What the TOW should be

This right here.
A missile capable of 3D space flight, and a default thermal camera view. (You can do the thermal camera if you use a Dawn’s Children scope right before launching, by the way)


Tandem warhead perk that explodes twice.


The Clarinet TOW needs 3D flight for the helicopter mode. Even lances can be used in there, but not that missile weapon.
I don’t like a default thermal camera mode. I like having colours when piloting the missile. It’s one reason why I didnt use the weapon with the Neutrino (and I can also guess where the explosives are). I understand that someone may prefer a default thermal mode. There should be a setting in the parameter window to toggle between the two vision modes - hopefully, not as a weapon perk.

There could be a new Clarinet-like weapon usable only in the helicopter mode.

Because buffing the current one for the helicopter mode could make it OP for the ground mode - so it could be reworked to work differently in either mode, or a completely new weapon could be added.

  1. Helicopter mode:

a) 3D flight and mounting facing in any direction, up or down.

b) More missile flight time. It was 20 seconds in the “TOW” brawls. I don’t know what the balanced figure should be. Perhaps enough to fly along half of the longest stretch among the helicopter maps, plus some more for gaining altitude. That could be the minimum flight duration. Then it depends on how long it should be able to manoeuver. No limit would seem weird, but the longer it flies, the lower the weapon’s DPS - which itself is a balancing factor.

c) Bonus damage of, e.g., +100% upon launch, dropping to +0% after the missile travels X m, e.g., 100 m. For defending against enemies trying to gank the easy prey that doesn’t really have close-range defenses.

d) The current missile turn speed seems OK. At least I’m used to it. Maybe it would be fine against helicopters. It can’t be too high, or the weapon would be too easy to use. It’s essentially a ‘cheat weapon,’ i.e., shooting at targets while safely hidden away from combat, so it should need some skill to use effectively - or it would be OP in the hands of a skilled user. Or there could be a perk increasing the turn speed based on the distance travelled - because the operator invests time in piloting the missile. I’m not sure about this part, it would have to be tested, if it’s not OP.

  1. Ground mode:

a) More missile flight time. Co-driver Hans added 2 seconds, and 8+2 was enough to reach snipers in certain harder-to-reach spots - with practice and skill, it wasn’t OP. Such as on the Bridge map, parking behind cover right before the entry onto the bridge, flying the missile over the bridge and executing a sharp turn to barely manage hitting a sniper camped up on the hill next to the bridge. It’s above the bridge’s level and requires careful menouvering to accomplish. And other similar situations where 10 seconds was enough time to barely hit targets camped in tricky spots, sometimes even after the controlled flight phase ended, but was needed to guide the missile onto the targets. With a lot of practice and skill. That was possible with Hans. Now that he’s still in gulag (or dead?), that is no longer possible. The Volcano map is a simple example of not enough missile flight time. At just 8 seconds, I had to start combining the weapon with 4 Barriers, because the spots providing enough cover are too far to reach targets in such short time. And even that was barely enough, but I was able to make it work. But that car had to use Omnis. And after the Omni was reworked around March 2023, I could no longer brake, deply a Barrier and launch a missile all in 1 second. Braking the Omni required tapping any other direction key. Now, I still have to press and hold the key(s) for the exactly opposite direction, or I either fall into the chasm, or fall and flip (off the Volcano bridge, or off cliffs on othe rmaps), and I’m done. Because in order to use the Clarinet at the Volcano, you have to park on the overpass above the bridge, deploy a Barrier and hope the enemies don’t have ACs, rockets or grenades - which have been doing extra damage to its forcefield since update 0.5.80, was it? And then, s the combat moves toward the base, the Clarient user has to move closer to it, and that’s another cliff. The Omni is mainly for the Barrier. The Atom is too slow, I tested that option extensively. An example:

b) The Icarus VII’s top speed at 75 km/h. That limit resulted in a balance between Clarinet pilots and hovercraft pilots. Now, hovecrafts can advance too fast, which makes the weapon less effective/useful.

A Clarinet pilot has to:

  • first, charge towards the enemies as soon as the battle starts, hide behind cover far enough to reach them within the reduced flight missile time, and fire a missile (possibly after deploying a Barrier),
  • then start withdrawing - because there are hovercrafts encroaching on his ass at their grand top speed of 85 km/h, which is too fast.

One solution would be increasing the missile flight time to 13 seconds (maybe with a co-driver perk). That would be balanced - but only in relation to the Icarus VII. It would make the Clarinet unbalanced toward any other movement part. The develoepers broke this, and possibly other aspects of the game, just because they wanted to make the two hover engines more different (as developer Yuri revealed in a Q&A from the spring of 2023).

c) Bonus damage of, e.g., +100% upon launch, dropping to +0% after the missile travels X m, e.g., 100 m. For defending against enemies trying to gank the easy prey that doesn’t really have close-range defenses.

d) Sorting out the issue of the various new crap on the ground. Such as vehicle wrecks or bridge debris.

