Which parts that you think are OP or underwhelming that others may not

As the title says I wanna hear what parts you think are OP or underwhelming, excluding hovers as their low-hanging fruit that most people have an issue with

Here are some examples of supposed OP parts
White cannon Avenger
Here are some examples of underwhelming
Meat grinders

The above examples are ones I’ve seen either complained about or asked to be buffed

A few off the top of my head.

Tow Missile (over nerfed)
Vultures (was never good)
ATGM Flute (over nerfed)
MD-3 Owl (was never good)
RT Anaconda (was never good)

Heather (requires too much precision for such a mobile gun/game)
Vulture (Bad)
Grenadier(suffers same lack of efficiency as all grenade guns excluding Retcher)
Impulse (suffers same lack of efficiency as all grenade guns excluding Retcher)
Thresher (suffers same lack of efficiency as all grenade guns excluding Retcher)
TOW (forgotten weapon not adjusted to the modern day game)
Flute (not that great damage, can’t guide it so well after supercharged)
Rocket flying drone and turret (slow rate of fire, bad damage)
Ghost (Too slow, not enough damage buff to compensate the slowness, other cabs do a better job at boosting weapons in other ways)
Werewolf (Drone can’t do much most of the times, weak explosion, not enough time)
All wheels (Supercharged)
Golden Eagle (not enough speed to the parts it should buff to really be an option outside the other engines doing better things to the overall build)
Yokozuna (slow, speed boost not so great, stupid drone buff target friendlies waste of time fiddling)
Machinist (bad welding points)
Master (matches are too fast in general to properly fix your own build at any time, have to be away from the action to attempt fixing)
Cricket (Rip, you were nerfed so hard)
Nest (Rip, you were nerfed so hard)
Kaiju (slow and sluggish)
Astraeus (Epic scorpion experience, more like bootleg scorpion experience you bought from a shady vendor at a tourist destination)
Varun (changed too many times, each one in a worse direction than the last)
Hadron (too tied to the King minelayer to be versatile)

Aegis shield

I am not really sure when it comes to my personal picks for parts besides wheels and armour

For wheels
I would prefer if each wheel had its own traction instead of each rarity of wheels having its own traction, I liked that the lunar wheels skidded around on every map except the sand maps etc

For armour
I’m not a fan of armour/structure parts being so heavy but giving barely any armour for their weight class
I’m looking at you Steppenwolfs …

Pyralid : maybe its just me but i do so much better with wasp
yokai :devastating if youre lucky underwhelming otherwise , needs adjustment to do a little more on impact without affecting how it performs when missing
thresher/impulse : skip these and get retchers plain and simple

I think decor would be better if it had a lower powerscore. Also, I couldn’t care less about the reputation points they reward. If the reason their PS is so high is because of the garbage prestige they present, then I would like to see that nerfed so they didn’t reward so many experience points…or whatever the heck their reason for having such high ps is.
IMO, decor is it’s own reward, I don’t want more Stabilizers, and I don’t find experience points a desirable thing. I don’t want my rubber duck decor to do anything other than be a rubber duck. Same with lights. I want them to look at. IDGAF about their stats, and would rather they had none, like paints, or CKs.

Hovers (1st/2nd place on market popularity for years now) Dont care has to be said, biggest reason for ranged weapons being trashed with nerfs.
Kaiju, its a braindead sit there and vaporize anything that isnt a keyspam hover weapon.
Barrier spam
Heather (really should have minimap targeting but no ability to instantly evaporate builds for sitting still over the 4s it takes to cross map nuke some1)

Augers (Turn radius & acceleration when pressing multiple keys)
Special cabs
Flute (Needs a better perk & to lose the red lasers, which just give ppl an awareness cheat. Shoot str8 up and drop them down on somebody over the course of 2s, wow what an engaging weapon to use! The red lasers made them completely unusable in heli mode.
TOW (Needs 3d flight and a 2 stage explosion perk
Wheels (They need full reverse speed already, everything but wheels gets this. Having 30kmh reverse only hurts non W-meta wheel players and removes skill ceiling to an unacceptable degree.
Astraeus (turns too slow and needs more dura for a 6 en weapon that cannot possibly be averted/oma’d.)
King mines; utterly useless unless you spam them with a skinner, then they are op.
Grenade launchers; Remove their stupid and excessive grenade trails. “But they look cool” Indirect fire weapons are absolutely worthless if they can simply be dodge, these silly trails are like bells on a cat. Retcher should fire with alternating barrels with less DPS but no overheating and much less spread, its relegated to use as an explosive shotgun currently and an extremely ineffective autocannon at distance.

