Why do i want relics when i can run 7k ps maces for more fun? 🤔

don’t say ore! but you will…which ore is useless and so is cw,now try again… :crazy_face:

i know whales with relics and they mostly play lower ps now,4 to 6 ps…
so what’s the point in relics if there is no End Boss to kill with them?


Play what you think is fun and worth getting. I don’t do anything in game I’m not having fun at. (I wish I had grown to this decision the first 2 years I played).


Ore is the fastest and most valuable resource in the game, so thats like saying resource and coins are useless.

Some pref solo games like get the scrap, some pref team games like cw

Relics got gameplay styles other weapons dont.

You are forgetting the most important part of why you need relics. To unlock the all important game changing banners! :laughing:


Depends on the guns you play with, most relics are not that much worth it, unless you want varying levels of cheese, like with a dual breaker build and having near immortal guns, or adding a fish shotgun to a single shot shotgun build for added heating cheese.

But other than that, Scorps and Porcs. Scorps for a sniping experience unlike any other, and porch for the porc experience.

One could argue Astraeus is a cheaper Scorp experience but that is like saying instead of playing with Yaoguais, you can use Vultures to get the same experience.

So basically bragging rights, cheese or getting to play with scorps or porcs, that’s pretty much it

For you sure I can belive that.
Useless? Theres this thing called the market, maybe you will figure out how to use it 1 day

If you cant comprehend what a ripper, scorp, porc etc brings to the table I have to label you clueless and hit you with this ignore bye :wink:

Yeah, if you like being locked to one cabin to stay at full hps on your gunmounts. I totally agree its comparing two different parts with different playstyles and trying to call them the same.

Life is like this, the pursuit is never a specific thing, but the feeling it brings

Finally this one got it. Took you long enough to realize this game has no meaning and no endgame. Only cuckwars.

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I prefer the game at 14k+

I like the way the builds look, I like the play styles and pace of matches more.

I pretty much like everything better at high PS.

The low PS games are not even close to the same.

I do think it is a good thing that they are not the same, and I’m glad that unlike many games you can pretty much play at any level you want.

Also, everyone’s experience with CWs is not the same, when I did played clan wars Ore was extremely easy to get because we did not lose very often. Unless we pulled a battle with dudes in the top 3 it’s was basically a win. And even when we went against the top 3 we could pull wins half the time, it just took more planning and calling targets.

The CW player bashing thing is kind of odd to me.
If your having fun playing low PS then cool.
But if the guys playing CWs or high PS with relics are having fun… we’ll then cool for them too.

I thought most of us have gotten over the whole “everyone needs to play with their toys exactly like me or they are wrong” thing in the forum… I guess not.


I think at least some of the comments about CW players comes from how unhappy they seem when they post of the forum, and how often they seem oblivious to the reality that CW isn’t popular with the majority of the player base.

I’m glad it’s there, even if it’s something I’m not super interested in. But many of the CW veterans on the board are just so bitter, and I think their vibe taints the perception of the mode for others.

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I would agree, but posts like yours are much more constructive then “Your wrong! Clan Wars suck!”

Then you have the other side that is all like “I play CWs so what I think is right and all the rest of you suck.”

Both of these stances are incorrect.

Then you got “Build META or nothing n0ob! Your car sucks!”

And then you got

“Spaced armor hover trash should not be in game! Builds should look cool or your build sucks!”

I just gets old.

We play a game where anyone can do anything they want. People should embrace that and be happy everyone is having their own version of what they think is fun.

You can be a PvE only player with “Raid Builds”
Or a hard core try hard CW dude with “META builds”
Or a sit around in bedlem with your “Art Build”

Or any combination of the above or whatever.

People are just to worried about what everyone else is doing and can’t focus on what they are doing.

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because relics = winning , or so everyone thinks lol , only relic im interested in are porcs

Better experience than scorps which r low skill compared to Astras.

Real question… like what?
I know you were already asked, but I’m actually curious.

The porc is the only compellingly unique relic I know of. The others just seem to be lame variations of things done elsewhere w/o the insane cost & PS hit. I had the cannon & shotgun long ago & thought the shotgun was actually worse than the lesser ones. :man_shrugging:

Yup… I’m kinda’ opposite you in taste. I got to where my builds were 14-16k & quite competitive. I just wasn’t having as much fun up there. I’m finding 6-10 a blast, though. For me, I think most of it is just the time involved. It’s much easier to build a lighter build… the matches don’t take as long… so, if I have 30 minutes to play, I can do a lot more “playing” at 8k than I can 14k.

