Why i quit playing crossout

Being put in matches where i have a 30% ps disadvantage, bots that are MVPs in a pvp match, the fact that meta even exist in a pvp match, or my favorite, a match where there is a 4 man clan on one team so the other team is nothing but clan foder, ‘because they can communicate’ because theres no open mikes, plus you get no uranium for it. Nothing promotes a desire to spend money on the game then the feeling of being cheated. And as if the flying junkpiles wasn’t bad enough now they want to have trucks and tanks flying, 'I guess they want more little kids playing '. These are the reasons this game only gets 2000 to 4000 players a day instead of 40000 plus other games get. Its sad to because this could be a great esport game.
They need to go back to more the way it was in the beginning, 90 sec matches, I much rather wait 2 minutes to play then spend 2 minutes watching someone, who did nothing but use his teammates for bait, hide behind a rock and launch missiles. They need to get rid of the bots, 'if the game had more players they wouldn’t need bots, but as I mention earlier no one likes feeling cheated.
And finally this is a mobile combat game camping shouldn’t exist so quit promoting it


yeah, I remember the day when the city came in and bulldozed my old playground, replacing everything with stuff “too small” for me. That day, I just went and found a bigger playground to have fun in…and i didn’t stand outside the old playground yellin at the others about why I left.


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It’s always like this

no players, end of my favorite game CROSSOUT

By your “logic” you shouldn’t be on this comment thread. You should “go find a bigger playground” someplace else.

And I don’t get that he’s “yelling”. He wants to like the game. He doesn’t like where it’s going or what happened to it. And I agree with him.

The USA has some problems. Hurr durr. Don’t like it, move to Mars hurr durr.


Why should I? I like this “playground” and I have so for the last 3 years. I also enjoy watching things evolve/progress and/or move in unexpected directions. So, this playground…I’m liking it and, because of that, I’m gonna stick around.


With all of its imperfections, it’s still the best game around.

Adapt and overcome. That is what the real world of Crossout would be too. The enemy is not trying to build “fair” machines of war. They want to live and they want to kill.


secondly, I get it, you want a static game, you want the same game you found, the way it was when you found it. Trouble is, I don’t think XO ever has or ever will advertise itself as a static game. It’s up to you and the others to realize that and, if you want to, rejoin the community under the knowledge that things are going to change, for better or worse, they are going to change. Learn to adapt to it and, really, you might find out just WHY and HOW people can find “happiness” in things that keep breaking.


I understand your anger and I have shared it for a long time, but crossout is a game that is sorely lacking in stability, balance and a certain “fair play” where many players will only want to play what is OP, that’s is never funny to be pushed against a wall by a builder or to chase after a hoover that disarms you and has the luxury of honking your horn…

but that’s part of Crossout, you have to accept that what works today won’t be worth anything later, and that if you fused your bha weapons you’ll have to wait for the nerf/buff rotation to play it again.

I translated from French into English with google, not sure I understood the message ^^


i’ll be honest that, lately I been lookin around for other games and…I’m just drawn back here every time! EVERY TIME! I’ve tried out about 5 different games in the last year, all of them have been in the vein of my interests: Star Trek, Star Wars, Final Fantasy…none of them grab me like they used to. Tried out some of those “We pay giftcards for gaming” things and…i set it all right down just to come and zone out on trying to build something…smh…im hopeless in love with this godless game.


I’m in the same boat, tried to play a few different games and I always come back.

The two games that did pull me away for a bit where “Conan Exiles” and “Space Engineers”

Both games have a heavy building mechanic.


I got into Conan Exiles too, then I left the noob area and could not even play. The hot zone or the cold zone would just freeze my PC, Same PC plays Crossout for 6 years
Even WoT was beginning to be more and more unplayable every update

Darksouls 3 has been the only game able to drag me away from crossout consistantly. I did play chimeraland and nothing else for two weeks straight. Skyrim vr was able to take my focus off xout for a while about four years back, but my char got stuck in an area that was bugged and would make my game crash, and i was unable to get my charecter to a safe area before crashing again. So i just stopped playing it. Nwn still draws my attention, but crossout is king.


We keep coming back… and I think I might know why.

If I play ANY other game I know of, I get to pick what type of player I want to be… an sniper, brawler, all-rounder… whatever.

CrossOut doesn’t do that. I can put a shotgun on a hover sniper with a heavy cab if I want. No pigeon holing, here. If I can make it work, I win. If not, I die.

We love that about it… No other game offers it that I know of.


Nobody is asking for a “static” game.

When you add A10s and AH64s to what is essentially a ground vehicle combat game, you completely ruin the balance.

That’s the point.

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And how is anybody supposed to have a reasonable conversation with somebody like you?

Go touch some grass.

For some weird reason, the random people that show up in this forum expect everyone to have the same opinion as they do.

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i love this aspect.


easy. be reasonable :slight_smile:

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There are games that let you do stuff like that other than crossout, but not with cars. Like shadowbane and crowfall and neverwinter nights also give you massive creative freedom. Like makeing a little thief with a big polearm, stuff like that. These are my favorite kinds of games. Pvp and massive creative freedom. Unfortunately its hard to balance games with that combo.

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Sure perfect balance is great. However your never going to get that with these types of games and ive accepted that. Id much rather have more creative freedom in my pvp game than perfect balance. You want balance then youll have to limit the creative freedom in crossout significantly, and then it wont be a game worth playing anymore imo. There are just so many factors in play that if devs do one thing theres always an unanticipated domino affect and something else will get unbalanced. This level of creativity with heavy pvp makes thia kind of game just impoasible to palance perfectly.

I think devs are doing a pretty good job.