What if they combined the modes?

I’m not sure we have the playerbase to make the air/ground options work. Would it be a big problem to just get rid of ground-only mode? We’d lose a few maps, but they aren’t good maps, and the new ones are so much better.

Am I nuts?

Does this post even warrent a reply?


are you ok?

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I don’t think they are, but eventually they will likely remove the ground only mode, this is a slow transition to not anger everyone who is ground only purist.

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If all the modes were air/ground, I think you’d find your playerbase bottom out. The helicopter idea might be fun as a novelty, but if that would become the entire game of Crossout, well then it would no longer be the game I’ve come to love.

When I do the batteries/wires missions, I choose the cars-only mode, unless I’m with another player or two who want to do mixed-mode. And when we do mixed-mode, it doesn’t feel like one cohesive team, it’s like there’s a group of copter players and a group of car players who are on the same side, but have nothing to do with each other.

When I do PVE scrap battles, I feel like I’m doing all the work; I’m racking up more kills than I used to, which is nice, but it seems like it’s because the copter players on my team are just distracting the bots from attacking me, not because I suddenly became a great player.

So, no; if you drop ground-only mode, then I may as well go back to WOT full time.


If anything there should be a third mode that is heli-exclusive


Before they can do that, they have to nerf the helicopter.

If they remove ground based mode completely that is the point where I’ll stop playing. I did not first start playing this game because I wanted to fly helicopters, and I will not stay in if it becomes forced helicopters.

At that point this game is no longer crossout for me and I’m out


Nobody started playing this game to get into f*cking air battles, and the fact it’s usually 70% bots and 30% players even on PC kinda shows it.

Also no way Targem is getting rid of 10+ maps, including all the CW ones.

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? Helis aren’t as strong as they were. I usually play a ground build in air battles.

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For me, heli battles are the best of Crossout. You have battles that take place on the ground, in the air and all over the place. The main problem is that only a few setups work. Your choices going into heli mode is that you choose between 3 categories of weapons. The categories are machine guns, autocannons and lasers. Other weapons are not important.

You can choose between 7 Cabins. Your choices are Torrero, Huginn, Favorite, Omni, Griffon, Beholder and Nova. Other cabins are not important.

Your movement part choices are Gerrida, Atom, Omni and Icarus. Other movement parts are not important unless you are going for an all ground build, then wheels are fine.


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While I think there are other viable air options, I agree with the rest of what you wrote.
Pretty much anything can work on wheels right now, to the point where I suspect that if there were only one mode, not many would be actually running copters.

I could see the argument against combining the modes if helicopters were stronger than wheels, but that doesn’t seem to be the case currently.

What maps aren’t currently appearing in air mode, other than Sector Ex? I know the new maps seem to be coming up more often, but I’m still seeing a bunch of my favourite old maps. Not sure which other ones are missing.

Sector Ex seems like the only one that couldn’t be converted to air mode, and I’m fine with that.

I’m fine, you?

Just thought it was funny that you replied, while saying it didn’t deserve a reply. Guess my joke wasn’t very good if I had to explain it to you.

it was funny and true. its also funny that his 4chan brain couldnt process the humor.

but you better watch it. now that i learned monkey was disappeared im worrying youre pathing your way to the same fate with this crazy idea.

but im here for it, so lets see

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Yeah why remove content when you can add content…

I guess I’ll make sure to emphasis the fact of it being a real reply

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Gonna have to explain how you want the “helicopter” to be 'nerfed"?!
The only way to nerf the whole helicopter is to remove the rotors and that’s not nerfing that’s just backpedaling, how about you just say remove them instead of nerf as that makes more sense?

But is it’s a particular part you think is to op in flying mode then say Nerf said part…!

I have to agree with those who said “I’m out” Crossout is the Best at Cars…

Remember this:

Craft… RIDE…destroy. It did not say Craft… Fly… Destroy…

If this becomes all air… they can kiss my …you know what I mean… And those who said “I came to love the game I know” and thats happens to be ground warfare…

They had to make heli mode 5v5 on console, from an already lowered 6v6 so they know it’s way less popular so forcing it to come together would be a terrible mistake