Why do we have to wait?

I do find waiting and watching sometimes annoying sometimes fun, but anyhow - if you could leave after dying for reasonable reward it would be only boom builds, boom builds from here to horizon and back.


Watching matches is a good way to see what other players are running, and what’s working well (or what is not working).
For example, I never had much interest in the Deadman cabin until I saw someone using one with Avalanche effectively yesterday. Bought one, and now I’m trying it with all my reload weapons and seeing that it has way more potential than I thought it would.


OP does make a point, having to wait out the entire game can be a tad bit frustrating at times. But the reason is also entirely valid. If we didn’t have to wait, everyone would just run Lancer builds, blow up someone, then quit. Or do a similar suicide run with a less effective build for a similar result. How about a compromise? Allow us to quit and get the full reward, but only if at least 6 out of 8 people in our team are dead.

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just make matches 3 minutes long and Not 5 minutes for people with (A.D.D) :rofl: :crazy_face:


To slow your earnings!
You earn too much too quickly!
Everything they do is to slow your progress because there are not enough new players.
This game’s economy depends on new players needing stuff.

Back when a one capture point lead had greater value, the good ole days!

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Tutor and Derp found each other :rofl:


It really is a bad mechanic, so many multiplayer games give full rewards after you die.
Yet Targem Games forces players to wait and watch the match to its end.

When you click play and find yourself in a match with 4 bots,
those 4 bots could have been players, but they are busy being dead and spectating other games.

That happens when you just put two snowfall on almost naked growl cabin and just rush in. Devs made that wait precisely do counter players playing like that, and encourage them building and playing to live.

Aren’t you that guy who puts 4 piercers on a naked cabin with 4 tiny wheels?
So what are you trying to say here buddy?

That’s an art I play for fun. I play extra careful so I got no complains nor problem.

What I said already.
And you compare my tiny art build with full firepower and careful tactic with your growl with 2 randomly placed snowfalls and barely anything else and tactic inferior even to that of bots.

So when you place weapons on a naked cabin it is art? and when other people do it too they are noobs?
Thank you for clarifying.

With extra parts and overall shapes - yes.

But you didn’t. That wasn’t at all art build, but whatever.
When someone does that, they accept that it’s not meta, accept the risks, adjust the tactics, and don’t complain when things go bad.

Thats where you

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Good job on dissecting other peoples posts word for word friend.
And twisting the topic to suit your needs, kudos to you.

That’s your topic. It literally should just had like that 1 post answer.

and yet you keep replying, are you trying to get me in a private room or something?

I mistook you for someone capable of taking simple advice at first.

And this one was just funny as I was right in a battle that lead you writing more crap about game mechanics, while neglecting the game entirely with how you played.
All the other posts is me replying on accuses and wordtwists.

You seem to do that alot friend, “mistook” people you talk to.
Maybe it is time you give your imagination a rest.

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Time to see forum whiners for what they are. Right. I had enough for that, thank you.

Alright, rebute you later and have good games :wink:

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