Why is the vindicator so unpopular?

Last day of the Foxy’s secrets event and the vindicators is at an all time low. I bought 2 today for 1325 coin on pc and I’m waiting on 2 more and don’t see nothing wrong with it. I made a 10k build with icebox, gerrida legs and added a guardian while I’m waiting on more vindicators and did pretty good plus the gerrida perk really helps with the spread. I remember last year when vindicators use to be the meta with legs on nova cab and would sell for well over 3000 coin, so what happened to it? I can’t remember it being nerfed or anything.

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Also maybe try Huggin. It works wonders for multi-weapon builds that need cooling.

I have a double vendi and double whirl build that I still play at ultra-high PS and it kicks ass. It is on the Nova cabin.


I might experiment with that too, I’m using ice box with tonnage upgrade with 4 gerrida legs. Managed to find a build where I could extract max value out of my tonnage icebox that I never use lol. Had a match earlier with it and got over 2k points plus 6 kills. 2 vindicators and a guardian.


Maybe people just got bored of them?
I’ve considered selling mine, but because the prices have been low I’ve held on to them. I find them very dependable and easy to use, but not super exciting.
But I always come back to them when I want to make a heavy MG build.

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Looks cool.

What PS is that?

(I personally would not play a 4 leg build beyond 9k - your going to have to many issues with losing one leg and being screwed, at lower PS you still have this issue, but it take them a little longer and I still think 4 legs is “OK” 9k and below)

Also - I would give up armor to have 4 guns, if possible.

I think the complaint I hear the most is accuracy but that generally goes for most of the limited angle mgs.


Tap firing helps a lot with accuracy, and also helps you maintain the perk.

Things that help:

Fuse for spread, falcon driver, tap fire


10k ps at over 3700 hp. I just built it but I could replace those steppenwolf bumper for the lunatics and add more light frames, they are the heavy ones. Lots of heavy bumpers on it

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Just my 2 cents - but at 10k+ I want at least 6 legs and 4 guns.

You will still have fun with it as is, but it will under preform.

3700HP is worthless if you face down with your front legs busted off.

Just something to think about.


I dunno I’m just wonder why it fell out of favor with the playerbase, it was the most popular mg until one day it wasn’t for some reason.


I think boredom mostly - they never got nerfed.

New toys come out and they want to play with those.

I still think they are good. Not OP. But good.


I’m aware though being that I only have 1, I generally don’t use it.

most of that hp is from armor used to guard the legs and weapons. I only got 4 legs so I used alot of armor to guard the legs and it is also on same level or almost same level as the weapons so some armor pieces is guarding both legs and weapons.

I hear you man. But no mater what, those giant legs just hang out, they can’t really be protected 100%. You can bust one of those things off with passive melee by just driving into it, don’t even need a weapon.

Have fun man :slight_smile: off to work with me.

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I know a couple of clan players downloaded and used the destructor one I did and became my most popular build that wasn’t a levi. It is same basic design as this one and the cricket one I posted on the forum a while ago it is actually decently effective for a gerrida build and greatly increases the survivability of the legs if your only using 4.

I rarely play anything front facing. It limits HOW I can play, and the benefits - for me - rarely outweigh having to spin the whole build to fire.

I often build something to re-try some front facing weapon (usually shotguns), and get frustrated and bored quickly.

I much prefer moving quickly & constantly. If I’m going to play a machine gun build, that’s especially true… a diagonal build is great for that. This is my current daily driver… ugly little box, but tons of fun.


The degunning market is a cre

I used to have a full set of 5, 1 BP version, 4 regular with a fused radiator on Bigram Nova spider. This was the meta. I ran it on Jade for the -15 percent spread.

The gun is good and effective, but it only hits about 3000 on the damage meter while taking 16 points of energy. Punishers hit 3100 with 13 points of energy as Punishers only require one fused Shiver or Seal to work effectively.

The spread on Vindicators is atrocious and it is expensive to fuse. This means that they are tied to Bigrams or Gerridas as the perk fixes many of their problems. Falcon is also a must have.

The big reason not to use Vindicators is that Destructors, especially fused +Range Destructors are a much more attractive package for investment. Destructors have perfect accuracy hitscan are also very hard to hit. In addition, they only take 12 energy so they can use an Omamori and a Flywheel for a fully loaded build.

3 Destructors with only a Flywheel hits about 3000 on the damage meter. It hits much harder if you use Photon cab.
With 3 Destructors, you can have a fast hover, a heavy hitting 3-4 Destructor wheel build, a spider, or anything else you want. If you only have enough money for 3-4 legendaries, it is much better to have Destructors than Vindicators.

Vindicators aren’t bad, they are just out precisioned and less fun than Destructors and outranged and out precisioned by Nothungs and outdamaged by Arbiters and Helios. I wouldn’t scrap a well fused set but I wouldn’t pay a huge amount of money for it either.


I get what your saying but I’m curious why all of a sudden one day the vindicator went from being the most popular/pricey legendary mg being used in every clan battle to being basically the least popular weapon in the game on the same level as vultures/assembler etc. Don’t even see it in reg pvp no more. nothungs is more accurate but so is the aspects and aspects were always around. I did a dps test and I think on icebox it even out damaged my imps. I scored over 1700 on the big round damage meter so if I had 4 vindicators I prob would of got 3400 on the damage meter so even without icebox perk it still does crazy damage.

Vindi’s are still good (not godly, but good). People are just playing them wrong and on the wrong build.

4 vindi and 5 vindi builds don’t hit hard enough and honestly they never did because 2 vindi + 2 Whirl always hit harder. (Screenshot below)

Is this going to be a top of the top CW combo? Well, No :slight_smile: But for a high-end budget Clan build this combo is pretty good.

3500+ on the damage ball - which is higher then Punishers and it always was.