons faster then they are able to score points. shotguns and fire builds are the worst builds to come across and even in events i seen these builds show up just running up and shotgunning peoples weapons off while the shotguns are unfairly hidden behind their cabins with tiny hitboxes (yes im looking at you maces).

fire builds are worse because of the damage they can do. heating parts AND doing increased damage. on top of that the blight perk was BROKEN for firebugs. still they shouldnt have nerfed blight because of that. they shouldve nerfed the perk depending on the weapon rarity.


Exactly why I don’t participate in confrontation or PVP anymore. And I am not willing to join in on the “meta” build or play style game play. Uninspiring. Many others feel the same .