Weekly Channelges Change

So now we have different raids challenges. Hoorah… maybe. But then I looked closer and…

what is that? We now have less Engineer badges per challenge? I believe they just shifted the rest to the “other part” but if not — F2P just became less “free”.

Not sure, still waiting to finish out the stage 1’s for hard raids. If it hasn’t it would be 100 missing for stage 1.

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See, 2nd stage should be 12 raids for 600 badges (less raids is also acceptable). But if we’re getting less badges, it means more grind to effectively get the same amount of resources. Since raids aren’t fun anyway, it certainly wouldn’t add more fun to complete more raids to grind the same amount of badges.

I’ll find out tomorrow.

Combining them as they do doesn’t really bother me as it’s easier to be able to just do whichever hard raid that’s favored when it’s on but I have the feeling that I will get shafted on this for some badges. I’d much prefer it being split 10/10 than 8/12.

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Same goes for normal raids, but they now have 120 badges instead of 150. Probably it’s 180 for stage 2, but, again, it takes actual raids and time.

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False alarm, they did move 2 challenges and 100 badges to the stage 2.

They’re off the hook, for now.


There is a net loss to badges if your only using free fuel. Do the math. you must now use farmed fuel or fuel bought from market to get the same number of badges as before.

The changes were meant to hurt those who were not farming fuel or buying fuel from market.

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That applies to you here. Week ago you had to complete 10+10 hard raids for 500+500 badges. And now you have to beat 8+12 raids for 400+600 badges. So, no, I don’t have to use “farmed fuel” to get the same amount of badges.

I believe same goes for normal raids — 120 plus, presumably, 180 badges. And 8+12 (again, presumably) normal raids.


Do the math…

I need someone to do the math other than me. The sleep deprivation has nerfed my inner calculator.

Let me know when y’all figure it out. :joy::wink::grin: :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


your forgetting your not going to win every single hard raid. There are too many on console who think they are better than they are and rush the hard raids so we are fighting 10 or more bots at once. and lose every time we do.

example escort they stay with the escort without killing all the bots. thus triggering the next batch before the previous group was dispatched. This is a serious problem on HARD raids.

where the correct strat is to follow escort pull the bots to you and if get too many at once pull back to stop the escort from moving forward . clear the bots then move forward again. while you work as a team to cross fire on the same 1 or 2 targets. when they are killed off move forward resume forward movement. rinse and repeat.

doing it right the first time saves you far more time and badges than having failed hard raid after hard raid eating 60 fuel every time.

OH and also if you get dissed a lot you don’t get the fuel back so that hits hard on the fuel allotment.

What does any of this have to do with the change of weekly challenges?

It looks like he’s saying between losses and disconnects he’s not able to get the same amount of badges out of what he was and is still doing as prior to the change.

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There’s no connection between that and challenge changes. Whatever number of raids one loses, one has to compensate it with fuel either way. That doesn’t affect the number of raids you need to complete. In fact, now it’s easier. If one couldn’t complete 10 raids using only free fuel because of all the losses, completing 8 raids will not be so hard now.

I really don’t know how to convey the point more clearly.

I think it might be that he has enough to finish the 8 but not the additional 12. Where as those 2 raids that were moved might have previously been able to be done. So he’s effectively less badges for the completion of the first portion and not being able to finish up the second set.

From another post in the game he’s only prestige lvl 10 so he’s rather new here. It doesn’t look like he has a ton of gear yet so he’s in that area where raids are still a challenge. So changing the second set to be longer would effectively make it more difficult to him rather then you or me that aren’t having the same issue. It would be connected to the change but we wouldn’t bat an eye at it.

I guess so but that is the player’s problem, not the flaw in the game.

So he, presumably, is bashing his head onto hard raids because he wants to, instead of completing normal raids and win every time. And he, again, presumably, complains about not being able to win hard raids because of bad teammates and connection losses. That also sounds like the problem lies not within the game. In case of losses, not within the recent changes.

I mean, making a crap vehicle just to hit 8000 PS and then complain about not being able to carry hard raids sounds like a bad plan. Even when I barely started I used to make Cohort on tracks and 3 Whirls. And then tank the Dawn boss. And then carry the raid.

If he was able to do it before and not now then it’s kind of is the changes fault in the achievements adjustment requirements. Its not the fault of the game itself though the raids are just as difficult or easy as they were before in this case. I’m assuming he was struggling to get the first set done before and it probably would be easier for him to do just normal raids but that’s still less badges than before for him.

We don’t know whether he was able to complete 10 hard raids before. Even though if he aimed to complete at least one challenge before, he had to choose electronics (or other one) and play accordingly. Now he can choose any hard raid. So it’s not unfair now, it’s a trade-off. And, his claim was:

so it’s not about him effectively losing 100 badges. It’s about having the restriction to buy/farm fuel. Which isn’t true.

Well, it’s sort of, yes. Still doesn’t mean it’s the game’s fault of him beating his head on the wall and complaining about the wall being too hard to destroy with only his head.

It is in a way. His original response included the words using free fuel as a stipulation of what’s achievable with a set amount. That’s still a net loss for him even if others can do it. I just think he’s just taking into concertation that other at the same point in the game as himself could be having the same issue. I don’t think that’s really a bad thing. I’m not trying to get into the true or false aspect of it. It’s just that small changes such as like this can have shifts in difficulties for some groups of players.

I personally like the change from set raids to any raids within their difficulty ranking but I’d much rather have the sets split evenly. On the weeks where I’m short on time to play I’d rather get 500 for 10 raids then 400 for 8.

Yes. What’s achievable. Not what’s achievable for a good player or a… not good player. Those words were never said by him. What is achievable in general hasn’t changed. You can complete all 20 hard raids with free fuel and get the same amount of badges and resources, if you choose so.

So it’s not true. We don’t have the restriction to buy fuel. No one does. You just have to “git gud” or change your weekly completion tactic.

He. He has to “git gud”. Either way for him it was a huge fuel loss. If he was completing all 20 raids, nothing has changed for him. If he was completing only 10 raids, now he can spend fuel to easy raids and get those 100 badges, since he was losing free fuel anyway on hard raids.

I can make it through all of them in the week but it takes 6 days to do it on free fuel. If I miss a day I lose badges or have to spend fuel. That means out of all the days he could play all he has to do is lose or be disconnected 3 times to make less badges too. 10,10 was a better raid division then 8,12 for some. That’s all it really comes down to.