What is the point of a high speed car?

There you are, a super high speed car with all light parts and 4 fast wheels,
And yet all your bulky high hp enemies are only 10Mph slower than you,
You cant kill them, and you cant outrun all of them, all you can do is die and wonder why

For the funs and challenges…

Eh, you can but you have to have a few other things beyond just a fast ride. Some weapon sets work better for fast rides then others. You also need really good aim the faster you go the more spread there normally is and weapon rotation speed becomes really important. Map knowledge is also crucial, if you know what weapon is firing at you you can use the terrain to your advantage. If you attempt to cripple multiple enemies make sure to do it outside of each others firing ranges so they can’t help each other later. Try not to get out numbered even 2:1 is a massive change in firepower.


Two ways to answer this one.

What’s the point of a high speed car?
Answer: FUN and getting from a finished fight to a new enemy in time. But mostly fun, and not feeling like a senior citizen.

Answer: Well, if the slow bulky ones are 30.5 km/h (nope, not using miles) slower than you… you have to ask yourself… Are you really fast?

You can only get speed with boosters… So it’s basically:

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You mean those rockets that costs power score and have been exploding people for years now when they use them?, what is the point of those if you are not suicidal?

The very same ones. Crossout’s answer for speed… The video link I’ve posted explained it best.

But what is the point of high speed cars like i said in this posts topic?, sure boosters can give you more speed in exchange for firepower and a good chance you explode yourself while using them.

Like I’ve said, the video explained it all… :rofl:
But fine… I’ll put it in words.
The point WOULD BE fun and getting from a fight to a fight. But there is no such thing as speed in XO. And boosters make you look exactly like the kid in the vid. They are a great idea implemented bad.

While some will argue, this game did start heavily inspired by Mad Max, both ‘The road warrior’ and ‘Fury road’. (later it went another way).
Many items (even factions) are nearly a direct copy from the movies’ cool moments. One of those are the boosters. Funny thing though, they act the same in the movie. Activate, propel and crash.

The problem is that in a high octane chase, where you are already fast (like in the movie), boosters that propel you work well when you need that extra (like the nitro boost in NFS)… BUT In XO where sh*t is slow to a crawl, boosters FAIL.

Speed can manupulate positioning better. For example overtaking an enemy"s blind spot firing angles like sides and rears. Less exposure to fire time, so it’s very good for reload weapons.

Many people say speed is like having armour. And well… That’s kind of true. Think of it as a dodge stat.

If you can’t outrun a heavier cab with a light cab your doing something wrong. A light cab gets me away from enemy fire and helps me reposition for my next attack.


I have no idea what most of you are talking about. I love running small fast lightweight builds (I hate boosters though). The extra acceleration you get from being underweight is very useful.
When I play fast builds, I like to use a radar detector so that I can easily rush to support allies that are in trouble. Also a good reason for everyone to use a radio, as there are always a few of us fast drivers who can get to you quickly when you are under attack.
(I also play big slow vehicles, but mostly small fast ones)


I don’t think light cabs are underpowered. You probably just need a suitably powerful pop to go with them.

Jannabi/Favorite: 5 Imps.

Blight: 3 Dracos.

Griffon: Spark, Harvester, Lances, King Mines.

Harpy: 3 Fortunes, 14 Lances, 2 Waltzes King Mines, Executioners.

Cockpit: 6 Flutes, Boosters, Pulsars with Oppressor.

I think the disconnect you are having is that you aren’t using crazy DPS weapons with your light build. Light cabs have big offensive stats and need to be matched with hard hitting weapons. Light cabs as a class are in a good place.

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My most used cabins for the last year are jannabi, harpy, blight, and griffon. Having said that, I’m playing more heavy and medium cabins lately. The armour changes and some other buffs have pulled me into the big and slow world.

I just made my first ever Jannabi build that I’ll keep. That cab has rotted in my garage for so long. It’s perk just Isnt usually my playstyle, so I’ve never had a use for it.

What did you make with it? I use it for most non-explosive mid and close range weapons. I don’t know why I love the sound of that lawnmower engine so much.

Speed is love. Speed is life.

Speed is also fun.

Flank the enemy team, pick who you consider the most dangerous target, blow up their backside. Even if you die in the process, you might have just secured your team’s victory. Or not. But you probbably had more fun doing it then all the meta chasers or campers on a hill.

Have I mentioned that being fast is more fun than being slow?


About the only thing my art builds have going for them is speed, usually. They tend to be devoid of a lot of armor, under-weight, and handle more like cars. If it weren’t for the fact that I can out-run and out maneuver many of the more ferocious min-maxed or META builds, I probably would never survive. If and when any of my silly builds do well at all, it is usually because it is fast and handles. I don’t focus much on fire-power, or many gimmicks other than handling and speed, and I too rarely use boosters. I think I will try some though, now that you mentioned it.

I use this game a bit like motorcycle replacement therapy, since I don’t ride anymore. I miss the feeling, and this game helps, as long as the ride is quick.
You’re probably right though, there isn’t much of a difference between fast builds and whatever else.
I’d like it if Small-Tracks weren’t so fast. I think it’s dumb that they perform as well as wheels, and they are screwing up the game because they are OP. JMO. I don’t really care, and I’ll deal with it, but personally it’s the one nerf I would most like to see. Ever since they fixed those things they’ve been an overbearing menace, I think.

Has to be because it was quick (and lucky), Right? Just luck? Maybe.

We did have a good team that played like one. That helps. IDK.
Matchmaker threw me a soft ball?
All I can say is, this build is fast and light. I usually do OK with it, I don’t get MVP very often though, but it’s more fun than some of my other builds. It doesn’t fair any worse (or better) than anybody else’s build when it comes to the META. The META is the META. All I can say that it’s got going for it is speed (and a handbreak). It doesn’t even have a cloak.


i do agree with this, high speed just seems like a burden now.

example: my build goes 90 - 95, but the big issue is when i lose my 2 front plows or i go at high speeds, i barely have control over my vehicle. it over corrects, slides like its on ice, and gets stuck on walls that i cant turn off of. i have to stop, back up, then turn away. 6 big foots should not be sliding that badly, they are supposed to be the best wheel in the game with the most grip (apart from treads). whats the point if they act like they been slathered in gallons of oil? they are slipperier than a non stick pan!

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Have you ever seen monster trucks in real life? They slid around even more than our cars do in-game. No tire is going to give you a lot of traction on dirt at 90kmh, but if you take the time to really dial in the handling of your build (and learn to use your brakes), you can still maintain a reasonable amount of control.
Personally, I find fast cars handle better using a conventional layout of 2 ST wheels in the front and two non-ST ones in the rear. Your default turning radius might not be as tight, but by using your handbrake you can spin around quicker.
On six wheel builds I’ll run ST wheels in the front and rear, with two non-ST in the middle. It’s a bit more twitchy, but still allows you to use handbrake to maintain control.

I’m actually pretty impressed at how the game models weight balance. Handling can change drastically, depending on your build and where you’ve put the bulk of your mass.

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thats not a comparison though, monster trucks have HUGE wheels and their wheels arent made for traction. they also have a smaller cabin in most cases. monster trucks have 4 wheels, im using 6 wheels on my build.
you could argue that bigfoots are monster truck wheels but… ive seen bigger in the game, just not usable on our cars.
still though, regardless of size alot of wheels in the game dont have alot of traction. i might fuse my bigfoots for more traction.

Little base cab energy build. I cant say waltz is a good weapon for Jannabi perk. It’s not. It’s just to tough to fire off shots while the cab perk is active. But the cab design comes in to play nicely with the gun mounting points.

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