Where is the Variety?

Just wondering why 55% of the players you meet every match are hitscan machinegunners,
And the other 35% of them are melee builds.
that leaves 10% of the rest of the players using all the other 99% of the weapons.
But they mostly get seal clubbed by the 55 and 35%.
Maybe Targem Games should look into this.


lol,i was talkin about this after another stupid 7or8 vs 1or 2 matches,either team…
it should level out in the last minutes to 2vs2 or 3 or something…but nope,either the whole team Wins or Dies.
we should have to que up for a match picking if ur dps or support.like 4 dps and 4 support or whatever,not just this chit show all day,it would help create some balance in matches…
players wouldn’t quit so fast and try to win or at least be close…
but right now.it’s win in a landslide or lose in a landslide…=no fun :rofl:


Too many weapons got killed because of hovers. Suggestion: Give +% dmg +% spread on the move tweaks to every fixed and turret cannon to make them more attractive on wheels/legs/augers/whatever. RN cannons tickle because of the old hover canon meta.


soo…your saying Hovers are a cancer.and shouldn’t be in the game?.
i agree,lets vote them out. :stuck_out_tongue:


The only time I see that kind of lack of variety is on weekends, when you encounter a lot of people playing in groups. Often those groups will go full flamethrowers or full DPS, because when it works it can be an overwhelming blitz attack.
However, even in those situations it’s often the cannon squads and support vehicles that can break their winning streaks.

I sometimes wonder if my experience of the game is so different because I mostly play during the day on Mondays and Tuesdays (my days off). I see a ton of variety in most of the matches I play. I also play a pretty wide PS range, from 4000PS to 15kPS, and switch it up whenever the matches start feeling too repetitive.


Lol No :slight_smile:

They killed all the weapons then they killed hovers to match.


Completely depends on the the player I try anything they toss my way…

would you be willing to change your mind on that matter if i was willing to share my cousins acc with you? he doesnt have much, but he does have a hover scorp. limited offer.

That’s how it will always be…
Just a while ago, it was 90% wedge shotguns… (just as much a nightmare as melee now)

One thing becomes meta, it get’s nerfed, people find another best thing… A never ending circle in a game where you have building choices.

Melee is annoyingly stupid though, that much I admit, even if I used to play it a lot. All because of the weird physics. They hit you sideways, stick to you and drill away. End.
They are the next to get nerfed.

Machine guns on the other hand are ok. As well as cannons and rockets.


Isn’t it because of the unsuccesfeul wedge nerf, that causes power reduction on touching cars? So Light cabin cant escape a heavy cabin if it touches your rear?

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Maybe more, but it was like that before too… I remember myself using melee… All I had to do was hit someone on his side and as long as I hold forward when I hit him, I will keep digging my melee weapons until he is crippled, and then taken appart.

Hey now!

That is a completely different forum.

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I will put chat message “chikan!” on hotkey these days. Is quite useful in many “piles”

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Then why have machineguns have never been nerfed in the last 5 years?
They rip everything apart now, because all the other weapons have been nerfed, except machineguns.

You misspelled “shotguns” heavily.

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Shotguns are imba too, but when you keep a distance they are not as bad as machinegunners.

I’ve always played a lot of machine guns, and they used to get stripped to easily (even the durable ones). They are definitely much stronger now than any other period that I’ve played, but I’m not convinced they need any big nerfs.
I like them because they are easy, and sometimes I am lazy. I still don’t find them great for getting lots of MVPs, but I know I’ll at least be able to contribute in some way, no matter how many beers I may have consumed.

You guys are starting on the wrong end. Machine Guns are powerful, but not amazing. They become very powerful when mounted on Hovers.

Ask yourselves these questions.
Why is it that a majority of mid to long range weapons are most effective when mounted on hovers?
What do Hovers and Dog builds have in common?
Why are a Hovers, Bigrams, Wheels, and Small Tracks so common while Tracks (Armored, Goliath, Tank), ML-200, and meatgrinders so rare?

Mobility is Meta. Want better balance in the game? Start with the movement parts first.

yup,only allow some dps and some support join the match equal to each team…
other than that,you will never balance an open match game… :money_mouth_face:

I’m afraid that your idea will just backfire. Forced variation isn’t gonna make people want to play other builds. It will just cause people to quit. I don’t think anyone would want to grind for a new part only to be forced to play something else.

Overwatch tried the forced variation method. It resulted in people quitting because they had to wait significantly longer to play DPS heroes.

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