Where is the joy in this game?

I gave one game, but the last time. This game provides 0% Fun. I met athena again, on ps 7700. Hmm, it’s not nice to meet her.


I Though You UnInstalled It Already :rofl:?


He wanted, but it’s a dilemma, I put some crown in there. And I have enough space on the PC, so I’m leaving it on the PC for now. :alien:

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I’ll be downloading Star Citizen here so I’m curious. :thinking:

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Please don’t tell me you thought he wasn’t lying about not trolling this forum anymore, heard he got a suspension but I guess it ended, so right back to work it goes

I see it responds to me, I do have it on ignore and nor will I reply to it as it has no constructive attributes to it and nor was I talking to it

You see trolling behind everything. If you don’t like something, no one is forcing you to read it. Is it that complicated? There’s a lot of stuff to read from a lot of people, so you can take your pick and ignore me. :alien: Or you can report me and wait to see what happens. :rofl:

See for me, that is exactly the joy of the game: encountering a new challenge on the wasteland, and then figuring out how to counter it.

But obviously I take pleasure in different things than you do.

I still have fond memories of when I levelled up enough to start encountering relic and legendary weapons, and going “what the hell just happened!?” when I got blown up. Then back to the drawing board to figure out what I need to change on my build to survive.

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Pleasure ? :rofl: There’s No Pleasure in This Game :tired_face: Maybe If SomeOne Has No Movement Parts but Still, It’s Just Not Enough! I Want More! :pensive:

The fun is hitting your opponent with a weapon you feel good about :upside_down_face:

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I just removed it from my pc. I will never again download content where you can buy weapons for real money, it totally ruins them. So much for decorative things, but not weapons. I also resigned from star citizen. Elite D is better because you only buy decorative ones there and in pvp it’s mainly about flying skills and the ability to go through the development, and you can skip the development using the wallet.


So have fun here and I wish you good luck with this game. But I glance here and there. :rofl:

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This is the main profit model of the game and without this, the game would probably have disappeared long ago

Is this because you do not have “spare” money? Not trying to be an ass, just curious if there might be jealousy involved in your displeasure. To be clear: I spend more than 10 bucks on my lunch everyday, so my view may also be skewed.

I played a month on PC and was quite capable of building two competitive builds without dropping any money at all.

Yes, people that pay may have different items than you have, but it is only your own view that makes it unfair.
It is not.

Perhaps, this just isn’t the game for you, or more specifically the business model of game that works for you. This is not unusual for the majority of gamers.

F2P games are never free of limitations. Ever.

Perhaps we will cross paths in that game you mentioned. I will certainly be there exploring.


Have fun man. Peace :v:

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It’s not because of the amount of money, but about the resistance to the blatant pressures from the developer on the wallets of the players. I hate that, if it was purely about decorations, for a lot of money, etc. But I’m not going to support pay to win.

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To be honest, I put enough into the game. I have Zyklone-toodfish-reaper-aurora-etc- in my gras. But I used them purely in pve. At ps 10,000+ I hated it. So I drove up to 9000 ps with purple ones. Sometimes it worked there. But the latest updates confirmed that the developers are only interested in profit and not the game. Those new weapons and building parts for money is not normal.

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What are your ideas to change the game?

Relics like weapons - cabins - shields - generator etc. Go to clan buildings. And leaving the purple things as they are, I simply wouldn’t sell them, but it would be pure game progress. That is, that beginners would start it on the blue ones and unlock it after being battered by time. And upgrade the dog so that a person with blue weapons cannot counter purple weapons. I know it’s not perfect, but you get what I mean.

This idea has been said many times over the years.

The dev team has already said on the old forum that this will not happen.

They use the PS system to separate players and do not plan to restrict rarity’s of weapons. They have been pretty consistent with this since the start of the game.

Thank you for sharing your ideas!

It might be better to come up with a different solution, most people do not have problems with this part of the game.

So do you have a purple weapon, go play at a lower ps, the devs give you an easy chance of winning now

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