Those higher PS matches require a much more sophisticated build and the matches are often much longer.

As I did above, I’m not going to speak just about relics, but high PS.

No one can deny that ultra high PS cars are nothing like mid to low PS cars.

Everything about them is different, not just the guns.

So without having to go into exact details, that is why high PS (which includes but not limited to Relics) is better for me.

It’s the same thing when people say “I only like playing low PS.”

I personally don’t get that, but I can respect their choice. That is about all you can ask for in this game :slight_smile:

Oh, I’m actually specifically asking about relics because I may dip my toe back into that realm. I didn’t know what I was doing when I had them a couple of years ago.


Scorpion… long range sniper weapon - fast & zero drop. But, Assembler, Pulsar & Helios provide similar playstyles.

Punisher… just a better machine gun. Not that unique.

Breaker… just a shotgun. I believe this is the one I had. Yawn.

Firebug… a flamethrower that throws flames better than the other flamethrowers?

Typhoon… a big ole cannon with a perk.

Ripper… okay, maybe this is somewhat unique, but it sucks beyond belief.

Mastadon… another big ole cannon with a perk.

Flash… a Spark with a perk.

I’m not saying those weapons aren’t somewhat unique, but if you’re going for variety, they are in no way worth the price. Paying 10x as much as a legendary for a marginally better weapon that isn’t going to offer a unique experience just isn’t alluring to me.

Jurmughghaghar… or whatever it’s called… I dunno. Is it any good?

Porcs really seem to be the only relic that is definitely unique. They’re supposedly related to the Fortunes & Incinerators, but they clearly play very differently. No one is doing access denial with Fortunes or Incinerators.

I’ve never had 'em, but can see that they’re unlike anything else in the game. So, that’s why I was/am asking for clarification to

Other than the Porc & Jorguimaondaorfomomor… Am I missing something?

Otherwise, I’ll probably aim for the porcs.

Yes. Because Jormungandr is basically Nidhogg and all that “evolution” line but the relic one also heats parts.

And Porcupines are unique only because they were meant to be not the weapon but a hindrance. It was meant to be put rear-facing so you’ll throw barrels in the face of someone chasing you.

This is how their precursors were used back in HTA. This is how some bots use it. Of course, them facing any direction is the merit of crafting, which people used since the start. This is why porcs always face the front. And that way they act similar to Fortunes, which has similar use.

The rest you got right.

So there’s nothing special in relics. Only in a competitive mode without strict PS bounds you have to have relics. The thing is, that certain competitive mode is redundant for you, if you don’t want any relics.

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its great for easy raids.

I think its the worse relic. It’s the only relic that is better to use a single one and legendary nidhoggs instead of a set of relics. (don’t get me wrong a set of them is powerful, but the gimmick is the heat up, you only need one to do this) for some reason nidhogg’s.

Scorps are not assemblers, pulsar nor helios. Not really. So much more precision… but also so much more precision aim required. You are firing needles, not explosives. helios is not even the same playstyle.

Punisher= better mg. Not unique.
Breaker=immortal SG… but not unique.
Firebug=flamethrower. Higher aimability… but not much if you build to survive.
Typhoon=big alpha numbers. Standard fixed cannon play.
Ripper=Unique. Never played it. Hear it suxor other than levi wars. Having not played it, I dunno.
Mastadon=Unique cannon experience. The two shot system is very different if you want to take advantage of the heating shot.
Flsh=Spark that can kill mines at full speed instead of having to slow for mines.

I like pretty much every PS. I like to build what I want to build then go play it. If it turns out 6k, great, if it turns out 16k, great.

I like the variety of game play… shooting the same people that play with the same strategy day after day gets boring.

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Assembler and Pulsar have been over nerfed - pulsar is nothing like a scorp.

I do really love Helios, but this playstyle is not even close to scrops.

So if we are only talking about these 3 weapons then Scrops are a clear winner as a sniper.

I’m not going to disagree that these are pretty much the same thing as other versions, play-style wise. But they outclass the lower versions.

With the upcoming cannon changes Typhoons might be the new king of high PS. The perk on that cannon outclasses low versions.

Ripper is very Unique, I have seen it used well in some hands, but I think most people will not do well with this weapon. Anyone new to Relics should not pick this one up first.

Because of the double fire mastodons are very Unique. But at super high PS if you don’t have mass fused mastodon and mass fused everything else, your going to have a tough time.

I play a triple Flash + Daze build that has a very unique playstyle. I enjoy this build a lot. But for most people they are going to hate this thing. I would not suggest anyone spend coins on this unless they already have other high PS builds first.

Maybe that helps.