I think we have some common trends going on here.

I’m gonna say that Armored Tracks are underpowered. They’re slow and have lackluster tonnage/mass ratio.

Interestingly, we have one vote for Kaiju UP, and one vote for Kaiju OP

I’m playing Kaiju since it stopped being OP. I don’t think it needed the recent buff. i’d say Kaiju was mostly good in EVERY situation. never the best tool for the job, but probably always the 2nd, 3rd or 4th best choice at any range and against any kind of build.

The buff is strong. This said, the buff is strong if you CAN land your whole volley. That means aiming, leading and positionning skills FAR above any other typical meta ranged weapons. You can’t just pop out of cover at 90kmh, shit on the opponent, and rush back into cover 1 second later like a Scorp or Toadfish or whatever BS peekaboo weapon hovertarts play these days. You gotta crawl at 40kmh to a position where you can maintain LoS to the target for 2-3 seconds, without exposing yourself to their whole team.

I’ll tell you from my experience: Kaiju is strong. But. Kaiju is strong to play if you can handle it which is harder than most weapons. And it’s also easier to counter than those weapons.
The Kaiju player has to plan like 10s before any shot. And do his shit at 40 kmh. And expose himself. He’s good for nearly 10s of downtime too after shooting. That is extremely easy to punish.
The Kaiju player can strip you instantly… if you stand still with exposed Retchers on your roof. Minimap awareness, being aware of tunnel-vision, or just not sitting still for 30s when you saw at the starting screen that the enemy team has a Kaiju go a long, really long way.

To sum it up, Kaiju is mostly fine. If you find it really weak, consider putting some practice hours in. Not random gaming, PRACTICE. if you find it totally obnoxious to play against, just box your weapons and wiggle around instead of standing still. Like pre-nerf Draco, people expect to not pay attention to it and still do well. Slight reminder that Draco teams everybody was crying about (and playing) before the 10% damage nerf were extremely easily countered by a few epic setups lmao.

Last, actual tip: You wanna fuck a Kaiju player up? Push him out of LoS, but force him to stay charged by keeping pressure on him. His teammates will really enjoy hearing their dead weight Kaiju mate whining in chat that he’s going to be 50s late to the party and that they need to disengage.

Also, quit edit about the PRACTICE bit. I’m not saying it to be an asshole. I don’t pretend to be the best shooter out there, in fact I admit it wasn’t my strongest point in any videogame I played seriously. Counter-Strike, Quake 3, I was always a movement guy more than a shooty guy. And nowhere near the top. But I was above a solid 90% of the players there, generally holding firmly the second or third place in leaderboards on a server.
I spent DAYS practicing. I practiced solo, trying every jump on every map, shooting through every wall to see where my shots landed in games that let you shoot through decor. I practiced in PvP, not caring about the win, trying every weapon seriously, trying new keyboard and mouse configurations for some weapons (anyone who tried playing dual berettas in CS shooting with the mousewheel knows what’s up (^: ), staying right there getting shot at taking my time to line up the head instead of spraying and praying.
But above all those “skills” I worked on to get better at videogame, the thing that was most useful was simply the mindset. And I am not talking about a tryhard mindset, quite the opposite. Because the moment you decide this game is for practice, a competition against yourself rather than a competition against others, the tension is gone. It stops clouding your judgment, it stops making your mouse arm so tense precise movements become impossible. Without even putting 5 mins in, the simple idea that you’re going to practice and acceptation that you’re here to get better rather than to win the game will make you WAY, WAY more efficient in a game.

