What is the new mode scoring mechanism

The useless mvp

So, I’m doomed to get points deducted?


I’m with you… I’ve gotten MVP repeatedly, lost all but 2 matches… have almost no points. Just dumb.


look at me with 735 :crazy_face:



Seems like a strong point when you put it in that context. It does look like he’s winning pretty strong, and it still isn’t good enough. It’s a little like tiny yacht syndrome, or something.

Ya, real bummer on that solid win, but most people do seem to think the scoring system is jacked up. It does look wonky. He’s right about that.

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This is indeed worth bragging about, but I’d rather think about the problematic scoring system, not because it deducted two points from me I feel sad


At the first match I played of this thing, I got like 20 points, that was pretty nice and thought that it’s not that bad. After that it’s been a steady 6-9 points no matter how good/bad you do and I think I don’t even want to grind the rooster stickers, spring mayhem can suck it


It would be nice if someone official would tell us how to get ranking points. I don’t like having to guess. I’ve tried looking at patterns, but half the time it just seems random. I got 3400 pts one match and got 1 ranking point. The next match, I got 1100 pts but 20 ranking points. It seems to help if you capture bases along with doing some damage.


bases help alot and you need to win…
never take the first build-artillery…lose every game…


ok.i’m confused now too…happy? :crazy_face:


I have been playing this mode the most players, well I admit that I am a rookie compared to those players with higher scores,But another part of the reason:

Agree with the confusion…

The fact that the rewards are absolutely laughable and… yeah… not worth your time if you’re not having fun in the matches.

I am having fun for the most part, but I can already feel the novelty wearing off.


I just found this stat page… So, I’m apparently doing better than most players in the few matches I’ve played, but can’t seem to win or get any points. Yeah… nah. Piss off… :rofl:

I lost 4 points outscoring everyone by over 1k.

no screen shots though i am too lazy

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I played 4 games, 2 of which I scored over 1000 points, and only got 12 points for both games combined but in the following two I scored around the 700/800 mark and lost 8 points. That’s when I said F this scoring system, F this mode, and F the smelly trash awards you get for dealing with this F-ed up game mode. F the devs who made it this trashy/grindy on purpose just to later on after enough backlash to do a small update to fix the scoring bug … It isn’t a bug the devs made this mode like this on purpose, even the daily task chest is garbage, devs be like let’s put trash in a box make it a pretty color to try and trick people just for them to open it to get trash like 30 scrap or copper or badges …
Too cheap to add another 0 behind 30 …

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I’d have thought you were full of it if I hadn’t experienced it myself. :rofl: Surely this wasn’t on purpose, right? Right? LOL

just updating scoring…for the record…


Stop dying. -2 for every death.

Loose a game, -2 points
Win a game, -1 point
Win a game and I was working extra hard on artillery and getting way more kills and assists than I have ever gotten on Heathers - 0 points

I do not care what the devs have been inhaling, huffing, smoking and sticking into every available orifice, if your team wins and you have made some sort of a contribution to it, with kills and assists, it should not result in 0 or minus points. Especially in the freaking rust league.


Even if the scoring system was ideal for everybody its still going to be bad for anybody who isn’t playing a heli, or playing to counter helis. The gamemode now revolves around helis entirely. Scouts are the best class but only for countering helis and running caps.



I don’t know the math, but the only deaths I had for multiple matches were suicides b/c I was out of ammo. Multiple MVPs, 2 victories. Almost no rewards aside from scrap.

This’ll get old fast.

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Suicides count as deaths and will deduct points. Ive had 4000pt games where I either gain 2 points or lose a few and in every single one of those games I died a bunch. Every game where I get a huge ton of points its because I died very very few times.