Wedging is still a thing
Let that sink in

Wedges should still be a thing.
Let that sink in.

Ok… enough of me trying to sound edgy :slight_smile:

But really, they should never completely remove wedges.

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Funny, I was just thinking about how I rarely see wedges anymore, except for a few bots.

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It’s not like it was before.

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Most shotgun builds I see now are boxy looking things build for circling enemies.
Don’t love the way they look, but the playstyle is closer to how I tend to play them.


I’ve tried them a few times since they were nerfed. They’re still fun, but nah…

And I don’t enjoy the circling & firing thing all that much, so I don’t use my shotties like that (no shame if you do - do what works, right?) None of the 3 shotgun builds are wedges nor circling blocks. They’re both just regular old boring 4 wheeled rigs. They do just fine.

Of course, now that I’m considering it, I’m willing to bet I’d do better if I used omnis. LOL

Looks like a drawback from the fumbling to singularity wheel buff is that wedging is more of a nuisance again, especially when playing tracks

They did get lifted off the ground a lot in the past, but only by other tracks 9/10 times. But now it feels like every wheeled build can lift my barely able to move and rotate maximum power fused tank builds once again

Wedges should always be a part of the game.

With the power nerf when your under a car and getting stuck on wreckage I feel like you have a risk vs reward situation going on now that seem balanced.

I’m not sure if you were around in the old days, but for years you could have been carried away like a piece of paper and dragged across the battlefield at full speed.

I think wedges are effective, but when your stuck under a car the rest of the enemy team has a chance to smash your face in.

Be sure to stay near your team, then when you get wedged you still might die but there is a good chance your team can take advantage of them being stuck.

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Still from time to time it feels like only one of your tracks is lifted off of the ground due to wedging and realistically you should be able to still move off of the enemy, but can’t because of some wonkiness with the wedge fix itself of just physics in this game, or the wedge simply still moving, somehow canceling any movement you try to make even though you think you could move.

Like for example I get wedged from the side, all the tracks on the right side of my build are up in the air, but the left side tracks are still in contact with the ground as far as I can see. The power drain is in effect on the car that is wedging, yet it can still move slightly forward, slowly pushing me along the ground at a snails pace like 5 km/h.

Realistically I should be able to simply reverse, or drive forward, the left side still making contact with the ground, and slide off of the wedging vehicle, no structural parts underneath getting stuck on the wedges own structure, but instead I can’t move at all and instead slowly slide along the ground, pushed by the wedge vehicle

I don’t know if you are supposed to have traction on the left side tracks like this, or if I end up at just the correct angle where the game won’t register them making proper contact with the ground even if it looks like that, but it really feels at that point like your build is slowly getting chewed up for no good reason

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I’m not disagreeing with that.

But, this games physics engine sucks.

What we have now is better then being pushed at 120kmh all the way across the battlefield like your weightless.

What we have now is a compromise, it’s not perfect, but it’s better.

I think we currently have the less of two evils.

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now imagine new player, who use for example omni wheels who can drive back same speed as forward, beeing bumped by firedog, and suddenly for no reason they drive back slower. So their logic is broken since they think should drive even faster with beeing pushed by firedog. They get confused and dont know whats going on.

“Crossout physics”

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Yeah, Crossout physics are broken.

No mater what they do it will just be a bandaid on the real problem, which is they need a new physics engine.

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I actually can’t believe you just said that. I don’t get it. How is it only true when you say it, but if I say it, then it’s “Just like in real life, you need to accept the way things are and build accordingly,” rather than “Ya, this game needs an update?”

It’s always true when anyone says it.

But, since they are not going to ever get a new engine you have to adapt to what we have.

This above statement is correct.

We all need to accept that any change they make will be made with a broken physics engine.

So no mater what the fix is, it will still be broken because they would have to replace the engine from the ground up to make it correct.

They are not going to do that. (Acceptance)

The rules of the Crossout world are based on broken physics, this is why real life building does not work.

Those rules can be changed. They will be changed. They always change.

Agree, the rules will change. Then we will build based off of those new rules.

One thing we can’t get away from is: at its core it’s still the same engine. All of this so called “fixes” are still working with the way the physics engine works.

They are not making changes to the core physic engine when they do a fix. The wedge “fix” is code on top of the physics engine.

I hope that makes sense.

It would be like - we tried to get a rocket to outer space but it only went half way then fell.

The solution would be to add a stronger rocket.

Now with a stronger rocket it made it, BUT gravity still works the same. They didn’t change physics, but the “fix” did get them a result.

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It does.

I hope it improves in a way that allow builds to be less freakish and exploitative. I think they have been, and continue to work on this situation. I think the latest update directed at screen-armor was an attempt to do just that.

In fact, I think it is more possible now to build a Hover that looks and behaves more realistically, and the typical hover META using the screen-armor (a physics exploit of the damage model) has been trimmed back, and once they analyze the data from this update, they will go further.

I should probably hang onto my hovers. I do think this update is largely to curtail the hideous hover META, and hopefully they will at some point be something more than the WTF they are now.

I have one good reason that this will never happen… they need to increase the part limit.

Low PS cars have plenty of parts to make a nice looking build - but when we are playing 17k plus monsters that are 4 times the size then we have to spread those pasts 4 times as far to cover everything.

Now… with that said, even if they increase the part amount so we have the ability to make better looking cars, no would would use those parts for the power of good.

It would just be a much bigger mess.

Excellent points.
I do think you’d see some meta-ish builds look more attractive, but yeah… the big flying boxes would just be bigger & uglier. :crazy_face:

This seems to be a major issue most any time I try to build anything with hovers. It’s about the only time I’ve ever struggled with that feature (part limits).

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