If any of you ever ended up 1v3, wrecking the enemy team, and suddenly you got sweaty palms and started missing every shot at 20 meters, you know what tension does to your performance ingame. So… Practice ;^). It doesn’t mean you suck, it means you’re getting good.


Turret drones of any type. (new items might change this idk)
Gasgen. (absurd durability)
Executioners (model is too big, pretty much rest was fixed this patch)
Wheels (most do not have enough durability/to big of power penalty vs damage in game now & acceleration/directional of other movement parts.

No he doesn’t. At most he plans 3-4s ahead of a shot. After he’s charged, he can wait as long as he wants for his shot. His downtime is very hard to punish because Kaiju’s have omamoris on their gun, cab, and modules. I need to shoot his gun 4x with a ghost charged astraeus while he can just evaporate my shit in 2 seconds. I hate the very niche of this weapon. Sit still and be completely untouchable to everything except hovers and wedges. Really well thought out weapon. I was playing a total meme sidemount kaiju on augers with a ghost and trombone and nobody could bother me except hovers and getting wedged lmao.

When did this happen? Is this platform specific? I don’t have one on PC.

Omamori Kaiju is… just don’t shoot the gun, and that’s on Omamori, not Kaiju lol. I play Kaiju Trombone, I just don’t get into degunning contests with Oma Kaijus U_U

Same could be said about all the bad hover scorps plaguing tin rn. They can’t hit your weapons to save their lives at 50m, but holy shit, you can nail them 10 times in their Scorps welded on Omamori, nothing happens. Omamori is the ultimate crutch for people who just lost every long range duel before its introduction. Peekaboo crapy design.
Recently plaid 4 scorp hovers, they got hardcarried by their credit cards. there’s just little you can do when nailing the opponent perfectly deals 100 dmg max because of broken game mechanisms and Oma. They couldn’t degun us for shit, but there’s only so many scorp shots you can tank before falling apart, weapons or not.

@PatentsPending Kaiju used to be 11 energy, AND hitscan lmao. Getting shot by it would also turn your screen into a white-hot mess of sparks that would blind you for a solid 5 seconds. I think on release, it wasn’t slowing down builds when you charged it either, but that quickly went away.

That explains why Scorps went up so much on Xbox. I sold mine for 57k each. I got bored of CW’s 2 maybe 3 years ago.

I had forgotten all the changes to the Kaiju. (one of the banners I still have to unlock). I posted a vid of me taking a kaiju to the face on the club a week ago or so. Yeah, couldn’t do that at release.

Still, I think Kaiju is OP doing 999 base damage with 1200 HP as a 4x4 weapon with its barrel at the very top of its hitbox. That is some BS about this gun. Its so tiny for its lethality and durability, and its terribly unfair to fight against unless you have a hover or a wedge. I’m going to buy and try a new kaiju build since they are really cheap rn and see if my opinion changes.

Next thing is Heathers. These need to be reworked cause they r op bullshit. Can’t even hear them fire 300m away and then I get evaporated 4s later. Then chase the damn builds and they are the most pathetically useless player ever. What a well thought out weapon.
Targeting circle appears on minimap/map, they fire their rockets over time like crickets, and can be fired in a direct, horizontal mode with a rate of fire debuff, so they aren’t pathetic and hopeless if the enemy team is unpredictable.

I play Kaiju and Heather stop bullying me :rofl:

Heather’s mostly good, except against hovers. I honestly suspect Mandrake is both easier to play and more efficient since the insane buff it got.
Also it probably shouldn’t be as good at shooting under enemies than it currently is lol. My heather build is a legit threat against hovers in CQC :eyes: Some hovers are totally oblivious to it and try to glide over me, the ones who know what’s up start panicking like I’m a Firebug Flash :rofl:

Anyway, Arty is mostly a matter of map more than the weapon itself. I can guarantee you Heather sucks balls on Nameless Tower, Sandy Gulf, and all those boring giant open fields “maps”. S tier on Powerplant, Quarry and Founders Canyon tho


We must play heathers very differently.
Hovers are the best targets to one shot. Open fields with limited hiding spots are best for me.

Hmmm, a Heather “Dog” VS hovers?
Might be a fun project. :slight_smile: