Why do some people not build their own car?

Seeing as building your own cars and playing online with it is most of the fun.
I do wonder why some people never build their own cars and just use what their clan provides for them to get the most kills.


They’re exhibition copy\pasters, the “meta build” players with lack of imagination. This game reminded me of that saying that when people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other. That’s why nobody will remember their name. :-v

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You wanna be good in this game use a meta build (hover sideways).

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Being good and using meta builds are 2 different things my friend


I sometimes use exhibition builds but I normally change the underbody a lot. I also change out anything that I think is weight detrimental for other parts. You might want to look closer at them for differences however there is a problem with duplicate build on exhibition too.


Yes i know . But what i’m saying is ; if you wanna be in a high tier clan you need to play with the meta (hover sideways). You will never reach the top of the leaderboard with a hammerfall build on goliath.

Here’s why I would: Because the META typically looks like a flying cheese box or a garbage heap on small tracks, so why would I bother wasting any creative energy on that process?

What wins consistently is a short list of three or four builds. Anything else is a bit of a struggle in most modes, and in clan wars it’s all about the win, isn’t it? So, if you want to win, there is no need to be creative. In fact, deviating from the META is perilous and undesirable for most kids.

I don’t actually know why people who aren’t interested in the build feature even bother with this game, when there are other games that are basically the same thing (fly or drive around and shoot stuff), but without the creative build feature, and have way cooler looking prefabricated avatars than the dorky looking METAs this game produces to roam about cyberspace and blow stuff up in. I have no idea how they sell that to people, and given this game’s tiny player-population, maybe they aren’t.
It gives the game character, I suppose. You’ll never see anything like these META builds in any other game or fantasy…probably because it looks stupid and frequently doesn’t make a lot of sense.
It’s not my thing, but whatever turns your crank, I guess.

If you could know Kung Fu like Bruce Lee, with no personal effort, investment, or discipline, but you had to look like the Elephant-man to get there, would you do it? For a lot of people the answer is yes, apparently. Winning is everything, even when it’s imaginary.


Because I am not that good at building, and what I want to use already exists in so many forms and setups on the exhibition so why not make use of it

But I do make changes to builds, like if I want to use X weapon with Y cab, and can find a working build with Y cab but different guns, I’ll grab that and do a little tweaking so I can put X guns onto it, rather than building a Y cab X guns build from the ground up.

Or replace a module with something else, like removing chameleon and adding a doppler if I feel like I need the radar more than the cloak. Or just generally slap of a few deco items and change the overall theme of the build, like a regular old military tank into a more Firestarters looking spiky thing from a junkyard


Building is the main reason I play this game, but I know people who hate building and only want to battle.
I’m happy the game caters to all types of players.


bc pay to win ?

I love making my own fun metas but the games competitive side doesn’t reward creativity…people hate the troll-ness of a pure support build ( but love them on their team ) even though my 4 kap, barrier 9, argus, on beholder is one of my favorite and most fun builds.


If I was daily in real life or death fights with no choice out, I would, but not Bruce’s Kung Fu… :joy: I’d just be a beaten up dead elephant man the moment I meet a real mid/heavyweight, boxer or a practitioner of any modern and mixed martial arts.

BUT, this is a game.
If I had to play a pancake or a big piece of sh!t and scrap parts, I would quit the game right on the spot.
It’s a beautiful thing that we can make our own builds, but most players have ZERO sense of aesthetic. Like you’ve said. If they don’t care about the way their craft looks, and just play METAs that look like if Grimlock chew up a car and sha"t it out, WHY don’t they play much better games where there is no build option?

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I don’t feel like players refuse to build their own cars because they lack the creativity to make an aesthetically pleasing car, but instead because the game is incredibly punishing towards taking any kind of creative liberty while creating your vehicle. Weapons exposed? they get stripped off inmediately. Using good looking structural parts? they have bad durability and weight. Not using awful looking spaced armor? your gen get’s popped with one scorp shot.

So no wonder people prefer to default to well functioning exhibition builds, they have been scared away from building anything themselves, punished for it! It’s a very long learning curve to be able to create both good looking and durable/well functioning builds, and for some people, they’d rather just get one from exhibition. :confused:


Prebuild meta builds are like winning at bowling by walking closer to the pins. You might have technically won, but you missed the fun of it. Such F2P games are, in the core, skinner boxes and many if not majority of players are engaged in toxic behaviouristic dark patterns. They no longer play for fun, but as part of self-sustaining pleasure loop. The really useless and valueless event of winning is to them an important support for self-esteem.

For example the current brawls are fun AF - but some people are complaining about low rewards.
They forget what the reward is supposed to be - fun. Anything else is, at best. supplement to it.


Ya, personally I’m more of a Nurmagomedov fan myself, but his name is too hard to spell.

