What to Craft with our Lighters?

I’m getting close to the point where I can start crafting with my lil lighters.
What do you guys think?

What’s your reasoning?

What I’m probably not getting because I already have them…

I have a fused Cheetah or else that’d be a go to.

I have full compliment of arbiters - not fused. I doubt I’ll go that route.

I have Hawks already.

I already have 4 slepnirs or else, I’d go that route.

What I don’t have & won’t have… Probably

Personally, I’m not a waltz fan. It’s clearly good in certain hands, but I don’t have those hands.

Not a canon fan, so the Hulk is out. I need to practice more with them.

I had the Quasar. Um no. Too big & dumb. LOL

I’m not impressed enough with the Nothung to craft that since I wouldn’t end up with enough of them for a full set… I think.

Not that impressed with the Gungir, either. Besides, I have lots of spray n pray stuff.

What I’m leaning towards getting…

Very tempted by the Storm. I’ve enjoyed pretty much all of the longer range autocanons I’ve ever tried. I think I could get a full set AND a gravastar by the time the event is over. I need to do the math on that.

I have two fused gravastars & getting a 3rd for a full set is very tempting.


These are fun with Hadron the avg splits between the two. It’s big and dumb but fun… :smiley: I have 2 un-upgraded already so I could cash out on them.

I have 3 unfused and am debating on making and selling 1 or just holding it for a while.

I got the 2 from the bp and am currently making 2 un-upgraded ones. I’m still thinking about 2 extra upgraded ones. I can always sell the other pair later or make an extra generator from them. This (using them for thor) vs the arb might be the best for the buck. Either way the cash out is 2k+

If I had two fused gravastars this would be on my list too do to the huginns cab…

Edits: Added some extra logical thoughts.

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Go for it.

the AC-50 i think they called it the MG of ACs (devsblog)

or/ and go for the third gravastar.

You could test the STORM first, go to the exib and see what you think, that should give you an idea of which of the two you will prioritize.

Myself, i will prolong my crafting to harbour new toys + the necessary means to fuse my hawks for range and my sidekick for faster reaction.

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Definitely getting some more of the new tracks. Might try for some of the new legendary MG, but undecided until I unlock it.
Epic MG is better than I thought it would be, but not sure I need a set.

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Almost all of thsy stuff i either have fused or dont wsnt a fused one.

Im going to get a fused gungnir. If i cant get enough batteries for a 2nd one to make a tripple set ill just sink what i can in to fused slepnir tracks.


Please keep in mind that the maximum amount of lighters you can get in the pass is around 1300 and any more than that require you to buy levels with crosscrows, so basically what was it, 30 crosscrowns per 15 lighters?

So you need to plan ahead on what you want, because you might find yourself with an uneven amount of parts you’d want fused if you want too many things


Does that maximum include the daily BP challenges, or just the weekly?
Disappointed that the radiance challenges don’t go towards the main BP.

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You’re gonna need to level up about 44 times and be at ~110 level of this BP to have full set of fused Nothungs.

I know I will. I told myself “I’m not gonna pay for this” and I did it again :japanese_goblin:

Gravastars are cool indeed.

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I plan to get 4 fused Slepnir tracks. Six Sleps seems like a full set for my style of play. That costs 1000 lighters. I bought the elite pass, so I’m not sure what to do with the other 300 or so lighters I will get. I will probably get a fused Barrier or two, as the duration plus ammo reserve is the best.


1 in BP
1 for lighters. (don’t think you can get a third unless you pay). However, if you craft one, the fuses don’t make much difference so it isn’t really needed to have 3 matching unless you are just anal about it. If you like corvo’s. these are for you. if not… stay away. To make these shine, you really gotta pop them to overheat, then use the shots precise.

Finishing your gravastar set sounds good if you play with them. Mine sit unused (not fused except bp one).


I have a lot of fun (don’s score much but hey its about fun) running support.

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If you play every day amd complete all the bp challenges you will get enough lighters from the bp reward to afford one legendary at least. Getting a seccond legendary with lighters would mean youd have to complete almost all the daily challenges. I missed a few days at least. So im not sure i can get a third gungnir.

The Gravastar is my priority so I’ll have a full set of fused ones. I’m not sure after that. I fused the full set I had, leaving me with only two some time ago. I miss that set up.

More and more, I’m enjoying playing lower PS builds, so legendary weapons aren’t really a priority. Plus, the machine guns won’t be much of an addition to my inventory since I already have full sets of minigunss, vectors & Sinus-Os. They really wouldn’t really add much variety to the game. Spray n pray is spray n pray at any level.

The Autocanons are probably what I’ll go for, but I’m still deliberating.

The more I consider it, variety is really what makes the game more enjoyable for me, not being OP or whatever.

Outside of this, I’m aiming for the tesla weapons since I don’t have any, and don’t think I ever have. Because… You know… Variety.

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start with this…:crazy_face:

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im just gonna wait it out and see how many i end up with , ive already crafted 5 gungnirs and 4 sleipnirs aside from what comes with the pass , i feel like ill probably end up with a set of fused nothungs , but i kinda want that barrier

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I’m going to craft the Nothung so I have two fused.

But I don’t plan on ever getting a full set. (Not now at least)

I’m going to do 2 Nothung + 2 Vindicators + Huginn Cabin - that gives one extra point, not sure if I will spend that on an engine or not.

I’ll see once I have all the part together. I already have two Vendi’s fused for it.

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I would use your Gungirs to craft a set of Nothangs before you spend all of your lighters on a fused set. Its called trying the bottle of wine before you buy it. I crafted 2 Nothungs and I think Nothungs are very good legendary machine guns but maybe not as good as Arbiters or perfectly fused Destructors. It might be worth it to get two fused Arbiters instead of Nothungs and sell the Nothungs you crafted to get the extra two Arbiters. Just a thought. Or, if you like Nothungs, fuse that set and save the unfused Nothungs to sell at a premium after the battlepass.


A related question to all of this, is what are you going to craft for future sale from the battlepass? I have crafted four Sleps and 2 Nothungs, and plan on getting 4 fused Sleps. That will leave me with 4 extra Slep tracks to do something with. I could craft some Thor generators on the cheap or just sell the extra tracks. Either way, all of this stuff should be worth a fortune a month or so after the BP is over with.

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Everything. tracks, gung’s, nothungs, new cabin. None of the “old” stuff. whatever I can get made by the end. (I will have 2 fused nothiungs and a normal one. I shoot them like corvo’s… so the fuses aren’t great anyway. I’d much rather have +5% damage.


I know. With two shivers, I can’t even tell which of my Nothungs is the fused -cooling one. In practice, +damage would be much better. -Spread and +durability are always fantastic on machine guns though.

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I would also have liked distance instead of spread but yeah.