Where is our money going?

So I assume I can’t be the only person spending a LOT of money on Crossout. I’m approaching 9 grand in US dollars spent on it because I believe in what this game could be.
Between my clans connections issues and server issues on top of that, it’s making it really difficult to want to put any more cash towards supporting this game even after for four years. I planned on outright buying another set of relics this coming Friday, but I’m thinking my money (and soon to be all of my gaming time) would be better spent on something else.
Yes, I’m frustrated, we all are.
Your player base is getting restless, especially the big spenders.
If any mod or devs do not believe the amount of money I’ve actually put into this game, feel free to private message me and I can share my account details as proof.


Sales are a priority for businesses. They will focus on that until the game stops working.


you could offer it to places that really need them instead you are making your ego bigger…spend 9 grand on a game ffs…ffs space is unlimited stupidity is not !!!good luck with that!!!


It’s not like this is a regular occurrence. It’s been over two years since something even half this bad happened. This is probably the worst case I’ve ever seen. I bet someone attacked and hacked their servers.

Ps right before servers went all wonkey I was driving around in my garage and all of a sudden some song started playing. I cant Remeber what the words were exactly, something like, “don’t do me like that”. I quickly knew someone had hacked my ps4 and I restarted my system. Now I realize it probably wasn’t just me being hacked it was actually the crossout servers.


DDoS attack on the server

24 September 2022

Dear players. At the moment, some of you may experience problems with the availability of the game and other game services in War Thunder due to a DDoS attack on the server infrastructure of one of the data centres.

We are aware of the problem, and are working on a solution. We’ve already switched the load to other data centres to stabilise the situation.

Ah just after mine lol I see. The hacker music playing def freeked me out.

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yea right its a ddos attack.lol ok !!!

Um yah def makes sense. Read my post above his.

You think it’s rusty pipes?

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no i think its not a ddos attack.but what do i know right?

So tell us. The news says they’ve been hacked. What’s your inside scoop?

Here’s the thing: They do not want to pay for servers. They don’t want a big population. They don’t want player retention. What they want, is everybody DLing the game, and only a handful of whales staying. 9 grand? You got scammed, plain and simple. Targem asked you if you could send them money without anything in exchange, and you slapped them across the face with enough money to feed a third world’s village for a year. And you seem to expect some kind of efforts on their end for it, but why would they do efforts? They did none, and they’re 9k dollars richer rn. Why would they fix their servers? People throw money for a broken unfinished game, why even put work into fixing it? You’re going to spit them another 9k dollars if they fix their servers? All they’ll get if they fix the game, is a much larger playerbase that would require more expensive servers. Honestly, if game companies wanted good video games, they’d hire people who know their video game stuff, not fucking psychology phds to design their shops to scam fragile and financially irresponsible people in the most optimized ways.

TL;DR Stop throwing your goddamn money at the first con artist you see, you’re the reason why online gaming is turning to shit. No offense. If you can’t think of anything better to do with 9k than throwing it at shady devs based in some tax heaven, send it here. I’m opening a farm.


I think it’s more a matter of, anyone with three minitels and some free time can DDOS the shit servers we’re playing on.


That makes sense, I suppose.

I do wonder what they do with all the money, but I have no idea what their real numbers are like. When I play, I see the same 5 or 6 guys all night. I think that’s strange. It’s like going to the corner store and seeing the same guy in there every day. How small is this town? I wonder.

It’s a wonderful game, and right now I wish I actually knew what the situation here is, instead of wondered. The only thing for sure is that they aren’t talking about it, and it’s still going on. I wonder when it will end. I wonder if War Thunder is still having issues. I wonder who they pissed off.

They are getting pwnd, looks like.

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Throwing money at this game is only enabling Targem and Gaijin’s bad behavior.

Want this game to improve? Vote with your time and money. Those are some of your most important resources.


Easy, less, less much less. Do me a favour, if you see a whale don’t try to harpoon it, instead, take some pictures

here, see this. the message stills apply.

Thank a Weeb - YouTube


9 k it’s a lot, just be careful, don’t go too far.

And thanks to people like you, we are able to play these games for free

I’ve never gotten the impression these guys really understood capitalism. I’m not sure they are aware of those fundamentals.

And why should they? They keep getting away with a half finished game with a lot of overpriced packs and other predatory behavior.


Let me pontificate this. I believe in what the game could be. That’s why I drop the kind of money on this game. If I didn’t have the expendable income to support the game in the way I have and ONLY spent money on games and leisure, I’d be a horrible person but you’re also absolutely wrong. This is my “bowling league”. I’ve had the same clan members for four years. We’ve developed irl friendships because of XO. I’m also emotionally invested in this game in a sense.

I’d love to at least get an actual statement as to what is happening. As a person stated in here, yes I’m a whale. I’ve always kept my head down in all the forums, Gen Chat beefs and all the drama. But as a whale, I’d like to think the Profesional thing to do is give us, the community, something other than vagaries or blanket statements. Maybe all the big spenders should get in touch with each other, and make a gentleman’s agreement to not put any more money into this game to (this is solely speculation and just my opinion)keep them from using Crossout to funnel money to better other projects. I constantly see promotions/advertisements for War Thunder in plane documentaries online and in other targeted adds. There is an audience for this game, they’re just obviously not putting in the effort to reach them.

Hopefully this extrapolation helps people realize I’m not being an arrogant “Rich person”. This is my hobby and my passion, it’s where I hang out with my friends. It’s what I do to blow off steam. So don’t tell me if you’ve been going to a local bar or hang out spot with your buddies all the time, and they closed it that you wouldn’t be at the least pissed off about it.


clebardman and camowraith are spot on, op, read it again slowly, youve misunderstood what they meant, i believe. let me elaborate:

op, you are a customer and gajin/targem are a business. you are not an investor. if as a customer you pay too much for a good, a selling business might get the idea they can lower the quality of their goods because people consume them anyway.

no matter further circumstances, by spending nine grand on the game you have incentivized gajin/targem to not try as hard to do well. because games and crappy mtx items arent worth 9k.

its simply naive to believe overpaying increases product quality, its just more profit for gajin/targem and theyll use it on whatever they please, most likely not on anything crossout related.

tenshin, you just never keep giving. thinking a ddos attack on gajin servers perfectly explains how someone hacked your playstation and played a random tune which you then fixed by restarting your ps, its just glorious. and youre apparently willing to stick with it.

also, a long due response to the dog, yes most bite boys are probably turds, judging by the discord. some old timers are decent but most never were, even when i was there. still, kind of impressed they got into top 20, but its probably mostly because the game is dying, mostly.