Why is everyone complaining so much about the game?

Why does everyone complain so much about the grind in the game ?
There are tons of examples of how in a week of play you can build kraft from purple parts .
Besides - look at other free-to-play games . Almost everywhere the situation is the same, if not worse. You want to get everything at once, not taking into account that the game aims to keep you earning more cool parts.

Crafting from legendary parts is almost the highest level of development in this game and you want to get it in a few days . That’s not right. Yes in this game there are problems with economy for example crafting parts or market is a problem in this game . Plus you want freebies and then complain about it .

You should not take the game so seriously, but you should play for fun and enjoy the development.

A beginner for a week of play can create a few interesting turquoise crafts, and more experienced player already a good purple craft . At the same time as the ace of this game plays on legendaries . I remember how excited I was about my first purple crickets.

And I think it’s the difficulty of getting some parts that brings a lot of pleasure when you get them. There’s no pleasure in getting something quickly.
In addition, all parts can be obtained for free just by earning coins and the game is absolutely not a donation dump as everyone has access to parts and everything depends only on your skill to collect cars and play.

There are problems in the game, but not as big as you all write here. You should have a different attitude to the game and make it better by actively participating in solving problems. Besides, in this game developers often hear their players. As a result, I can say that you want too much at once.


Because they keep handling the game very poorly
If they did a good job people would not complain, if they do a poor job people complain


I have noticed that it is in free-to-play projects often players do not like everything, no matter what the developers do


You must be on console? :wink:

You’re not likely to simply grind out any clan-war content…ever. That’s all P2W crap, but they should have their corner of the game too…maybe?

Most people think it’s a race to Power-score 14K for whatever reason, and are disenchanted with how long it takes to grind your way there. It’s quite the grind if you’re F2P, I think, but I also think it’s totally in their head to think there’s a better game waiting for them way up there. There’s not, IMO. It gets worse, I think, but whatever.

IMO, the game’s better and more fully functional as far as the game’s features go (matchmaker, passive melee, build variety, bot-beauty and performance, etc.) under PS 6K, and it certainly isn’t a big grind to get that far. Plus there are free promo-packs available to make the early game more accessible.

People think they need relics and legendary crap to load on their wonky-ass builds to make their lazy-ass play-style work, and maybe they do. IDK.

Personally, I think the end game sucks here, presents some of the worst features, builds, and game-play, and I can’t imagine why anybody would feel the need to grind that crap out in the first place (ask the Monkey), but that’s me. To me the grind is fake, and dwells mostly in kid’s heads. The grass is always greener on the other side, type of mentality.

IMO, the game is more interesting at the bottom, and sucks pretty hard past PS 9K, but some kids like it, and I say great, but I can’t imagine why people feel like they need to get there so fast.

Go buy a pack you cheap, lazy-assed nerd, is what I would tell them, or learn how to build something cool and play where you’re at.

It can be done without the massive grind or the cash. That’s what I do.

However, periodically the grind does suck due to garbage up-dates, but they usually get patches eventually. It can make the game very miserable and “grindy” to play. Also, some of the mechanics behind event brawls are particularly awful and piss me and other kids off, too.

Ya, overall, I think the “grind” is just a pychological manifestation of jealousy. Kids want what the other kids have, and they want it now. It sucks to lack creativity, I suppose.

I’d hate it too, if the only way I could build a cool car was to grind out some top-end gear, and heap it on top of my pile-mobile, and couldn’t manage to make anything cool to drive with all these virtual legos (structure parts).

IMO, paints and decor are very underrated, and it’s at the low power-scores that you can actually build cool stuff that’s still playable. Once you get into 9K and even earlier, it’s META or die, and those builds are generally hideous schit-heaps of exploits with pay2win guns on top. I don’t know what the attraction is, but whatever.

As long as I don’t have to play that, I’m fine, glad I don’t, but if you feel like you need to, it is a bit grindy to fuse some of the fancier equipment in this game in order to survive or compete, I think.

This game is a huge constructor and all it gives you is new pieces. Everything else, including the goal of the game is created by the players themselves.


Nice condensed version of my ridiculously long entry. I agree.

I couldn’t agree with you more!

It’s really not that hard to grind out a steady supply of new items to keep the game interesting. Sure, getting relics will take you forever, but you don’t need them, and it’s good that long term goals aren’t immediately available without a lot of work.