I’m glad there is a population to even play against at this point, I suppose. I just can’t see playing this shooter if the build feature/character customization wasn’t something you were into. If you’re just going to exploit the system, or wallet warrior the game (good luck with that) , it seems like there would be cooler games to do that with, but whatever.
To be fair, I think the shotgun-wedge was actually a pretty cool looking META when it was done right, and I’ve even seen sideways hovers that looked like the pilot tried to put a little character in their build. The balloons help. So do the horns.

IDK. People can play whatever they want, and that’s one of the things that’s cool about this game, but holy-crap they like the melee a lot lately. And the sticky cars are making that irritating AF. They need to roll that back. The sooner the better, and I’m wondering why they haven’t yet. I hope they plan on un-screwing it, anyway (the wedge-fix).

Presently they seem to be having all sorts of technical issues, so It doesn’t really matter. I can’t even log on presently. I’m getting some new error I’ve not seen before, and before that it was the in-game store not working, then they nerfed my Eater of Souls fenders hard, because duh, I guess…they’re getting under my skin a little right now.

If I was going to cheat at a game just to win and see my name in lights or whatever, I would find one that ran smoother. If it wasn’t for the build feature being so amazing, I just wouldn’t bother. These are the coolest legos I have ever seen, but the game-play goes through some pretty awkward phases that make me wonder if it’s worth it.
But, it is.

Crossout: Best game I ever hated.

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yes and yes
but also - I have made an absolutely not working contact-2M build with a pal. I am driving and tromboning, he is shooting. Its crap in terms of efficiency, but by god its fun - all the screaming and close calls trying to avoid incoming melees.
I would say the best builds in terms of enjoyment are usually less than stellar in terms of K/D ratio. But if you care about fun/minute ratio - go for bonkers 4-7k builds and embrace the defeat laughing.


I build all my own cars and never drive anything anyone else has made.

But what I don’t understand is how can anyone “not understand why people don’t make their own cars?”


Maybe they don’t have time? People do have lives.

Maybe they don’t enjoy building and just want to fight? Many people just want it to be a shooter game.

Maybe they like to win? Some builds are just proven effective

Maybe they just don’t have the skill to build? I’m a designer by trade, this stuff comes easy to me, but I can 100% understand that some people will find it very hard.

How about this, you have fun the way you want to have fun and everyone else will have fun the way they want to have fun and we can all have a big hug and get along.

Games, as life, does not always fit your idea of what you think it should be. It shouldn’t, that’s why we all have free will.


Oh, I forgot to add. On top of building all my own cars I also share all of my builds. And I’m proud that many of my builds have because Meta at one point or another.

I love being killed by my own cars and fighting my builds because then I know I’m fighting someone with a good build. I don’t want to win just because their car was trash.


Wow ,your comment got buffed . 10/10

No. It’s not really that. It’s more like, “Why do people play this game in particular, if they aren’t interested in the build feature?” I wouldn’t.
This game sort of sucks periodically and regularly as a third person shooter. The game development is incredibly inconsistent, and balance and fairness is a real struggle at Crossout, largely due to it’s build feature specifically. This game plays by different rules every other month. Nearly every update is a catastrophe that needs to be patched, and I’m not used to that in a game of any sort, personally, but that’s how it is with Crossout.
If you’re looking for a fun and simple third-person shooter this game is not it at all. There are certainly better games out there if that’s all you’re after, IMO.
Simply put; if this game didn’t have the outstanding build feature, there’s no way in hell I would tolerate it’s BS. If I wanted a simple shooter, IDK what I’d play, but it wouldn’t be this game.

Nobody said they shouldn’t do that (I hope I didn’t), but that’s not really what’s happening, and that’s the problem, isn’t it? And so, nobody plays this game. It’s less popular than herpes. Why is that, do you think?

Personally I think most of this game’s major issues revolve around its tiny player population and how the matchmaker struggles to make that work, and often fails. I think a multitude of other issues spin off of this core issue, not just how facing the same three guys in melee clones all night isn’t a lot of fun. Generally, I find that when the player population picks up, like around events or the Battle Passes, this game is always a lot more fun.
IDK. Maybe that’s just my perception, but I think player population, and how to get more people playing, is this games central issue. If the matchmaker is given enough to work with, this game is a blast, but that begins to break down when there aren’t enough players for the matchmaker to select proper potential adversaries from, and we’re left pitted against those same three guys in melee builds well beyond your power-score that they derped from the exhibition over and over on Sector EX because that’s just what the matchmaker does by default when it has no options. I personally get sick of that, and I know other people do too. I hear it a lot.

It still doesn’t matter though, because like I said this game has issues often and severely.
Who knows WTF is wrong with it now?

There are simple fun shooters out there, if you’re not interested in it’s build feature, that don’t have the issues this game has. I wonder why these people don’t play one of those games, since they aren’t particularly interested in this games themes.