Why should I feel bad for taking 5 minutes to win?

I never asked for 5 minutes! It was the snipers and campers who wanted 5 minutes!
Now, I have kill and kill assists, 2 ammo left out of 16, the base capture lead, a detector, and one enemy hover machine gunner without detector and 2 minutes to go. My heart is racing for the 2 minutes as I race from base to base, evading, trying to increase or maintain my capture point lead, and using my 2 ammo to try to trap the hovercraft.
By the way, machine gun hovercraft are the rock to my scissors.
So, I am supposed to apologize for having fun, adrenaline rush filled 120 seconds, because my allies are bored?
If it was still 3 minutes, then it would be over already!
I never asked for 5 minutes and I am not apologizing for winning!
The enemy hovercraft could have ended it 2 minutes earlier by realizing it was over and just self-destructing!

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First off, who cares what people think. You do you and don’t worry about everyone else.

But I think your smart enough to understand why people would get pissed, so at least respect yourself enough to not act like you don’t understand.

The reason why people get mad is because 99% of the time a drone guy runs around the map for an extra 2-3 min then dies anyways. You know this is true.

There is no way your a clutch drone guy every time. So please don’t act like everyone is sitting their and watching you win all the time. I would guess most of the time they are wasting their time watching you do nothing because most drones are trash.

Also, running around for 2-3 min by yourself does not produce much more reward for that match even if you win. So you and everyone else would be better off if you blow up and go to the next match.

One out of 100 times if your running around at the end you might pull off a win with drones, but the other 99 times you should have blown up.

Like I said at the start, you do you, don’t worry what people think. You have fun and forget everyone else. But please don’t act like you don’t understand.


Them getting pissed off I can understand but chatting “Droners take the short bus” and other insults while I win and nothing in chat after I do win is what made me post this thread. If the remaining enemy has a Detector, then I cannot always clutch, but with my Detector versus no Detector, then I can evade for any number of minutes on any map. You go to take my base then I take yours and I have the capture point lead. Once under 30 seconds, no more capture points are possible, just run.
But, this one was 2v1 and we have the capture point lead, my ally could have used tactics and come home and stayed in my Detector range but chose to 1v1 the hover enemy and died while out of my mini-map and detector range while I reloaded at home base. He could have retreated to home base with me and we would not waste 2 minutes, The enemy could have just ended it 2 minutes early. I would like to think all his allies were screaming at him to just SD, but I cannot know for sure.
You (any player) start a Mission then you agree to the fact that it could take 5 minutes! So then do not insult players or cry when it does take five minutes. Go stretch for 2 minutes! Sing your favorite song! Live longer!
I am not saying you were ever insulting me or anyone. “You” does not mean RoughMonkey

This is the problem. You are talking about 1 time.

What about the other 99 times you didn’t win.

They are not mad about you winning, but they know in most cases the drone guy is not winning.

Like I said, who care, let them be mad.

Just don’t think they are mad because your winning.

Man, if they want to play, they can not suck and die in 40s every match. Just ignore these fools. They wouldn’t have survived 30 mins in early mp games like CS 1.6 lol.

Last time it happened to me, it was a stack of 4 hovers at goddamn 4k PS. Died in 60s, 3 of them kept whining that I needed to SD. Let me tell you their (private, ofc) profiles weren’t looking good for them


Agree 100%

I’m not playing for other people to have fun. I couldnt care less if anyone else is enjoying themselves.

But I also know I’m doing it and I’m not going to play the victim card when people get upset.

Honestly I kinda like when everyone’s having fun, but ya can’t really suicide rush like a moron then complain that you’re bored of watching from the side lol. If really it’s unbearable for these people to think 30s about what they could have done to not die like n00bs, they can just leave the game and forget their 5 or 6 scrap metal… big deal really >.>

I guess I’d make an exception for the hurricane guy driving around like an idiot. These guys should SD from the beginning of the round, so their team are aware that they’re down 1 man

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I do too, But I’m not focused on their enjoyment.

Lol, In most cases I agree with this as well.

But I also feel like this with most drone guys too.