It’s already difficult piloting a missile that flies just above the ground, which is even harder after adding new vegetation and trash. Note how in the video a missile flies through the shrubbery, to then be stopped by a wreck it was concealing. Or by the debris of the collapsed bridge. On the other hand, 3D flught could be OP in the ground mode. But maybe it’s needed in that mode too, because we can’t expect the wrecks to go away, if they’re needed by a cabin and a weapon that were added to sell a battle pass. I used to be against 3D flight before the helicopter mode was introduced. Mainly because it would reduce the DPS, as one would have to fly the missile up, and past the target far enough to be able to aim it when flying back down. For a skilled user, it takes less time without 3D flight. I’m not sure if this issue can be fixed without making the weapon OP.

d) Possibly a perk increasing the missile turn speed based on the distance travelled - to offset the time invested by the operator in flying it. But it could be OP, so it sohuld be thoroughly tested (and balanced).

Should it seem to someone that the weapon needs more damage, here’s what it can do with its current damage output (just 31 seconds of your time):

It’s just the user’s skill that may be lacking. Get good. Adding more damage would make it OP in the hands of skilled users. I have more clips like this, in the main channel video and in the Contests section.

A cool example of combining the Clarinet with Barriers and Omnis:

And this is how boosted Clarinet cars worked, when Hans was still around:

2 videos


Reducing the Cockpit’s damage bonus below 50% for vehicles with 80 parts was too big of a nerf. There should’ve been a separate perk applicable when building in the 180-part slot. But I kept boosting, as long as Hans was sitting on my lap in the cabin. And when he was sent to gulag, boosted Clarinet cars weren’t efficient enough (especially at the Volcano), so I had to stop using them. And after the Omni’s braking got nerfed, I had to stop using the weapon altogether. Maybe it works at lower power scores, but I was comfortable at 11-12K, where my loadouts put me for years. And I had just started to spend hours figuring out cool tricks with the Omni. Because I couldn’t use my most fun weapon, I switched to the helicopter mode. I’d love to be able to use the Clarinet there, it has a lot of potential for that mode.

I’d even started working on a tactical guide, with video examples for each map, but if the car doesn’t work anymore, there’s no point. Two more such videos:

2 videos


i think the tow should be capable of doing 3d flight, allowing ground units to hit people flying in the air to.
its a guided missile after all so i would think it should be capable of 3d flight. that or make a legendary version that allows 3d flight in the air and on the ground.

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I just want to know what would keep a missile on the ground like that. It can go up and down (it follows terrain), so why can’t you control it?

problem with letting tow fly 3d… is they have a pack only missile that is laser guided that flies in 3d.

Tow should be an uber stronk version (perhaps moved to legendary and buffed) since you can only equip one.

And given 3d flight.

Laser guided is not the same as remote controlled.

laser guided missiles have alot of drawbacks. the TOW is special in that you control the missile itself.
you could argue you control the flutes to but thats different. they are laser guided and have alot of disadvantages to the tow. the tow has the major disadvantage of making your build a sitting duck while you can be mobile with the flutes. both are countered by many things and have common weaknesses like miniguns, sparks, flashes, etc. but the one thing that tow has over the flutes is its a first person guided rocket.
i think the flute should have the advantage of being able to fly in the air, but if that isnt possible then what id like to see is a legendary version of the tow that allows 3d flight in the air rather then on the ground. or it could have a mix of both ground and air flight.

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i think it has to do with propulsion or possibly the weight. perhaps the missiles to heavy to maintain normal flight in the air. dont forget the tow wasnt originally built for helis as they didnt exist back then. i think it does need an update though.

TOW is begging for a major rework. Unfortunately, whatever they do is going to annoy the handful of people that actually use it.

3D flight would be cool, but I would be happier if it just packed a much bigger punch. That way existing users will be more likely to see it as a buff, and be able to adjust.
I think it should hit like an Avalanche, but might need to cost more energy to justify that.
Maybe give it 3D flight when fired from aircraft? Would have to automatically hover your vehicle while controlling the missile, but could be useable.

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I love how people like to argue so much on small differences. Totally ignoring that the company making money off the game is trying to sell player guided 3D flight missiles.

Even when people agree with them.

TOW missiles in real life have 3D flight, and they’re mounted on helis.

yes but in crossout tows were out BEFORE the helis came into the game. thats why they were ground based missiles. now that helis are here they could use a rework.

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I’m just saying they could be a bit more accurate about the in-game portrayals of real weapons.

Like cannons.

Realism for cannons is one singular shell goes through 90% of every structural part in the game. Probably wouldnt detonate on half of them, just punch straight through. Then it explodes, killing your driver, co-driver and your want-to to play the game.

That sounds I bit like how Crossout felt when I first started playing. I used to fear cannons so much!

I want cannons to actually deal damage. It’d be better if they did twice the current damage, they need no other buff.


Cannons are quite lack luster damage imo. Or maybe I don’t like the long reload times. Except Mastadons. They are god awful strong right now.

Yes, but those are relics, and I don’t have the resources for that.

I agree.I think they should give the tow a 11/12 energy requirement and massively increase the damage to the equivalent of being struck with something like a avalanche. You can’t do much else while your launching missiles with the tow and your a sitting duck anyways so just as well to make it as strong as it can be.