Wheel Upgrade Smarts

What are your general thoughts on the bonuses picked by players and yourself when upgrading in this area?

Is there one that you think is always better or does it really depend a lot on the build type?

Just wanted some pro player thoughts as i was thinking of possibly changing some around that i already have fused.


The best perks can depend on the build and movement type.

But -17% mass is a great perk for heavy movement parts like large tracks and legs.

I also think that you can’t go wrong with 15% power reduction. I know a few guys that like traction on their tires, but a prefer all power fused.

At the end of the day you can’t really go wrong with wheel fuses. Sure a few might be better then other but there is nothing that can mess them up like two canons with different fuses.

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I’m no pro player and cringe at the term, honestly. However, I’m not an exhibition downloader. I build & play my own rigs, so I have a little experience, here.

For WHEELS, I’d always go for traction… at least in their current state vs. hovers & everything else.

Outside of that, it’d depend on the wheel. Most, though, I’d go for tonnage.

Interested in what others think…


I play Hermits. I have 8 steering fused 4 non steering fused. 8 fusions for power, 3 for traction and 1 for tonnage. I highly value the 3 traction wheels and they appear on every Hermit build. I’m not sure what the optimal mix is. Probably it’s best to fuse your Steering for power and your non steering for traction. This is because non steering has much more traction than steering and steering wheels have twice the power drain of non steering wheels. So the bonuses are bigger if you do it that way.


I do end up with wheels that have traction, but that’s only because I’m trying to get power reduction.

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Players: No idea. Never actually inspected peoples accounts to see nor talked about it. Legs I have -Mass.

Myself: I prefer Durability and Power penalty reduction on everything that isn’t legs.

Durability is buffed by percentage multipliers.

Power penalty: acceleration can keep you alive in more situations than the other two.

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It definitely depends what cab and movement parts you have. Like if you have a heavier med cab or heavy class cab with a power fusion then tonnage will work pretty great. On the other hand if you have a light cab and sabbath wheels a tonnage fusion is useless on the wheels. Usually the -power cost fusion on wheels is the best option in most build cases. Unless you feel like your struggling with control when driving. Then get traction.

I wouldnt bother refuseing. Its not worth it. The first fusion on a movement part is good enough no matter what you get.


Funny… that’s why I said traction. I guess both work, but power penalty might be better.

I’m not gonna be the one to fuse a bunch of stuff to test it, though. :rofl:

Thanks for the advice and replies.

I just fused some fused tonnage wheels into power penalty reduced wheels. The new wheels are -4% cabin power and im probably gonna refuse my hermits but im not sure yet.

I was thinking of refusing my back wheel hermits from traction to power. How important is rear traction on a cockpit mine laying fast build? Would a power fused rear wheel be better here possibly. I have 4 traction fused hermits on it right now.


OP asked what we want. Didn’t ask what we settle for :wink:


I have tested it.

My personal preference is power.

But like I said below I do know a few guys that like traction, they say it is because when they turn the car moves where they want it to.

For me I like my cars to slip around a little. I’m used to the slide.

I personally would rather be able to get up to speed faster.

But like anything in life, to each their own.

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In my experience, the faster you go, the more traction you want. I would Fuse more hermits before refusing those. At 120, you need all the traction you can get.

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I don’t really fuse much, but I find the BP fused power penalty ones feel most significantly better than the other fuses.


Also, I would like to add that peoples response might be different depending on how many wheels they use and what power score they play at.

For example many of my build that use hermits will be 7 or 8 wheels. Because there are so many wheels I feel like power is best.

Some guys that run 4-6 wheels might want something different.

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I’m under the impression that traction also buffs acceleration to an extent. Always felt that for the same power drain, epic wheels accel faster than special and rare ones. Maybe I’m wrong, tho.

I agree with your statement regarding number of wheels. Tho +25% grip 8 or 10 wheeler might be good at pushing (but honestly just bring Omnis if you’re going to push with a heavy-medium/heavy build)

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You could be right, but it would be to a less effect I guess.

The first time I got 8 fused power hermits I was hooked.

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Power all the way here too. Cabs, movement parts… :wink:


I’m nearly team power as well. I’m just saying the following:

Hermit steering: Power drain: 12 percent. Traction secret stat. Let’s say its 100.

Hermit non steering: Power drain: 6 percent. Traction secret stat. Its twice that of steering.

For Hermit steering, when you get a power fusion, it takes the drain down to 10 percent, or you get 2 percent off.
For Hermit non-steering, when you get a power fusion, it takes the drain down to 5 percent, or you get one percent off. That’s half the bonus.

For +25 percent traction, fusion, a steering Hermit will give you 125 traction, while a non steering Hermit will give you 250 traction. Its another way of saying you might as well try for traction on non-steering wheels because they don’t take much power anyway and the traction bonus is double.

Other than that, power all the way. Power engines, mostly power cabs, power wheels, power hovers, power Omnis.

For my 8 hermit rigs, I play 2 Non-steering and 6 steering. The non steering wheels are second to rear. For my 10 and 12 Hermit rigs, I use 4 non-steering wheels.


95% of my wheel builds do not use non-steering wheels.

But that is some good info, Thank you sir.


I rarely use non steering, never even thought of it.

In reality, other than my hovers, I just take whatever fuse I get on the first try.
Hovers are a work in progress.

Because of the percentage, guess non steering should be + mass