My biggest gripe with the game is the new Battlepasses and blueprints. This game is using FOMO tactics to squeeze the players for more money.

The game has taken a turn for the worst this past year.


Battle passes are not so expensive and also give useful resources. In general, the meaniks have been redesigned, but the balance of resources received has not changed much (although there are questions about the monthly Battle Passes). In addition, free play project must somehow earn money to improve the game including

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It’s been a lotta crap, that’s for sure. Heaps of innovations that don’t seem to be having a positive effect…other than the looks. It sure looks nice, especially after this last update.

I haven’t played nearly as much this year as I have in the past, but I did log on last night (early this morning) and I didn’t see any outstanding issues…at 6K. I don’t know what’s going on in the upper levels, but I never liked it there, and don’t care to find out.

I was just glad to enjoy the game for a change, because I haven’t done much of that this year. They’ve literally changed everything. There’s nothing they haven’t changed, and some of it drastically. I’m glad to see it finally settling into whatever it is they envision for this game, and I think I may be seeing a method to their madness…maybe. I hope.

I’m glad I can now ignore this clan-war feature again, and I still don’t like everything about this game, but I never did. As it sits at the moment, I think there’s a little something in it for everybody, and that’s a good thing.

I think it helped that I let go of the idea that there was any real competitive mode in this game. That was hard. It feels more arcade-like on one side, and pay to win on the other, now.

I have no doubt that they will piss me off soon again. They always do, but I’m good now.

I need to bust out my joust-rod and see how badly they screwed me over there. Maybe that’ll twist my panties some, but I’ve yet to check that out.

Tracks are also screwed still, and need some help. Maybe they need to drop those down a rarity level and tweak them to fit at a much lower power-score than they currently compete in. IDK.

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It’s worth thinking about how hard it is to balance a game like this with a million variations of different combinations of parts . When there are some unbalanced things they are removed. And things that are thali metha is another issue and you can not get rid of it . If you want to play on a meta , if you want to create a new meta . The choice is yours.


I don’t complain about it.

Okay, starting Monday you’re creating a new acc and making a new craft with epic cab, epic weapon set, epic movement parts, and epic modules. Within a week.

Who? Who exactly complains about that? Who are you talking to?

Oh, so now it’s not “full epic” but “full special” craft now?

What others f2p games do is their own business. Targem/Gaijin’s mistakes are not justified by others’ mistakes.

Kid, you’re not in a position to tell people what they should and should not do.

What? Does Gaijin pays me? No? I don’t see the reason to lift a finger for them, then.


There are problems with this game and the biggest one is that this game has no content. This game has no meaning. You just craft and trade all over and over again to craft and trade some more items.

Oh, no, who hurt you?


There are plenty of dorks out there that make it their mission to break the game too. They sit around trying to figure out how to legally cheat essentially, and then the developers are supposed to come up with some clever fix for some jerk’s exploit. I’m certain that has to be exhausting.

By far, the worst thing about this game has been the players. If anybody is guilty of taking a good game and screwing it up, it’s them (you know who you are).

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No one did. I just like putting arrogant kids in their place.

You have no arguments and you can’t prove your words… it speaks for itself.

They do give out useful items, but what happens when a player misses the BP or doesn’t obtain the items they want? Then they’re gonna have to pay extra to obtain an unfused version of that item. Want an Omamori module? You’ll have to pay more than twice of a regular Legendary to obtain it.

I get that, but this game seems to cater to whales while punishing everyone else.

Just find a video on YouTube, why would I do that? Personally I already had crickets and purple cabin in a week of playing . Nobody said anything about modules.

“I don’t have to prove my words; you go find evidence in some other place.”

Yeah, I’m not gonna do that. You have to prove your own words. Otherwise your words are worthless :man_shrugging:

Also, don´t pull a strawman on me. You’ve wrote a lot of bullpoo here.

Starting from the top: who exactly “complained so much about the grind in the game”? Who is “everyone”?

Other points you can find above.

How long would it take a new player to graduate from the common items to a build that’s all rare items? Probably not more than two weeks, and possibly within a week.
Maybe another week before they can turn that into an all-special build.
The special item build should then be able to generate enough resources to get at least one epic item a week.

To me, that’s not a bad grind, and is much faster than what the game was like when I joined.

How fast do you expect people to progress?

We get it… this game sucks on PC.

For all the console guys reading this forum - you can ignore comments like this. This is not the case on console at all.

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