Why do we have to wait?

So many matches turn into facepalm fests where 1 person keeps running away,
Or de-wheeled bots on both sides going in circles.
Why do you force us to spectate these cringe matches Targem games to get our full rewards?

Since leaving the game after you die you get very reduced rewards.
Dont you think its better for the playerbase and population of new games if half the players werent watching stupid players or stupid bots for 2-3 minutes waiting for full rewards?

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It’s your choice. It’s the price of mindless tactics where you don’t give a sh*t whether your craft survives. You can choose to fight more careful, live till the end, try to die last if at all. Works almost perfect for me.

You assume to much buddy, even sitting at the back of the team gives you a good chance to die, because there are cloaking melee cars who hunt the guys in the back you know.

Safest place to be - is riding around where most allies are. Almost in center of herd, but a bit further from where enemies are. Can break out at times for flanking or rear attack of stragglers and campers if you sure you got idea where almost all enemies are and have a strong ambush build.
Also might try to lead a charge somewhere if you have fast build and good awareness not to miss the moment when you can safely pull back, depends on terrain, you must have enough visibility.
Some other trick is trying to have cover nearby as you ride around, so that when someone starts to return fire you can break that fire contact, pop out to attack again as soon as your target starts doing something else.
Rapidfire MG is a perfect weapon for all that. Precision weapons drain your concentration from watching overall situation.

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Thanx for your totally off topic post with 4 edits

Whatever, perhaps someone with more wit will find that useful. Someone who didn’t come here to whine for devs to change the game for his specific needs.


Don’t worry, this new forum keeps the drivers of the


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Thank you Ultralocust, for your first post portraying me as a noob who zergs forwards and dies first.
And thank you for your other post lecturing me on how to play.
I also want to thank you for your last post where you tell me i am whining to the devs.

Can we get back to the topic now please?
I think there would be alot more human players in every game, when people didnt have to wait so much.

You have a problem. I mistook you for someone bright enough who could consider solving problem. Sorry. Also you don’t even bother trying to understand why things are the way they are.
The mechanic you are talking about stands there for a reason - to give less reward to cheesers-grinders, and motivate players to build something to live and fight.
Playing lances on boosters allows you to get good score in half a minute. With good online you can almost make same amount of scrap playing that. Now you say this needs even more reward? How soon before people realize explosives on boosters are most efficient way to GRRIINND?

Thank you Ultralocust for your neverending supply of insults.
It really shows character

I meant none. But your ignorance makes you seek one. I’m only discussing the topic here, but is seems the topic isn’t relevant for you. You just want approval of your delusional idea, to protest against rules put in place for a reason.

hmm, doesnt this look alot like you buddy?

You started topic about quite significant mechanic in the game - I suggested solution for it, and explained why things are better this way. What is your input in this topic?

My input was starting this topic friend, with a genuine question.
all ive been doing since is rebuting your insults

You found it insulting that I offered you solution to the problem, nice.
Besides… you got insults in your very first OP post:

Congradulations in finding another point to degrade my personage.
Some people know when to quit you know, before they make a fool out of themselves.
The whole world can read this topic and read back to the start.

I am sorry if i somehow hurt your feelings by calling you “buddy” or “friend”
So thank you, for turning this topic into your personal ego battle against me.

Why didn’t you?
Your accusations of insults, offtopic and trolling mixed with buddy, friend and thanks is a definition of hipocrisy.

Good question, i wasted far too much time on your trolling, goodbye

Don’t worry I’m sending help

I tried sending the fefe police but they’re overly busy at the moment

Geez guys it’s a team game. A TEAM game. You’re supposed to work as a team and win/die as a team. Stop wanting to grind that shit solo for hours without putting any efforts into getting better. Gamers these days are the reason why online gaming as turned to shit with no possibility to have ff anywhere without it turning into a shitfest. Heh. If you wanna grind faster, open your wallets like others.

Rewards should be reduced to nothing, and you should get a penalty everytime you leave a game past the 10s warmup screen.

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