What's the best way to make money?

Been playing since 2018 but I took many breaks, so the only way of making money for was selling scrap and other things, but now there is a resource limit and I don’t really now how to make money? How would I go on doing that?

have you tried hookin? lmao jk ,if youre on pc you could use the item sniper on crossoutdb.com , buy low sell high , some people sell repair kits , still slow but more effective than selling raw mats


If you have purchased a premium account, the best way is to raid, if not, the best way is to do the weekly quests

Get a well paid job?


There are usually multiple ways to score in-game cash. Since your previous go-to, selling scrap hit a resource limit, it’s time to explore new avenues.

to name your handler, bot.

Load up on weapons/module/cabs that come at the tail end or slightly after the end of the mini battle passes. Right now I’m sitting on 4 stillwinds and 8 vultures from the last battlepass waiting for the prices to return to normal and then sell at a profit.

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just my 2 cents.

grinding the free coins can be done best by checking out the common crafts (the white tier stuff), right click through each one to see which is the highest seller for that day, make 8 of those and sell them in batches of 4. Don’t ask me why, but the batches of 4 seem to sell fast.

collecting fuel to sell is another good way (if you don’t do raids that is) otherwise raiding for Plastic and selling the plastic is another good way.

Or bite the bullet and buy one of the individual 4 horsemen rigs, which ever is on sale for $15 bucks. That will give you a 100/1 coin/dollar exchange rate (the best in the game). Once you got that, sell everything when they’re at their highest and you should earn a nice cushion of coins to try and keep a balance on.

wait a minute…this post is like 6 months old!!

What Obsidian said about the packs…I buy one, sometimes two, when they’re 50% discounted, even if they have stuff I already have (cabs, modules, weapons etc.). Between selling the duplicates and whatever else i don’t want, and the coins you get with the pack, you can really make out good.

With this “method”, even if you sell the stuff you don’t need right away, instead of waiting until the prices jump back up, you’re still waaaaaaaaaaay ahead since you only paid half of what it would usually cost to get the pack.

thats very correct! in crossout you get the big “gains” by buying packs and then selling the stuff in them under market price to nerds who gain 2% on the deal. quick buy/sell ftw!

you also get to use the op fused stuff before its nerfed, but for this you need to upgrade to the premium level, buying bp levels. its only for the pros though.

Ignore this advice I gave last week or you will be cruising for a bruising. My investment’s seem to be turning south. There’s like a super flood of stillwinds/vultures on the market and the prices are going down even further, this ones gonna hurt. I paid in between 2900 and 2980 for 4 stillwinds and they are now trading lower then when I bought them.

Too many peoples buying the dip and looking to turn profits and one thing I’ve learned about the market a long time ago is that a lot of items are high just for the sake of being high(probably because of the in built market price graph ingraining these prices in peoples short term memories).

Should of learned my lesson when I took a loss on the damage counter as well. Prices of those never recovered either.

everything i buy i can’t sell ‘EVER’ for profit.the game knows,on PC anyway… :crazy_face:

'this has been almost a year…


It’s tough to make money now even playing the market long term. You got 3 market bots that’s been around for months working in overdrive so I had to look for alternate way’s to make money and it is backfired.

I’ve only recently started experimenting with the market, but having some mild success.
I’ve been sorting the market by ROI, and placing buy orders for items where there’s a large gap. A lot of those don’t get any bites, but some do, and I immediately put those back on the market, as long as the gap is still large enough to be profitable.
Because I don’t have a lot of coin to work with, I’ve been focusing on rare items, with a few specials. So the amount of profit is small, but when you’ve got 20 buy and sell offers going at a time it adds up quicker than just selling scrap.
I’ve also been crafting whatever rare wheels are priced high and selling them. For some reason, rare wheels often have a good profit ratio on PS4, even if the overall price is cheap.

I recently wanted some quick coin to buy more atom wheels, so I did the math on which resource would give me the most profit from badge exchange, and turned my stockpiled badges into those resources and then sold them. Resources tend to sell quicker than items on my platform.

I did that for years(and still am on paints and decor), made over 100 000 coin at the very minimum that way until the market bot’s on pc came around. I’m soon switching to console at least that way you can avoid cheats which is one the biggest cons of playing on pc.

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I’m not sure if this is relevant, but I have been avoiding the penny game. If the margin is good, I’ll bump my offer far enough away from the current price that I scare away people playing the penny game. Might work to discourage bots too, as they likely try to keep undercutting by a penny, and may back off when you make the price jump/drop more significantly.

I realized I can make more profit with higher volume on lower margins.

There’s no market bot’s on console. There were none on pc either until very recently. The penny game is the way it is suppose to be done that’s what I always did.

Play everyday just for daily challenges, buy cheap and sold hight…
savege decorations bought at a low price for sold resource was good few time ago , right now less…

I was in the same boat, taking breaks from the game and feeling a bit lost with the new resource limits. Here’s a quirky twist that worked for me - started a YouTube channel on…wait for it…automation! Sounds wild, right? I dived into the world of sharing tips and tricks on automating tasks, managing content, you name it. Surprisingly, it gained some traction!