Worst cabins in the game - newbie alert

Don’t bother buying these, they have been placed in this rarity to die…


I want to argue with you, but you’re not wrong.
I’ll occasionally play some Bat builds when I want to go low PS, but just because I like the way it looks, not because it’s good.


Same, I only use Jawbreaker because it looks cool.
How come Special Cabins don’t have a perk? They have a rare counterpart


I own all of those, got them ages ago and almost never use them, but keep em around for reasons :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:
I do like the CK of the bat and pilgrim, not so much the jawbreaker


The only thing these are good for is to make something else. They have been bad since they relaunched them as special light blue.
They were great when they were a dark blue.


They could use some love for sure

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I wouldn’t be oppose to special cabins getting perks, as long as they’re not OP

No one can ever promise this

Oh we know they’d make em OP just to nerf them, especially if they were newly introduced special cabins


I hate perks. There are other ways to improve these items. I would suggest looking at their form and shape as potential avenues for improvments. There are a lot of possibilities that would make these cabs more usable through changing their model rather than their statistics.

However I don’t see that happening, as this company rarely produces new models, but rather re-skins old models and simply changes the numbers, and calls it a new item, because that’s easier, I assume.

From my perspective shapes that make building easier and more functional, Like being able to tuck modules into or under the cab is worth a lot. For example; the form factor alone on the RN Seal makes it more valuable than the R2 Chill, simply because of it’s very convenient size. Even if it’s stats were the same, it would be more coveted due to it’s size and shape, making it more valuable on the market or to craft.

Form and shape are the “perks” I’m looking for in a building game, not the numbers game. I realize that’s not a popular perspective, so that’s why I mentioned it, and in regard to teal cabs I think it’s more relevant.

Without adding perks to these cabs, how else can these cabs be improved? I think shape and fit are important advantages that shouldn’t easily be dismissed in a game that used to revolve around the build feature, rather than the creeping magnitude of available fire-power, and magic mobility.

does anyone find the warewolf cabin useful??
i find it pretty useless because it only spawns a controllable fuze drone when you die and even then it isnt to reliable. am i wrong here?


This cabin is a complete waste. I can’t think of any build I would use it on.

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The perk isn’t super useful, but it’s fast and easy to build around.

I haven’t used it for a while, but I’ve had a lot of fun with werewolf builds in the past. Sometimes you just want something small and fast, and don’t need a perk.

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Correction, build these to get to the higher tier ones.


Surprise, surprise. I don’t have a “special” (green) cabin in my storage. I think there is an option of reworking …


Bat is good, clearly you dont know how to play.

Welcome to the community!

Everyone is welcome to their own views and I would agree bat is the best of these, that still does not make it good.

Also with this being your first post you might want to note that being rude is the easiest way to turn the forum against you.

Have fun!


First of all, nice that you have an opinion on these cabs. But let’s face it it’s just your opinion, don’t try to sell it as fact.
For players who are just starting out and have limited inventory, these cabs aren’t that bad at all.
I don’t know when you got started with XO, but I remember when I played Jawbreaker and Bat cabs and could make some pretty nice builds with them. I don’t remember Pilgrim. But I have all 3, upgraded, in my inventory, so I must have used Pilgrim too :slight_smile:
I even have an Avalanche Jawbreaker build now that I play occasionally.
And just like Warbrand writes, they will come in handy later to craft other cabs.

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100% agree, never claimed it to be a fact.

It is my personal opinion.

Been playing from the start of the game - and yes I do remember using this cabins back in the day but a lot has changed since then.

IMO new players are better off skipping these cabins.

I personally have every cabin in game fused - this is not a flex - I’m only mentioning it because I have the option to choose from any cabin in the game when I build. No mater what PS level I am building at I would never even consider a teal cabin. I will use blue cabins if I have to go super low PS and then once I get to mid PS I would jump to an epic. I will even force legendary cabins into mid PS.

For example - the below build is 4699 PS and uses the epic cabin Catalina.

But as always :slight_smile: smokem if you gotem. have fun your own way.

What he said🔼

The teal cabins are a joke. I have them all fused and can’t remember using any of them. Mind you, I don’t play super heavy builds. My most used build is equipped with either sledgehammers or sinus-os.

The cabs aren’t as good as the blue ones they’re supposedly am upgrade to… You’d be better off with the Growl for almost any build.

Improvements they could make are pretty simple. Speed em up. Speed is the key, now. If you’re going to compete, you have to be fast. This is why Goliaths and ML200s are rarely seen. They make you too slow.

Second, as was already mentioned, improve the form. Making them generally smaller & flatter so they’re stealthy or putting cavities in them for components would certainly help.

Simply making the fronts flat so you can mount armor to the front… Sheesh. Simple stuff.

11 or 12 energy…

As is, they’re huge, slow, and generally underwhelming. I use the Duster more than I do any of these. :joy:. Heck, almost every helicopter build I had used the Duster!

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