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it use to be if 2 players on enemy team vs 1 player,when time ran out they would win.(even if you had a quarter of base capped.
but now even if you have a quarter of a base capped you could win.
i still don’t know half the time,maybe on certain maps…

but i do know if you still have weps and can drive…then stay alive…
there’s always them players that will sd and not wait,giving you a win
‘strategy’ is key.

play your game the way you want to play your game…we all know they are playing the way they want to play…right? :crazy_face:

I am not talking about one time my friend. This time, because of the insults, but all the time, I can win using the bases and capture points. Even when out of ammo.
First off, I fight my way to enemy base, ramming the enemy, detecting their positions, and leaving my little turrets to cover my back. I do not run away from the enemy, I run at them, into them and through them to enemy base. Then I have 1-2 kill or kill assists before capturing the enemy base.
I use capture points to create base pressure, many times causing half the remaining enemy force to come face my Turrets and my ramming. I can always run away if it goes poorly and go home base or circle around back to enemy base. Once I have the base capture point lead, I leave enemy base, and do not sit there like a duck, or fish in a barrel, and drive through the enemy back towards home base or allies or both. I do not risk my health points for poor reasons though I can and do tank many hits to protect my allies. So, if it is a 1v1 and I have base capture points and wheels, then I always win.
Most times, the enemy just ends it.

PS, I can tell if the enemy has a detector and just try to SD on him and end it.
I guess that is my point, I know when to just give up. If I do not give up, then they should have some faith in me to win. They are the dead ones, not me.

I get your point and I’m not disagreeing with you, but most guys would think you screwed the team from the start of the match because your playing turrets. (Basically they start the match 1 man down)

Also, if your team moves in, you should move with them. Even doing the wrong thing in a group sometimes works out. But not moving in as a group always is the wrong thing to do.

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I had someone screaming about how I should SD and artillery (heathers) suck when it was me and 4 enemies.
About 10 seconds into his rant I one shot 2 of the opposing players at once, proceeded to turn 1 into a cabin and got the last to chase me through the fire water and kapkan’d him.

Yes I felt on top of the world. But I also realize that was a 1 out of 1000 game.

Play however and whatever you want. Every single player clicks the que button knowing it could be a 5 minute game.

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Another one! This time my allies posted, “survive and we win” and “good job” and “well played.”
2v1 for the win!
Enemy shotgunner could not close the distance, he had top score and 2 kills and 5 assists but could not overcome my base capture point lead and the other laser guided missile enemy ran out of ammo and self-destructed but missed me for 1v1 at the end.


i had a guy telling me to sd and was getting angry…i didn’t and we won.
funny thing is ‘that guy got Mvp’ because of me! i got second.
didn’t matter to him,he kept pm’ing me for 2 minutes after the match,even when i told him ‘if it wasn’t for me you would have no mvp’ :rofl:

The more I think about it, the more I realize this point.
You know what stops a Droner from running around at the end? Having the base capture point lead!
He wants to run and hide, go take his base! Have the base capture point lead to begin with!
I break through the enemy line and get kills or assists with several allies, those allies return to the middle to fight and refuse to join me in the base for a very small amount of time to get one capture point, forcing me to wait there longer, but my Turrets need to reload anyway. There seems to be great player distain in earning one capture point. Yes, nobody wants to win by base capture if you can kill all, but gaining the base capture point lead early can stop the running and hiding at the end. Get a capture point, if possible, you are right there next to it with me, just join me in the circle for a few seconds.


I too get yelled at for playing the game. I just tell them “There’s nothing wrong with me going after all the XP you left sitting on the field.”

The real lesson here is for the other players - as in those of us anytime we’re not playing drones - to be patient, careful, and read the map so we don’t die. I kinda’ touched on this in the EAB thread when someone complained most of the builds don’t have 360 degree of firing.

You want to protect your weapons, so mounting them on top so they can fire in any direction also means they can be hit from any direction - and stripped as a result.

Mount the weapons so they’re protected - even if that means you are only firing 180 degrees forward.
Then, pay attention to the map so you don’t get flanked.

Then… you know… don’t die.

If you’re dead & mad someone else is still alive… skill issue, amirite? :joy:

I know… I know… droners don’t die… duh… And shotgun builds die first. Duh…

You play the build you pick, and suffer the consequences. Cry elsewhere.

With all this in mind, I think I’ll go play with my stupid little 5k droner. :star_struck:

yup…players always run into the middle of the map and shoot eachother in the face…
( guess where that strategy comes from?) ‘hint’…look up history’ it’s called a ‘Gentleman’s war’…

i guess Mel Gibson broke the rules by Flanking :crazy_face: :rofl:

being a mace player…i try to distract the enemy by going to cap for a minute.(try to break up the enemy huddled together in the middle)
then i will find a teammate being attacked and go help them…
and at times i will go around and strip guns off the enemy,i don’t need to sit there and wait till they are dead,one ar two guns stripped then move on to the next enemy,and go back if you want…
geez,it’s just a game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This is my fave go-to strategy. An enemy that can’t shoot is almost an ally. LOL

And… when it’s happened to me, I find it emasculating. So, yeah… I like visiting that upon my foes! LOL

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