Where is Crossout going?

It used to be a shooting game.
But now its turned into a cloaking and melee game.

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How long ago were these good old days before melee and cloak?
Because I remember getting to level 30, and suddenly getting swarmed by sparkvesters every match, and that was many years ago now.

It’s a car battle game. Melee and ramming are always going to be big aspects of that.

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i guess you dont play alot of pvp

That’s pretty much all I play.
What do you mean by that?

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one would think “big aspect” wouldnt mean absolute domination


You keep saying they are “absolutely dominating”, but I am still not seeing much evidence of that in game, at least outside of low PS.

If they were dominating that much, I’d be seeing more matches where they were the majority of the builds, and I never see that, except for when there’s an all-melee squad. If they were dominating that much, my melee builds would give me more MVPs and high scores than my other builds, and that is definitely not true.

The last couple days I was mostly playing various Narwhal builds at 15kPS. If melee was so dominant in high PS, I would think that my cannon tanks would be getting mopped up by melee, but instead I was scoring better than I did with my harvester/yokozuna build.

Just because you struggle against melee does not mean everyone else does.

Now I will agree that hammerfall and breaker bricks are currently very powerful in high PS, but that’s not melee. And the energy rework should help balance those builds a bit better.


before you say things like this you have to realise that 99% of crossout players have monkey brains

melee obliterates builds at low PS and there is no question about it, nobody stands a chance against it. then at high ps there is the bricks.

the phrase “absolutely dominating” does not imply that every single player at that PS plays melee builds. melee murders things too easily so if there are some “skilled” melee players in a match its not even a contest.
i have a hard time dodging melees in my tiny fast hover so what is anyone else ever supposed to do against them

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You said before that you only play high PS and CW. When did you become a low PS expert?

Shotgun bricks are not the same thing as melee. Words have meanings.

Skilled players are always going to win more, no matter what they play.

You said before you play big slow hovers. So what is the actual truth?

There are a few more competitive players on the forum who sometimes play close range builds and also play all the other styles too. Those players care about winning more than I do, and yet they don’t exclusively play close range, because they also do well at long range and mid range builds. I trust their assessment more, because they actually play more than one type of build.

the truth is rather obviously that i happened to have played some games at a lower power score (around 10k) and i confirm what others said about melee, its a turbo circus. i learned this when i got eaten by 3 melee builds at the same time.

it doesnt take a skillful master professional crossout player to recognize the massive problem almost immediately.

and those competitive players are not 99% of the playerbase which isnt remotely as skilled and which actually gets to play against the melee builds, as i already said

out of 5 total games i have just played at 10k PS:

  1. singled out by melee build
  2. singled out by melee build
  3. 3 melees and a shotgun on the friendly team (full victory)
  4. 3 invisible melees and 1 firedog vaporised my team
  5. team sealclubbed by a fire brick and literally 3 gerrida narwhals

That’s mid-PS, and not close to the range that people like @DocSavage are talking about. And that’s also the range I play most often, and I am absolutely not seeing any melee domination in that PS range. Where are all these harvester builds? Or are you mixing up shotguns and melee again?

Anyway, examples of you getting singled out by a lone melee player just tells me you are bad against melee, and they recognize that.
What kinds of melee are killing you so often? At 10kPS you don’t tend to see that many lacerator or mauler builds, and I’m not seeing many harvester builds currently either. I’m not trying to be argumentative for no reason: I genuinely don’t see actual melee weapons doing exceptionally well at the PS ranges you play, unless they’re being driven by skilled players. And skilled players are just as much a threat on any weapon.

dont recall saying that i died to melee

dont know if youre on console or in a different region but i already detailed what builds are present at 10k so make of that what you will

You said they “singled you out”, so if they didn’t kill you I guess they aren’t so dominant, are they?

i have a long range build which doesnt get better in terms of dodging or outrunning dogs (it doesnt use blue hovers but it is still fast) and also im not shit at the game, and its still hard to get out of the way of dogs. and if there is three of them and theyre invisible, i dont even have time to spot them before i get mauled within 1 second.
what are other players supposed to do? (apart from running 3 gerrida narwhals in a team)

How come the gerrida narwhal team beats dogs?
Shouldn’t they struggle just as much as you do?
Also, verifier and oculus exist. You don’t need to keep getting ambushed by cloaked enemies.

because i am 1 hover with 3 special weapons, not an organized team of 3 with gerridas and legendary pvp cannons

dont have those and dont need those because i cant do anything about the dogs anyway, and i ping the dogs 350 times regardless, my team obviously will not even bother to turn their eyeballs onto the map to see the enemy coming

from what ive seen you dont need a specialized module to defeat most builds, why should they be necessary for dogs

I am so confused by you. Just the other week you were telling me that you only play mammoths, and the only other gun you owned was a set of gravastars.
What special tier weapons are you trying to use at 10kPS?
I don’t generally run special guns above 8kPS, and even that is pushing it.

I don’t feel like mammoths are weaker than narwhals. But it seem more like you are saying that playing in a group is why they perform better anyway, right?

I feel like you keep moving the goalposts of this debate.

If cloaked enemies are constantly sneaking up on you, then it sounds to me that you actually do need to use one of them.

Try shooting them? Or retreat to get closer to your teammates? Sounds like you are giving up without really trying.

Most builds depend on at least one module, if not multiple modules. I don’t understand why you refuse to use the tools the game gives you.

my loadout is not hard to grasp:

  • 3x gravastar
  • 3x median
  • 3x whirl
  • 2x mammoth

narwhals are certainly better for 1 on 1 pvp, except this case was 6 narwhals at 10k ps

what do you mean? i proved that close range vehicles are generally too op in this game both in high and low PS (that is not below 9k)

i pinged them beforehand. i could never do enough damage to kill them before im dead, at least in the case that there are 3 of them and my team has not even turned around yet, and there is no place to run away

what would ever make you rely on your crossout teammates? i was literally in the middle of my team, as in, i saw at least 1 player on the side of my screen, while facing the dogs

because im not spending money to adapt to a completely broken meta (which does not actually fix the main problem that melee is too strong, invisibility only slightly amplifies that)

on xbox it started in 2018 cuz if anyone here is in the crossout club they would remember me complaining bout cloaks all the time but thats was more bout cloak nd shotgun wedge builds now a days its caps nd kings nd a bunch of unless no goods using aim assist nd camera traction thats why i mostly play patrol nd raids

but to actually answer where the game is going, like ive said years ago in the xbox crossout club that they will increase energy, part limit but before all that can happen they will need to upgrade their engine like they did in the 2.0 season nd then we will maybe see sea battles, ive been right on a few things nd im probably right on a great many things ive made videos on but their not gonna be released nd thats why i stopped making videos like that