Why the new CW mode is poison

First off I want to say that I’m sooo excited for the new CW 9k Arena mode. I have been one of few guys asking for this to be permanent since the event. I can see myself playing this a lot.

For me this is all good and fun time ahead!

BUT… like always be careful what you ask for.

I believe we do have an evil poisonous side to this new mode And that is CW try hard META builds at 9k.

I personally love this idea, because mid PS will finally be more competitive and I will want to play CW builds for practice.

But for everyone that plays 9k to get away from the CW guys… well good luck.

This will make Mid PS players more likely to spend money to stay competitive, because if they don’t then they will get smashed.

I am 100% excite for the new mode!!! Thank you dev team!!

But, this is going to make some people complain.

2500-5000k will be the only “Safe” zone for new players.

This mode is only to make people play the game more, they’ve changed raids in order to keep people on the game and checking more often than before and now they’re doing the same with clan wars, linking this new mode to an overall clan target value means people will play it for that final outcome unlike the old skirmish mode which had no reward worth playing for.

This is the real reason for the mode, it’s just doubling the tasks for clan stuff and everyone will eat it up without realizing how much they get played and more than like takes more effort to get the same rewards.

I’ll have a look and see how it feels but I doubt I’ll play much, it’ll just be the usual clans doing it for the reward I mentioned above, practically doubling their time spent on the game for the same rewards at the end of the day.

Damn, for replying to someone who has me blocked my post sure got flagged faster than I could edit it

I’m not sure how it’s going to be that expensive for anyone who has been playing long.
Unless of course somehow relics end up being part of this meta, but I don’t see that happening.

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I don’t recall them mentioning exactly what the rewards might be, and I feel like they danced around that topic a bit in their announcement. I recall them mentioning “fame,” but IDK what that means, or why I should care. If it just amounts to notoriety, my name in lights, a badge, an armband, whatever, I’ll pass. IDGAF for that sort of thing. Just show me the money.

I don’t know why I should be interested in this new mode, I don’t feel like their last announcement made that very clear, and I’d like less ambiguity.

Are they being sneaky? That’s how my kids act when they’re up to some schit. I get a lot of half stories with curiously missing details that to me seem central and relevant. In this case it’s, WTF do I get out of this? The math about the grind/money/resources seems to be missing.

I do have concerns about the negative impact this mini-clan mode will have on regular PVP in the form of more prolific and polished META squads, and more pronounced seal clubbing.

Well from the sounds of it Fame will be a final score of sorts, score being earned by completing tasks and challenges. By doing pvp, pve but earning 10x as much from CW and Skrims… because of course that’s the main reason for this change.

Doing skirmish will only benefit those already doing clan wars to the max to get that reward, I want to guess that Fame will dictate heavily the amount of Uranium gained as CW and Skrims give 10x Fame compared to other tasks.

I just said on Reddit how I’d like to play this solo in a solo queue as most of my friends on this game are in other continents but there’s no way it’ll split solo and full stack lobbies, so that would be kinda shitty getting randoms vs stacks all day for literally no reward as I don’t care for clan stuff anyway… so doubt I’ll play it either, which sucks. After a couple weeks it’ll just be the same clan wars players doing Skrims and spending twice the amount of time on the game for the same rewards, literally just being played so that the devs have higher population numbers…

This is only speculation, but it seems likely to me knowing their track record.

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One of my best 9k builds for Arena mode was a cockpit, 3x acceleration fused blue boosters and two punishers. It will ride once again.


It was not main build, but I had a porc build in my lineup for Arena last time.

Relics and legendary weapons will be part of this mode.

Also, the regular CW guys will already have fully fused squads.

Even when we had the Arena event last time their was a surge in clan play in PvP at 9k. I’m going to guess that your going to get groups of guys that turn into this type of player and it will get worse over time.

I just don’t see that as a big issue. There are already lots of kill squads at that PS in PVP. A few more isn’t going to change that much.
And while I fully expect to see people running relics, I don’t expect those to be the most dominant builds. At least it didn’t seem like that during arena mode. I remember lots of epic weapons doing quite well.

Agreed, a more balanced car is better.

I feel like it’ll just be V hovers, dogs and maybe some kind of Miller spiders or such as they can shield spam at that PS… we’ll have to see but those are always the meta builds I see at 9k that do better than things like mines, avalanche, kaijus etc

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Nor do I.

But it will be more of a factor over time.

People will lock into this PS and min/max their cars for this mode.

I find it to be exciting, nothing to worry about at all. But some people get pissed fighting META all the time.

Oh well.

From what I remember of arena mode, a good team can make many weapon combos work.
I definitely remember some king/Kapkan teams that were hard to counter, and also some using lots of Yaoguai drones.
I wonder if it will be normal maps, or the special ones they made for Arena? That could be a big factor.

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I just see that as mid-PS getting more exciting.

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Yaog drones seem to have died down with their slight nerf, the drone HP itself is now reasonable and the new projectile changes mean you can shoot through one and into another instead of having them just get nudged out of the way… some good changes there as they were pretty cancer.

I want to bet it’s normal maps as it’s designed to be a more long term thing.

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Me too. It’s going to be awesome!

But we do have many players that use mid and low PS to try and get away from the rat race.

9k will be a new level in the rat race. (Not that it isn’t now, it will just become more intense)

They bill this as a “mode for newer players”

I see it as a “mode for the same old CW players”

We will get new guys that enjoy this mode as well, but the top 100 will mostly be all the same old names.

We will also have the same old guys claiming they are to cool for this mode. They will claim that they are awesome mid PS players but will still not compete.

I only have maybe 5-8 hours a week to currently play Crossout. I have intentions of playing this new mode… but sadly, unless it lines up with when I’m playing I’m not sure how much I will get to play it.

There will never be a time again in my Crossout playing that I will set my play time around a CW game schedule. normal CWs was to much like work, and even though I’m excited, I’m also not ready for a second job with this new mode.

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Hopefully it is the Arena maps.

It would be nice to have different maps to play on since the regular ones are over played already.

I also wish they would make custom maps for CWs.


I believe these designs will focus on 8990ps-9000ps

Of course they will.

I plan to post up as many designs as I can for this mode right at 9k exactly.

Engineers Badges.



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