What's your go to song you play when you enter battle

One of my fav games to play with friends back then :wink: It pretty much replaced Mario Kart for us when I got it.

I was mostly a Jake or Kat person. Airblade fully upgraded, and good to go :wink:

I played a Snake :smiley:

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Random darksynth album I haven’t listened to yet. Cover and first track are calling for a full listen, so lets do that >:3

The darksynth aspect feels somewhat weaker than some of my favs, but that guitar part sounds SICK and not cringe, unlike 99% synthwave guitars.

Woh! i see im gonna enjoy finding some new music to listen to here.

I don’t usually play much music while playing but i just found this tune the other day that i really like and i think it fits the topic. Not sure if its already posted but here it is anyway…

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If you want to be a Villain here is the song for you.

Best jason/marty song ever

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Nice intro, kinda reminded me of some of Tool’s songs.

Still into poorly produced doom with a vaguely on key singer. Latest find is this. Also, using the legendary i - bVI - iv chords progression is cheating… but I’m down for it.

Which leads me to my fav i - bVI - iv. The added quarter note at the end just sells it.

If you have the time/can hear it, feel free to post your i - bVI - iv songs, I’m always looking for more :wink:

Those two songs remind me of this gem i found a year ago or so. Pretty sure it has nothing to do with the chord progression tho.

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Oh damn. A friend used to blast this album in his room when we were just out of highschool. Good memories! Thanks for sending this, I’ll check the album again now

edit: That’s the one he’d play non-stop

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