Why nerf icarus? Makes no sense

I’ve been making them so long and now they’re about to be worse than they were? Are you serious?
Better turning is nice but there was no need to touch the hovers. VII aren’t that fast at all. The speed should actually be increased.

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cause the autistic mongs playing the worst builds in the game dont like skill

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I think it’s mostly because there is an seemingly non-stop stream of complaints about their mobility. It’s always been like this since they were introduced. They aren’t making them as bad as they were though it’s only about a half way roll back. They were still very useable under their worst nerfs with people still complaining about them though. I think they will survive the minor change.

i play scorps and porc hover but okay womp womp keep being shit at the game

hovers should not be in this game… :shushing_face:


This thread could be anywhere between 5 years and 5 mins old and it would still be relevant lol


how tf do u respond so fast

I refreshed my tab, clicked the thread…

do u just only spend time on the forums u responded within 10 seconds

Just timing mate

Or maybe it’s just a game that allows you to build whatever you want, giving you the choice to fine tune your build into the most efficient machine possible, or to make something that looks cool but requires more physical skill?
Maybe neither choice makes anyone “better”?

They’re both better, but each in their own way. One has better stats, while the other has better looking builds.

They’re not the ones doing the fine tuning… you know they’re not.

It’s just copied from the exhibition.

Ok, so that’s another choice: pick the best current battle-tested build, and focus on playing that build as well as you can. I will point out that someone fine-tuned that meta build before uploading it to the exhibition.
Whichever choice is the most fun for you is the right one. Most of the time I like the game to be hard, so I don’t worry too much about having the strongest build. But I do like fine tuning builds, so I do put effort into improving my creations. Other people care more about winning and less about building, so they will behave differently.
As long as we’re having fun, it really doesn’t matter. If other people’s choices are causing you distress, that’s your problem.

I disagree poony. That was some boring gameplay. Cookie cutter, low ping, high frame rate, peek shoot exclusively, center mass shooting Scorp playing boredom. Translation? Not a showcase of skill, just boring ezmode gameplay. It was good, but no entertainment value whatsoever for me.


Also, did I see Icarus hovers on that build??
So the original topic discussed here somewhat is related to the video, as he’s mad his scorp build is going to need…

“No, don’t say it!”

a REDESIGN! :scream:

I’m easily entertained, what can I say?

I do find it interesting to see just how much more effective that style of armouring is. He’s able to tank a lot of damage, even when his HP is low. I couldn’t get away with getting hit that often in the kinds of builds I typically play.

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130 ping is low? lmao im fighting people with 20 ping but okay / almost only aiming guns (did you even watch the video?) and no shit im going to peek shoot with scorps nah im going to play like a spider and tank with a catalina scorp use your brain pls

Not gonna watch 1 hour 54 minutes to cherry puck a point, like you have. First vids were mostly all 40 ping.

And ofc you play a scorp like a scorp. Good on you. Im just saying for entertainment’s sake, it’s bland. The first one the helios played braindead and 82 dura did the job. More their mistake than amazing gameplay. The rest of the next 4-5 rounds i saw was you taking shots on people who were of no real threat the entire time.

What place does your clan typically finish. Do you win vs. the top 10 clans or is it a plateau, where you beat those under you and get mopped by the heavy hitters? Cause seeing braindead helios, retcher hovers and whatever god awful puni nova build that was, was obviously subpar competition.

was boosting a shitty clan in the MURKA video i left that clan